Traeger Igniter Upgraded Replacement 220 WATTS 30″ LEADS 1200 DEGREE INCOLOY 800 STAINLESS

Brand: Direct Igniter This unit is not made by Traeger it is made by Igniters Direct and far exceeds OEM standards. Fuse Included This after market igniter fits all makes and models of Traeger Pellet Grills including: Lil’ Tex BBQ070 Lil’ Tex Elite BBQ070E Texas Grill BBQ075 Junior BBQ055 And all other models Specifications: 3″ x 3/8″ High density Cartridge heating element 220 Watts 120 Volts 30″ wire lead fiberglass insulated Provide continuous sheath temperatures up to 1,200° F Life expectancy 2-6 years Molex quick connector Free shipping. 1 year manufacturer warranty. Shipped vis USPS Priority Mail in standard envelope.

Product Features

  • 220 watts 3.5″ X 3/8″ 30″ leads
  • 1200 degree max thermal protection
  • Quick connect. Easy to Install.
  • Long lasting upgrade.

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3 thoughts on “Traeger Igniter Upgraded Replacement 220 WATTS 30″ LEADS 1200 DEGREE INCOLOY 800 STAINLESS”

  1. First upgrade you should make to your Traeger right here After several factory units failed me over the course of 3 years, i found this stellar replacement unit. The old igniter tends to fail at the worst possible time…like right before a big bar b q right when your friends are starting to show up and drool over your cool Traeger grill. Having to pull the grate off, fill up the little cup with pellets and get it started with rubbing alcohol just isnt cool or fun.I wish id known about these when i first got my traeger…i would’ve…

  2. So far so good. Looks like it is rated a little higher … I’m not going to downgrade this unit because it’s well built – BUT – it does not fit on the older Traeger thermostat unit. Not the one with three settings, the one with temperature settings but no cool-down setting. This has a hard plastic plug and my thermostat board won’t support it. My board has a terminal that accepts bare wires instead. I’m going to go ahead and order the newest thermostat but I thought I’d mention this little bump in the road. I’ll post a more detailed rating after I…

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