Lumber Jack 100 Percent Oak BBQ Grilling Pellets 20 LB Bag

We are an actual manufacturing plant that uses real trees and processes them into our products. We are not a co-bagger that simply relies on another manufacturer that may use residue products impossible to tract to their original origins. A wood BBQ pellet is a small, 1-inch long, 1/4-inch diameter piece of hardwood. Because of their small size, wood pellets burn cleanly and quickly to a fine ash. Wood pellets burn at about 8500 BTUs per pound. Wood pellets come in a wide variety of flavors ranging from hickory and oak to cherry, apple or maple. The pellets in a normal pellet grill are fed from a storage hopper to a burning box at a controlled rate. This rate is adjustable based on whether you want a high temperature for grilling or a low temperature for smoking. Because of the automated feed of the wood pellets you can literallyturn the unit on, give it 10 to 15 mins to heat up, and be ready to grill in almost no time. This makes it as convenient as a gas grill but with the added flavor of hardwood cooking.Automation is also greatwhen it comes to smoking. You can smoke for-Hour in a temperature controlled environment with little work from you. It is also virtually impossible to get a flare-up on a pellet grill. On high a pellet grill will consume about 2-pound per hour. This would be the temperature you grill steaks and burgers at. You probably wouldn’t want to have the unit running for a full-Hour. On the smoke setting it will consume about 1/2-pound per hour so if you plan on smoking for 10-Hour you will use 5-pound of pellets.OUR BBQ WOOD PELLETS ARE TESTED By an independent testing laboratory. Our pellets are subjected to ash analysis/chemical composition tests along with the standard ash by weight and heat value testing criteria. We do this to ensure you the public that our pellets are comprised of only pure wood fiber. These tests are available upon request. Lumber Jack grilling pellets is leading the way to develop food grade BBQ wood pellets. You can trust

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  1. My go-to pellet brand Lumberjack pellets are really amazing. They stand out from other brands with a better flavor and slightly more smoke flavor compared to other pellet brands (due to the smaller diameter and more lignen). I’ve tried MBC, competition blend, and apple from lumberjack, and all three are great. Is still rather smoke with my stick-burner, but if I must use the pellet smoker, these pellets are the way to go. The one drawback is that these pellets produce a small amount more ash than other brands. This…

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