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Malltop Reusable DIY Handicraft Moldable Thermoplastic Polymorph Polycaprolactone Plastic Pellet

1. Simply heat the pellets in water to over 42°C (Needs water that’s been boiled).
2. Leave the pellets to melt in the water until they turn transparent.
3. Remove the pellets from the water and mould by hand (add color at this stage if required)
4. Allow the polymorph to cool until solid.
5. Re-heat if further molding is required.

Safety Warning:
1. Never heat polymorph over 200 ºC as this will damage the polymer.
2. Wait around 5 min after it cools down before you reheat and reshape it again.
3. Do not eat. Contact doctor if swallowed.
4. Product should be ok to use for children 10+
5. Product may become hot.

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Product Features

  • Material: Polycaprolactone. Size: 4mm.
  • Good dissolubility. High crystallinity and low melting point.
  • Good ductility (Tg: -60C ) ; Melting point is 58°C -62°C..
  • Temporary mold, and more DIY Crafts, Tools, Grips, Repairs, Games, Costumes, Jewelry, Robot parts.
  • A Creative toy, you can design to whatever you like, Reusable and easy to use, nice gift for your children.

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