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Carving and Serving

This book was originally published prior to 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the same format as the original work. While some publishers have opted to apply OCR (optical character recognition) technology to the process, we believe this leads to sub-optimal results (frequent typographical errors, strange characters and confusing formatting) and does not adequately preserve the historical character of the original artifact. We believe this work is culturally important in its original archival form. While we strive to adequately clean and digitally enhance the original work, there are occasionally instances where imperfections such as blurred or missing pages, poor pictures or errant marks may have been introduced due to either the quality of the original work or the scanning process itself. Despite these occasional imperfections, we have brought it back into print as part of our ongoing global book preservation commitment, providing customers with access to the best possible historical reprints. We appreciate your understanding of these occasional imperfections, and sincerely hope you enjoy seeing the book in a format as close as possible to that intended by the original publisher.

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WD-Round BBQ Grill Cover fits 15 Serving Indoor and Outdoor UV Protection & Against sunshine, rains, snows, tree sap, bird poop and dirt Super easy use Black color

You’ll get a BBQ Barbeque Grill Cover fits George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor round GGR240L or any other similar round grill with diameter in 18-22 inches (any height).
*Easily but strongly protect your grill against sunshine, rains, snows, tree sap, bird poop and dirt. Won’t crack in cold weather
*Super easy use: 10 seconds or sooner on/off like slip your T-shirt on
*Easy fasten with adjusting drawstring at bottom (see 4th picture) and the EZ-Lock on the string (see 3rd picture)
*Lightweight and easy to clean by just hosing or wiping
*Strongly improves your rest grill appearance
*Made of waterproof high tech super thin latex lining and UV treated nylon
Easy indeed, takes only 10 seconds or sooner
No tools required
Slips on and stays on with the adjustable string, lock the string with its EZ-lock (see 3rd picture)
Wait til your grill is cool before you put the cover on

Product Features

  • *Easily but strongly protect your grill against sunshine, rains, snows, tree sap, bird poop and dirt. Won’t crack in cold weather
  • *Super easy use: 10 seconds or sooner on/off like slip your T-shirt on
  • *Easy fasten with adjusting drawstring at bottom
  • *Lightweight and easy to clean by just hosing or wiping
  • *Round BBQ cover Strongly improves your rest grill appearance

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Tool Wizard Tongs, BBQ Tongs, Barbecue Tongs, Serving Tongs, Tongs, Tongs Small, Tongs Grill Tongs, Lifting Tongs, Metal Tongs, Orange Tongs (16 Inch SS)

High quality heavy duty lightweight design makes these the perfect tong to go with any type of barbecue no matter the size of the meat. Small 12″; length makes these the perfect size for any person.

Product Features

  • Includes one alumnum scissor tong that lifts the lightest and heaviest of loads while keeping you safe from the heat of the grill
  • Light weight aluminum scissor tong design
  • Light weight aluminum coated handles for safety and comfort
  • Dishwasher safe tongs are crafted to last a lifetime

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Best BBQ accessories BUNDLE – BBQ Grill brush cleaner 3 in 1 – 18″ Grill Brush Stainless Steel +Bbq and Kitchen stainless steel food serving tongs

Product Features

  • 3 Brushes In 1 Design -CLEAN MORE WITH EACH PASS and prevent foodborne illness and grill flare ups
  • Perfect For All Grill Types, Including Porcelain, Stainless Steel and Infrared -surface for even the largest grill
  • includes 1 STAINLESS STEEL FOOD SERVING TONGS for grilling and other cooking endeavors
  • 6 YEAR GUARANTEE -If our Grill Brush deteriorates under normal use, simply return it to us for replacement
  • extra-wide brush head with its spiral-bound bristles lets you remove grease and debris from 360 degrees of each grate wire

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Adna BBQ Grill Tools (4-Piece Set) – Stainless Steel Utensils Include Tongs, Spatula, Serving Fork and Basting Brush – Kitchen Accessories with Non-Slip Grips And Heat Resistant Handles.

Prepare all your favorite kitchen or grill recipes faster and more efficiently with a complete grill set made for grill masters and aspiring chefs alike.

Cooking over an open flame is an art form, which is why you need the right tools for the job. Introducing the Adna Giftware Grilling Set, a useful collection of barbecue cooking tools that offer more durability, reliability and food prep control than you could imagine.

Indoor and Outdoor Cooking Adventures

Whether you’re standing over a hot summertime grill or you’re basting chicken in the kitchen, our cooking tools offer heat resistant handles, boast a non-slip grip, and are perfect for cooking almost anywhere you go. What’s more, when you’re done tackling those new recipes from your cookbook, they’re dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Just add them to the top rack and get ready for round #2!

Product Details:

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Silicone Basting Brush
  • Rust Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean
  • Lifetime Warranty

Orders Include:

  • Stainless Steel Tongs
  • Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Spatula
  • Stainless Steel Serving Fork
  • Stainless Steel and Silicone Basting Brush

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Product Features

  • PREMIUM-GRADE BBQ GRILL SET – Be ready for every picnic, camping trip or backyard party with our multipurpose set of cooking utensils. Combined they offer a grilling experience unlike any other, making them premier kitchen accessories!
  • VERSATILE FOOD PREP & SERVE – This multipurpose 4-piece set includes a meat fork, basting brush, grilling spatula and tongs; everything you need for tailgating, working over the stove, or taking the gas or charcoal grill to the lake.
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY – We’ve made our professional grill tools tougher and more reliable by using heavy duty, rust-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant handles, and anti-slip grips to ensure proper basting, rotating, cutting and serving.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE CLEANUP – Whether you’ve just served your entire block a boatload of messing barbecue wings, or your spouse wanted you to try that new recipe that called for a block of melty cheese, our kitchen tools clean up quick & easy.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Every Adna Giftware order is backed by superior products and unmatched customer service. As such, every order is backed by a no questions asked money back guarantee for complete satisfaction.

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George Foreman GRP3060P 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill, Platinum

Cook quick and tasty meals for the whole family with the George Foreman GR3060B Grill. The 4-serving area of the grill is ideal for burgers and chicken for the whole family, or for a smaller meal complete with grilled vegetables. The improved George Tough non-stick coating is 2 times more durable than previous models, and removes the need for excess oil and butter. Plus, removable grill plates are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup that much easier. With 35% faster heat-up times than previous models, you can go from plugging in the grill to enjoying a tasty meal in just 10 minutes!

Product Features

  • 4 Servings- This indoor grill provides enough space for 4 servings-perfect for dinner portions for the entire family.
  • Exclusive Fat Removing Design- The sloped grilling surface drains up to 42% of fat, making for lighter, healthier cooking of all your favorite meats.
  • Advanced Non-stick Coating- The advanced George Tough non-stick coating has two times the durability of previous coatings, and removes the need for excess oil and butter during cooking.
  • Removable Plates- Cleanup is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe removable plates.
  • Adjustable Floating Hinge- The 1-inch adjustable floating hinge accommodates a variety of cuts of meat and vegetables.

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Salt Block Cooking: 70 Recipes for Grilling, Chilling, Searing, and Serving on Himalayan Salt Blocks

This is the original book to focus on salt block cooking with 70 recipes designed for using this unique cooking tool. Mark Bitterman is the foremost salt expert and one of the largest importers and retail distributors of salt blocks.The precious pink mineral mined from ancient hills in Pakistan’s Punjab province has arrived on the American cooking scene as an exciting and enticing new form of cooking.  Himalayan salt blocks are available at specialty retail stores around the world and the market is growing.


This is the definitive text on Himalayan salt blocks, written by the man who wrote the definitive text on salt. Enough with salting your food—now it’s time to food your salt!

“Mark Bitterman knows more about salt than anyone else on the planet. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those handsome slabs of Himalayan salt you see at cookware shops, Salt Block Cooking will inspire you with wildly innovative uses you’ve never dreamed of, from cocktails to candy, from curing to grilling, and from ceviche to pizza. Along the way, you’ll learn the half-billion-year history of the only food that starts as a rock.” ––Steven Raichlen, author of the Barbecue! Bible series and host of Primal Grill on PBS

“Cooking on salt blocks will blow your mind, jump-start your creative process, make your food taste better, delight your friends, and cut down on the time you spend cleaning pots and pans. And what better guide for your new experience than Mark Bitterman, a man who has forgotten more about salt cookery than I will ever learn.” ––Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel

“Salt Block Cooking is an essential guide to working with salt blocks. It opens readers’ eyes to possibilities never imagined before and gives a unique perspective on a completely new and interactive way to cook. Mr. Bitterman has changed the way I cook every day. He made me understand that salt is the most essential part of the seasoning process and is just as important as the ingredient itself. I encourage you to follow Mr. Bitterman’s lead and I promise you will never think about salt in the same way again.” ––Vitaly Paley, chef/owner of Paley’s Place Bistro and Bar, Imperial, and Portland Penny Diner; coauther of The Paley’s Place Cookbook

A precious mineral mined from ancient hills deep in Asia has stormed the American cooking scene. With crystals of rose, garnet, and ice, Himalayan salt blocks offer a vessel for preparing food as stunningly visual as it is staggeringly tasty. Guided only by a hunger for flavor and an obsession with the awesome power of salt, award-winning author Mark Bitterman pioneers uncharted culinary terrain with Salt Block Cooking, which provides simple, modern recipes that illustrate salt block grilling, baking, serving, and more. 

Everyone who loves the excitement and pleasure of discovering new cooking techniques will enjoy this guide to cooking and entertaining with salt blocks. The introduction is your salt block owner’s manual, with everything you need to know to purchase, use, and maintain salt blocks with confidence. The chapters that follow divide seventy recipes into six techniques: serving, warming, curing, cooking, chilling, and of course, drinking. You’ll find recipes ranging from a minty watermelon and feta salad to salt-tinged walnut scones, beef fajitas served tableside, salt-cured candied strawberries, and salt-frozen Parmesan ice cream!  



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Cuisinart CPSB-1515 Rustic Serving Board, Brown

Presentation is one of the most important elements of preparing an amazing homemade meal. So, when you work hard to make a fresh, delicious pizza, you should serve it in style. This acacia wood board is the perfect compliment to a bright, cheesy pizza. Impress your family and friends with the quality craftsmanship of this rustic pizza board. Get away from those boring serving plates, and take your pizza serving game to the next level!.

Product Features

  • Naturally beautiful acacia wood
  • Large 15″ x 15″ surface
  • Easy to clean with a stained wood finish
  • Just under 0.5″ Thick

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