Great Grilling and Hot Sauces: 21 Recipes and Tips

Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert chef, this book lets you kick up your grill skills by adding homemade sauces to your repertoire. Along with fun barbecue lore, kitchen tips, and chili-wrangling info (including the quick remedy to use when chili residue gets into your eyes), there are recipes for one-of-a-kind barbecue sauces, salsas and jams, steak sauce, original Texas- and Louisiana-style sauces, Alabama Whiskey sauce, and many more. Learn the differences between grill and barbecue sauces, why ketchup is a kind of individual yet universal genius, and how to create your own delicious sauces.

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One thought on “Great Grilling and Hot Sauces: 21 Recipes and Tips”

  1. This book is pretty well written, with the right amount of recipes, tips and tricks, and full color photos to please anyone looking for something to spice up their cooking.I appreciate the safety tips and first aid instructions at the beginning of the book, as I have had a few mishaps myself when dealing with chilies in the past. There is also a good section containing interesting facts about chilies that anyone who is a chili head can appreciate.The first part of the…

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