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Secrets of a Backyard Chef: Smoking, Barbecuing and Grilling Tips and Recipes for the Beginner who wants to Step It Up

In Secrets of a Backyard Chef, author and “pit master” Tim Jay Duncan shares some of his favorite barbecuing, grilling, and smoking tips, techniques, and recipes. Included are recipes for preparing various cuts of beef, chicken, pork, fish, wild game, and vegetables, along with a number of Tim’s favorite side dishes and desserts. Of interest to anyone wanting to become more skilled in the fine art of backyard cooking!

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BBQ Basics: Selected Topics for the BBQ Beginner

BBQ Basics is a collection of articles that I have written. It consists of information and techniques for BBQing fish, chicken, pork ribs and other dishes; it also includes information about sauces, and marinades, as well as types of woods. These articles are intended to provide basic information about BBQ for anyone just starting out. They are not intended to be extremely detailed, since each topic is so comprehensive itself. They will, however, hopefully inspire you to continue to read more, learn more and experiment with the great tastes of BBQ. Our world of BBQ, that we all love so much, is so complex that I don’t even pretend to know everything about it. People out there that live and breathe BBQ 24 hours a day still teach each other new things. Even the experts have their own areas of specialization. I have written these articles as a way to not only help others just starting out, but to keep me in the mode of learning and experimenting. I am by no means an expert, but simply an average person that loves BBQ. I have, though, been BBQing and grilling for about 40 years. That experience has helped me to know a little bit about BBQ. So, while I continue to read about and practice the art of BBQ, I now have the confidence to begin writing about it. Please take this information and use it to gain experience and confidence for yourself. Remember… the more you BBQ the better you will get.

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