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Z GRILLS ZPG-700D Wood Pellet Barbecue Grill and Smoker with Digital Temperature Controls, 700 Square Inch Cooking Area, Perfect Family Size Outdoor Backyard Grill

Z GRILLS: Enhance Your Grilling Experience, Greater Flavor, Easier to Operate
Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grills are fueled by 100%-natural BBQ wood pellets. The digital control board ignites the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°F to 475°F. Fan-forced convection cooking eliminates the need for a rotisserie and creates a versatile environment for grilling, roasting, smoking, braising and baking.

Pellet Grill and Smoker ZPG-7002
1. Cooking Area: 513 square inch
2. Second Cooking Rack: Standard, 187 square inch
3. Cooking Temperature: 160°F to 475°F
4. BTU’s /hr: 25,000
5. Hopper Capacity:20 lbs
6. Internal Temperature Sensor: Yes
7. Pellet Purge System: Yes
8. Electronic Auto Ignition: Yes
9. Shutdown Recycle Mode: Yes


★33 YEARS PELLET SMOKER R & D and production(FACTORY)
★50 YEARS Stainless Steel production(FACTORY)
★3 YEARS WARRANTY: All of the item sold by Z GRILLS from Amazon have 3 YEARS WARRANTY
★30-DAY Return Guarantee: We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from Z GRILLS

Product Features

  • ✓ 700 QS. IN. Large Grilling Area; 20LB Hopper Capacity; Heavy Duty All Terrain Wheels; Rust Proof Cover & Racks allows everyone to grill like a pro
  • ✓ Smoker That Needs No Babysit: Automated electric feed system maintains temperature from 180ºF to 450ºF; Just set it and step away for more fun things
  • ✓ Ultimate 7 in 1 Barbecue Smoker Grill: ✓BBQ✓Bake✓Roast✓Braise✓Smoke✓Grill✓Sear
  • ✓ 2 X 20 LB Two Packs of FREE Oak Pellets: 100% hard wood American oak pellets now offered free for every set of Z GRILLS purchased from Amazon – TIME LIMITED OFFER
  • ✓ Fully Satisfied OR Money Back: 3 years warranty from manufacturer, 30 days money back if any quality issue

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Secrets of a Backyard Chef: Smoking, Barbecuing and Grilling Tips and Recipes for the Beginner who wants to Step It Up

In Secrets of a Backyard Chef, author and “pit master” Tim Jay Duncan shares some of his favorite barbecuing, grilling, and smoking tips, techniques, and recipes. Included are recipes for preparing various cuts of beef, chicken, pork, fish, wild game, and vegetables, along with a number of Tim’s favorite side dishes and desserts. Of interest to anyone wanting to become more skilled in the fine art of backyard cooking!

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Taste of Home Make It Take It Cookbook: Up the Yum Factor at Everything from Potlucks to Backyard Barbeques

Whether you’re heading to a friendly brunch, family barbecue, church picnic or holiday office party, the perfect crowd-pleasing contribution is at your fingertips! No more worrying about what you can bring to the block party, bake sale or baby shower.

Taste of Home Make It, Take It Cookbook is packed with more than 375 simply impressive bring-a-dish classics. Each recipe is guaranteed to travel well, come together easily and satisfy everyone at the party. In fact, these dishes are so incredible, you’ll want to serve them at home for your own gang to enjoy!  


Breakfast for a Bunch

Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers

Main Dishes to Share

Satisfying Sides & Salads

Never-Fail Sweets

Popular Desserts




Breakfast Potatoes for a Crowd

Overnight Apple French Toast

Orange Cheesecake Breakfast Rolls

Bacon-Cheddar Potato Skins

Cheeseburger Muffins

Mini Mac & Cheese Bites

Church Supper Spaghetti

Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Taco Macaroni Bake

Slow-Cooked Rueben Brats

Roasted Vegetables with Sage

Creamy Parmesan Casserole

Parsnip Pancakes

Pineapple Sheet Cake

Spiced Pumpkin Tiramisu

Candy Bar Fudge

Contest-Winning Cupcakes

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Great American Grilling: The Ultimate Backyard Barbecue & Tailgating Cookbook

Kent The Deck Chef Whitaker will grill just about anything — from pound cake to pizza, porterhouse to pineapple. Now, anyone else can too with his easy-to-follow recipes for grilling, smoking, outdoor cooking and tailgating. From simple starters to meat main dishes for the serious griller, from rubs, sauces and marinades to delicious sides and desserts, this is the ultimate guide with 250 recipes easy enough for the beginning griller and fun for the everyday outdoor cook. Recipes like Petite Sirloin with Port Mushroom Shallot Sauce, Grilled Sea Bass Fillets with Garlic Red Potatoes and Sweet Gingered Five-Spice Pork Kabobs will make the book an instant best-seller. Kent s Easy Grilled Pork Barbecue Ribs, Rocket City Hot Grilled Chicken and Grilled Honey Rum Bananas will make it a flame-broiled success. Readers will grow their Grill Skills with insider hints, pit-proven tips, and tried-and-true techniques for year-round smoking, grilling and barbecuing. It s so easy to make simply delicious barbecue… with Great American Grilling.

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Grill Accessories Set By BBQ Pro Club – Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer, Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves, Meat Claws – Oven Safe Mitts & Barbecue Tools For The Kitchen, Campfire & Backyard Grilling

If You Have Been Looking For A Complete BBQ Accessories Set, You Have Come To The Right Place! BBQ Pro Club Presents You With A Top Notch Set That Includes A Digital Thermometer, A Pair Of Grilling Gloves And A Pair Of Meat Claws!

Every barbecue enthusiast knows that it takes correct preparation and excellent execution to serve a mouth-watering, delicious dinner.

Using high quality grilling tools is of paramount importance! BBQ Pro Club presents you with an amazing set that includes an instant read thermometer, heat resistant gloves and meat shredders!

Make it yours now and leave your guests speechless, impressing them with your cooking skills.

Prepare And Serve Nicely Cooked Food Effortlessly

This top notch BBQ accessories set includes everything you need to organize the perfect barbecue gathering.

The instant read digital thermometer will help you check upon the food’s temperature and perfectly cook, grill or bake your meals.

Pick Celsius or Fahrenheit and look at the LCD screen to check the accurate reading.

The heat resistant BBQ gloves will protect your hands from burns! Now, you can grill or take the pans out of the oven without hurting yourself.

Last but not least, thanks to the meat claws you can shred poultry, turkey, ham, pork, roasts and brisket in no time. Also, picking up and carrying hot food will be a piece of cake for you.

Make An Amazing Gift

Apart from making this BBQ tools set yours, you can also offer it as a gift on any occasion including birthdays, name days, anniversaries, weddings and more.

From now on, people will remember you for your unforgettable barbecue nights and the extremely useful presents you make!

Place An Order Now!

Product Features

  • A MUST HAVE BBQ SET THAT INCLUDES ALL YOU NEED: This amazing grilling accessories set is bound to meet all your demands and serve all your needs! Including a digital instant read thermometer, a pair of barbecue gloves and a pair of meat claws, this set is all you need to make of every BBQ gathering and impress with your cooking skills.
  • SERVE DELICIOUS, WELL MADE MEAT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: The top notch, instant read digital thermometer will allow you to check upon the food’s temperature with precision. This means that you will serve perfectly cooked food and you will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Pick Celsius or Fahrenheit, look at the LCD screen and keep everything under control at a glance. In case you forget to switch your BBQ thermometer off, it will automatically go off within 1o minutes.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM BURNS AND CUTS: Enough with the burns and the cuts! It is high time you kept your hands perfectly protected as you cook. The high quality barbecue gloves have been carefully designed to provide you with maximum safety. The flexible, heat resistant material can assure the perfect fit and excellent protection for as long you prepare food, cook, grill or bake.
  • SHRED MEAT IN NO TIME: This incomparably useful barbecue accessories set includes a pair of meat claws too. The high quality, pulled pork shredder claws will help you shred chicken, beef, turkey, ham and poultry in no time. You can also use them to pick and carry hot food effortlessly and safely.
  • ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY AND UNMATCHED COMFORT: All the BBQ tools that are included in this grilling accessories set feature an ergonomic design and a heavy duty construction. Get ready to enjoy finest quality at a low price! You may also offer this BBQ set as a gift on any occasion and make someone happy!

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Barbecue Accessories & Grilling Tools 4 Piece Set By BBQ Pro Club – Premium Quality Grill Utensils – Instant Read Digital Thermometer, Spatula, Fork & Tongs – For Home Kitchen, Campfire & Backyard Use

Your Quest For The Ultimate Barbecue Tools Stops Here! This Amazing Grilling Accessories Set Is All You Need To Make The Most Of Your BBQ Gatherings And Impress Friends, Family And Guests!

Gathering with friends and family and having a BBQ party is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing and fun things to do.

However, if you really want to enjoy grilling and share delicious, tasty food with your beloved ones, you need high quality BBQ tools.

BBQ Pro Club presents you with a 4 piece grill tools set which is bound to meet all your demands.

Heavy Duty Spatula, Fork, Tongs And Instant Read Thermometer In One

This amazing barbecue tools and accessories set includes 4 incomparably useful pieces.

The instant read, digital thermometer will help you check upon the meat’s temperature and serve mouth -watering, well done dishes.

Moreover, the grilling fork and the pair of tongs will allow you to easily pick up and serve food. As for the grilling spatula, it can also be used as a bottle opener, providing you with countless possibilities.

Enjoy Unmatched Versatility

These BBQ tools can be used for many different occasions. Apart from making an excellent addition to your indoor and outdoor grilling accessories kit, you can use them in your kitchen, at camping or in your backyard.

Get ready to make burgers, chicken, pizza, sausage, pastry, veggies, steaks and many more!

Make The Perfect Gift

Apart from making this BBQ tools set yours, you can also offer it as a gift on any occasion. The high quality, the sturdy construction and the many different uses of the tools make them the perfect birthday, name day, anniversary or Christmas gift for both men and women.

Place Your Order Now!

Product Features

  • ENJOY GRILLING TO THE FULLEST AND HAVE THE BEST OF TIMES: Do you love organizing friends and family gatherings? Are you a fan of barbecue? It’s time you gave yourself a present! This amazing grilling tools set is all you need to enjoy BBQ to the fullest and please your guests. Get ready because from now on, people will be looking for a reason to come over and have a barbecue party at your place!
  • SERVE NICELY COOKED MEAT AND IMPRESS: This BBQ accessories set includes a top-notch instant-read digital thermometer that will help you check up on the meat’s temperature and serve the most delicious dishes. The LCD display screen will show you the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit according to your will. The 58 to 572F degrees temperature range, the anti-corrosion construction and the smart 10-minute auto power off function make this tool a must have!
  • GRILL AND SERVE EVERYTHING IN AN ELEGANT MANNER: Along with the BBQ thermometer, you will receive a grilling spatula, a pair of tongs and a fork. The spatula features a built in bottle opener and it can be used for many different purposes. The pair of tongs will allow you to pick up and serve food without dropping it, creating a mess. The fork will help you skewer your food and grill it in detail.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND ENJOY A COMFORTABLE GRIP: Haven’t you had enough with burning your hands while trying to grill? These incomparable barbecue tools have been carefully designed to assure unmatched safety and comfort. The long, ergonomic handles will provide you with a firm, comfortable grip while allowing you to keep a distance from the fire.
  • EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND STORE: Stop wasting your money on cheaply made BBQ and grill accessories that melt and fall apart in no time. This incredible set includes highest quality, heavy duty grilling utensils that are built to last! Moreover, you can easily keep them clean by putting them in the dishwasher.

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20 Delicious Homemade Sausage Recipes For Your Backyard Grilling

Do you enjoy eating grilled Brats? Don’t you really want to know what is inside that grilled sausage that you just ate? What is that mystery meat that is so flavorful? This book answers those questions and more. It has 20 different homemade sausage recipes – from Bangers to Chicken to Italian to Polish to Weisswurst and more – for your backyard grilling pleasure. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy these recipes are to make.

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Taste of Home Backyard Barbecues: 405 Dishes for Sizzling Celebrations

Whether you’re whipping up a sizzling weeknight family dinner or planning a warm-weather menu for friends, Taste of Home Backyard Barbecues has you covered. Turn here for all of your fiery favorites…from steaks and chops to burgers and brats…including perfect side dishes, desserts and appetizers! Best of all, each recipe is shared by a family cook so you know it’s a proven winner. Ideal for casual summer get-togethers, church picnics, family reunions, tailgates and more, Backyard Barbecues promises to be the one book home cooks reach for all season long!

Few foods celebrate warm-weather fun like charbroiled sensations, garden-fresh side dishes, and frosty desserts. That’s why family cooks from coast to coast are turning to Taste of Home Backyard Barbecues for al fresco dining ideas! Whether hosting a get-together in your own yard, contributing to a neighborhood block party, tailgating at the big game or firing up the coals at the beach, Backyard Barbecues has you covered! Need a poolside appetizer? Looking for a scene-stealer at the family reunion? No problem! From sizzling specialties to refreshing treats, Backyard Barbecues is a lifesaver for surefire summer cooking success!

It’s Time to Barbecue:
• In the Backyard!
• By the Pool!
• At the Beach!
• In the Park!
• On the Patio!
• At the Block Party!
• At the Game!
• Bonus: For Happy Hour!

All-American Hamburgers
Italian Sausage
Mini Burgers with the Works
Loaded Hot Dogs
Grilled Steak and Portobello Stacks
Sesame Chicken
Barbecued Ribs
Tuscan-Style Grilled Trout
Blue Cheese Burgers
Grilled Chorizo Pizzas
Pita Pockets
Grilled Clam Bake
Spinach Feta Burgers
Patriotic Fruit Pizza
Strawberry Salsa
Melon with Minted Lime Dip
Guacamole Appetizer Squares
Herbed Potato Salad
Barbecued Potato Wedges
Corn ‘n’ Pepper Medley
Three-Bean Bake
Chive ‘n’ Garlic Corn
Garden Primavera Fettuccine
Refreshing Mojitos
Frosty Lemonade Pie
Frozen Coconut Dessert
Grilled Apricots with White Chocolate
Ice Box Key Lime Pie

Product Features

  • Readers Digest

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150 Backyard Cookout Recipes

Maybe it’s the fresh air or the smoky aroma…but we think just about everything tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors! Is your family bored with plain old burgers and hot dogs? Jazz up the buns with sizzling herb burgers and camp-out chili dogs…or how about charcoal grilled pizza instead? Show off your cookout skills with lazy-day grilled ribs, grilled flank steak sandwich and ginger-lime grilled salmon. Or cook up an easy meal-in-one like bountiful hobo packs or kiddies’ chicken packets.

To round out a delicious backyard meal, who could resist confetti corn salad, balsamic grilled tomatoes, bacon corn on the cob and smoky new potatoes? But save room for dessert, because there’s grilled pineapple sundaes and melty chocolate burritos too! You’ll find easy directions using familiar ingredients. So fire up the grill…let’s cook out tonight!

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Eight24hours Outdoor Charcoal BBQ Grill Backyard Barbecue Cooking Smoker Deck Patio w/Casters

Product Description ::
This Is Our Practical And Fashionable Charcoal Grill Which Is All
About Bringing True Smoked Flavor To Every Mouthwatering Bite.
It Is Made Of A Durable Cold Rolled Plate Coated With A High-Temperature
Black Paint Finish. The Charcoal Grill Is Built Into A Mobile Cart With
Two Wheels And A Built-In Storage Shelf That’s Great For Anything From
Cooking Utensils To Your Favorite Sauces And Rubs. Just Place The Order Now

Brand New And High Quality
Heavy Duty And Solid Construction
Two Side Shelves And A Built-In Thermometer
Durable Cold Rolled Plate Coated With A High-Temperature Black Paint Finish
2 Wheel Base With Bottom Storage Shelf For Easy Rolling And Storage
Perfect For Outdoor Use
Assembly Required

Color : Black
Material : Cold Rolled Plate
Overall Dimension : 47.8″ (L) X 25.6″ (W) X44.1″ (H)

Package Includes ::
1 × Charcoal BBQ Grill

Product Features

  • Brand New And High Quality Heavy Duty And Solid Construction
  • Two Side Shelves And A Built-In Thermometer
  • Durable Cold Rolled Plate Coated With A High-Temperature Black Paint Finish
  • 2 Wheel Base With Bottom Storage Shelf For Easy Rolling And Storage
  • Perfect For Outdoor Use Assembly Required

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