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Eocol BBQ Grill Light 10 LED Ultral Bright Outdoor Barbecue Accessory, Handle Mount for Gas, Charcoal & Electric Grills, Almost Fit Any Grills, Weather Resistant, Cave Tools

Eocol Grill Light is the best choice for when you need a grill light for BBQ!

✔ Eocol Grill Light is equipped with 10 super bright LED lights, which will emit super bright light, and illuminate every corner of your grill cooking area.
✔ Also, the adjustable and rotatable design makes the BBQ Grill Light be fitted with any gas, charcoal, or electric grill. What a great BBQ grill accessory! Moreover, it can be used as a flashlight for camping, reading, biking, or lighting equipment for other dark place.
✔ Eocol Grill Light is made of high quality ABS plastic, which withstands light rain and can heat up to 176°F/80°C. You can use it with worry free when cooking.
✔ Eocol Grill Light, you can enjoy your BBQ party with your family, friends and colleagues.

▪ LED: F5*10
▪ Lumen: 120LM
▪ Color Temperature: 7000K
▪ Weight: 260g
▪ Size: 105*90*115mm
▪ Outer Material: Black ABS
▪ LED Life Span: 50000 Hrs
▪ Max Heat Resistant: 176°F/80°C
▪ Battery Type: 3*AA battery ( included in the package)

1. Keep away the device away from fire, water and avert the product immersed in water in order to avoid explosion,leakage.
2. Please do not disassemble the device in order to avoid damaging the product.
3. The device does not have any charger.
4. Don’t exceed the max temperature 176°F/80°C.
5. Do not put old and new batteries together in the device.

Package includes:
▪ 1x Grill Light
▪ 1x User Manual

Product Features

  • SUPER BRIGHT: 10 super bright LED lights which luminous flux is 120 lumen, making your grills have larger brightness area and bring your grills from darkness
  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE: Equipped with screw clamp, it can be put into the gas, charcoal or electric grill handle easily without tools. Also, the the grill light is adjustable (180° horizontal and 360° vertical ), you can choose the best angle to light up your grill
  • FITS ANY HANDLE: Upgraded handle mount clamp fits on rectangular and circular bars suit any grilling brand, withstand hot temperatures and rain on the grill cover
  • MULTIPLE USE: It can be used as BBQ grill light for any gas, charcoal, or electric grill. It is not only the best BBQ grill accessories,but also a flashlight for camping, reading, biking, or use it for other dark place
  • LIFETIME AND GUARANTEE: 50,000 hours rated LEDs mean you can use your grill light every day without worrying about the life of the bulbs, If at any point you are unhappy with your barbeque grill light you can return it for full refund

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Charcoal Companion CC5166 Sound Beam Barbecue Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker – BBQ Accessory for Grill

Get amped up for your next cookout. The Sound Beam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker is both a grill light and a speaker for your tunes. Position the Sound Beam using its attached clamp to shine an adjustable, bright beam of light on your grill top, giving you better visibility for even better grilling. The Sound Beam can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs, or you can listen to FM radio, songs stored on a micro SD card, or anything connected to an AUX cable. The Sound Beam pairs with Apple and Android phones, and will even allow you to accept or decline incoming calls when connected to your phone.

CARE: Clean with soft cloth, store away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

WARNING: Do not submerge device in water or expose to high heat or direct flame.

Product Features

  • PAIRS with your PHONE via Bluetooth®; COMPATIBLE with Apple and Android
  • DIRECTS a BRIGHT BEAM of Light on your Grilltop or Wherever you Need to See
  • Can PLAY MUSIC from your Phone, the Radio, a Storage Card, or Other AUX-Output Device
  • Clamp ALLOWS you to PLACE and POSITION your LIGHT wherever you NEED it

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Cooking Light Grilling: 57 Essential Recipes to Eat Smart, Be Fit, Live Well

You want top-rated, delicious, reliable meals. We hope to expand your repertoire with recipes we consider our finest—ones that will give you great results every time. These are the recipes our staff can’t do without—and neither should you.

In this volume of The Cooking Light Cook’s Essential Recipe Collection, you’ll find:

Over 55 essential kitchen-tested grilling recipes! From Classic Steak House Rubbed Filet Mignon to Grilled Chicken Kebabs to Grilled Pork Tenderloin sandwiches to Grilled Tuna over Lemon-Mint Barley Salad, Cooking Light Grilling offers you Cooking Light magazine’s best-of-the-best recipes.

Over 100 bold and bright full-color photos! Each essential recipe is accompanied by a beautifully vivid, full-page color photograph, along with an additional image and information on a particular ingredient or technique that’s key to the recipe. Just one look at Adobo-Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Pineapple Salsa will inspire you to make it. And the technique photo of trimming the tenderloin shows you the best way to prepare the recipe.

Complete nutritional information for each recipe! In your quest to eat smart, be fit, and live well, you’ll find the complete nutritional analysis for each recipe amazingly helpful. Looking for a low-cal dish? Try Grilled Lamb Chops. Need less sodium? Grilled Stone Fruit Antipasto Plate  is ideal. Or maybe you want to increase your calcium intake. If so, Greek-Style Burgers with Feta Aïoli is a good choice.

A complete guide to all things grilled! Have a question about how hot your grill should be? Or are you in search of meat safety tips? Then check out our Cooking Class. This section will make matters clear once and for all. You’ll learn about the difference in direct and indirect grilling, how to prevent fish from sticking to the grill, and how to perfectly skewer your kebabs. Everything you need to grill great recipes is here!

Product Features

  • Great product!

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#rec – 11oz Hashtag Colored Inside & Handle Sturdy Ceramic Coffee Cup Mug, Light Green

Need a gift for your boss, spouse, friend, neighbor, or mailman? This mug makes a great choice for a gift!

Product Features

  • This is a classic ceramic coffee mug with a light green inside and a light green handle.
  • This mug holds 11oz of hot or cold liquids.
  • This cup is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

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Cuisinart CGL-330 Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light

Bring the Power of Light to Grilling at Night

We’ve all been there: Summer has slipped away along with the long bright nights. But that doesn’t quiet the call of the grill, does it? Sunshine or no, sometimes you feel like you just have to spark up the grill and cook up some juicy burgers and steaks. Don’t let a little darkness stand in your way again. With Cuisinart’s Grilluminate Extending LED Grill Light, you can see your entire grill clearly even after the sun goes down, making it a breeze to cook even when it’s getting dark all around you. The Grilluminate Light is designed to keep you grilling long into those summer nights. It easily attaches to your grill in mere seconds — no assembly required. And then, with the touch of a button, 9 bright LEDs will light your entire grill surface. In addition, our unique extending sides increase your light spread, allowing you to see more and cook with ease. This light is made of durable glass reinforced nylon to handle the rigors of grilling, and its sleek design will look great with any grill.

Is your day quickly turning to night? No problem, just turn on your grill light.

Is your day quickly turning to night? No problem, just turn on your grill light.
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Compact, easy-to-use, durable, sleek design, and best of all: bright enough to grill the night away

Compact, easy-to-use, durable, sleek design, and best of all: bright enough to grill the night away
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Why the Cuisinart Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light?

Once you get grilling it’s hard to stop. Sometimes the environment doesn’t cooperate and it gets a little dark out there when there’s still grilling to be done. But that’s no reason not to light the grill. In fact, you don’t even need to lug your heavy grill equipment around to find that one and only spot on the patio that has barely enough light for you to cook by. Simply give the Grilluminate Extending Grill Light a shot, and your grill will be crystal clear even after the sun sets.

Bright Light At Night

A grill light is nothing without some bright bulbs behind it. This light has three bright LED bulbs in each of the three light segments, totaling nine LEDs. This will deliver more than enough illumination to clearly watch your handiwork and check the doneness of your meats.


The Grilluminate Light offers a unique expanding feature that will deliver the light exactly where you need it. Concentrating your cooking power on a small area? No problem — just compact the light and you will get a very focused beam. Grilling for the whole team? Also not a problem — simply expand the sides and you’ll be casting light from side to side across any grill surface.

World Famous Cuisinart Quality

The Grilluminate Extending LED Grill Light is made to last, boasting the world famous quality that Cuisinart is so well known for. The casing is formed by temperature-resistant, glass-reinforced nylon plastic, built to withstand the rigors of grilling. The arm is cast in tough, coated steel to live up to repeated daily use, while the adjustment bolt is a quarter inch thick and sturdy as well. The nine LEDs have a 10,000 hour life — so you’ll be trading your grill in before they burn out — and the batteries can run for over 100 continuous hours.

Innovative Culinary Tools Are the Cuisinart Signature

Julia Child let people in on the Cuisinart secret, and so did James Beard. They were among the first culinary experts to hail the food processor as a revolutionary kitchen appliance when it was introduced to America in 1973 by the late Cuisinart founder, Carl Sontheimer. They saw the food processor as a quick and easy way to make fine food and healthy dishes.

Today that legacy is alive and well — Cuisinart is a universally recognized name, endorsed by culinary connoisseurs such as Jacques Pépin and Hubert Keller, and remaining actively engaged in culinary education, including sponsoring such projects as Four-Star Chef Eric Ripert’s popular public television cooking series Avec Eric. In addition, Cuisinart has a long-standing history of receiving prestigious design awards for a wide range of items.

But the prestigious Cuisinart brand is not limited to food processors — plugged or unplugged, nobody covers the modern chef like Cuisinart. Cuisinart is a full-service culinary resource with a wide array of products, preferred by chefs and favored by consumers. Now you can take the world famous Cuisinart brand to your patio, lawn, tailgate, or campsite with our comprehensive line of outdoor grilling products also available on Amazon. Visit the Cuisinart Outdoor Grilling brand page on Amazon to see our full selection of grills and grilling tools, and make your next barbeque, picnic, or backyard cookout a smashing success.

Savor the flavor, grill connoisseurs — come and taste the Cuisinart difference today.

Before & After - Grilluminate brings exceptional brightness to your control panel & cooking surface

Before & After: The Grilluminate brings exceptional brightness to your control panel and cooking surface
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Easy-to-use; Sleek design
  • This light doesn’t require any wiring, outlets, or technical knowhow to operate. Just insert three AAA Batteries (not included) into the battery pack, clamp to grill handle, and turn on. The clamp has an aggressive screw mechanism so it should only take a few easy twists; no tools are required to secure it to your grill.
  • You spent a lot of money on your grill, so surely you care about how it looks. Shouldn’t your accessories stand up to that same standard? This light is molded in dark textured black plastic and features stainless and chrome accents which look simply amazing on any grill. The unit’s sloped profile gives it a sleek, modern look that matches your grill’s aesthetic, and just as important, stays out of your way while you’re cooking.

Product Features

  • Extending sides expand the light spread
  • 9 Bright LED Lights
  • 10,000 Hour LED Life
  • Clamps onto most grill handles
  • Uses 3AAA Batteries (not included)
  • NOT waterproof

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Outdoor Cooking Grill Grilling Light Weber Grill Out BBQ LED Handle Light

With this great BBQ light, grilling at dusk and dark is no longer an issue. No button to press with meat juice covered hands, turn it on by tapping the painted circle switch on top of the light. You would be amazed at how well this gadget light up your BBQ grill at night so can see closely how your meat is cooking, no more over or under cooked meat. It’s also a versatile light which can do a lot more than just attach to a barbecue grill handle as the clamp will attach to a wide range of cylindrical, pipe-shaped objects.

LED Quantity: 10 PCS
Power Supply:3xAA Batteries (not included)
Luminous Flux: 100 lumen
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Product Dimensions:187LX90WX65H mm

Product Features

  • Handle mount grill light with touch switch
  • Easy to set up, no hassle, runs on 3 AA batteries that were supplied with the light (one set of batteries will allow the LED lamp to be on for 20 hours)
  • Heat resistant ABS Materials
  • Fashion design, 190 degrees horizontal and vertical adjustment for perfect position
  • Lights up the entire grill with brilliant LED light Adjustable C-Clamp fits most grill handles up to 1.65″ Diameter

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Toprime Instant Read Digital Blue Backlit Kitchen Meat Thermometer with Long Forks and LED Light for Cooking and BBQ Grill(Black)

Easy to Use
This elegant and professional meat thermometer enables you to prepare perfect meals without slicing your food. Simply insert the long temperature probe into your food get perfectly cooked food every single time.

Fast & Accurate Readout
This digital meat thermometer will give you accurate readings in both Fahrenheit & Celsius on it’s digital LCD blue backlit display. It has an 8s-10s instant response time thanks to its high precision temperature sensor,ensures you can grill steaks to your perfect doneness knowing it wont be under cooked or burnt.

Long Stainless Probe and Comfort Grip Handle
This top-of-the-line cooking gadget stainless steel probe with the grip handle total length of 15″, thus keeping your hands away from the heat when cooking at the grill.

Easy to Clean
The Habor meat thermometer probe is stainless so you can clean the probe with a damp cloth after use, but DON’T submerse the cooking thermometer into the water or place it in dishwater. Because it is not waterproof.

LED Light
A LED light on the handle,you can see your food clearly when insufficient light.

F/C Selectable
1. To turn on press and hold the MEAT ON/OFF button
2. To select the meat type press MEAT ON/OFF button scroll from one type to next type.
3. To select cooked preference press the TASTE button
4. Insert the BBQ thermometer fork into the meat and wait for a stable reading, if it is already cooked, the alarm will sound.

Important Notice
1.Clean the thermometer and probe with a damp cloth before and after use.
2.Do not submerse the unit in water or place it in dishwater.
3.NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven.
4.Power(not included): 2 X AAA battery, 1.5 V

For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL MEAT THERMOMETER: 5 indicator for Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey,choose your food type and never serve under-cooked or overcooked food again
  • SMART 4 MEAT TASTE SETTINGS : Press “TASTE” to set your flavor,Medium, Medium Rare or Rare, your food will cooked as your expected
  • FAST READING:Equip the newest Dual Probe Sensor,you will get the accurate readings in seconds 8-10 seconds
  • BIGGER AND PERFECT : Total length is 15″,pefect for hold and insert the meat,more accurate position of the meat the taste more better
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Thermometer ranges from -5°C (-41°F) to 100°C (230°F), making it an ideal accessory for cooking in the kitchen, oven, barbecue, and grill, etc

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Weber 6503 Q Handle Light

The Weber Q handle light has three LED lights that illuminate the surface of your Weber Q and Weber charcoal Q grills. The handle light also fits all Weber Q has grills, except the Weber Q 300 series.Grill your favorite foods all night long. The Weber Q Grill Out Handle Light attaches to your Weber Q charcoal or gas grill and illuminates its surface using 3 bright LED lights. It features a tilt sensor, so it lights up when the grill’s handle is lifted and shuts off automatically when the grill is closed. With a luminous intensity of 2000-2500 millicandelas per LED, you’ll have plenty of light to see by, no matter what time you’re using your grill. The Grill Out Handle Light’s tough, glass-reinforced nylon housing is resistant to heat and rain.

The Handle Light comes with a mounting bracket, a light pod, instructions, and mounting hardware. Requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately). Fits all Weber Q gas and charcoal grills, except for the Q 300 series. Measures 13.1 x 8 x 9.7 inches and covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

  • Handle light allows you to use your grill even at night
  • Equipped with 3 LED lights and tough, glass-reinforced nylon housing
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • Includes mounting bracket, light pod, instructions and hardware
  • Measures 13.1 x 8 x 9.7 Inch; covered by manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes mounting bracket, light pod, instructions, and hardware
  • Measures 13.1 x 8 x 9.7 inches; covered by manufacturer’s warranty

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AGPtek Ultra Bright Barbecue Grill Light with 10 Super Bright LED Lights Handle Bar Mount BBQ Light for Grilling Fully Adjustable – Never Burn & Undercook Any Meat Again – Easy to Install – Touch Sensitive Switch – Battery Operated – No Tools Required

Are you in the DARK about grilling? Have you ever ruined some quality meat on your grill after the sun goes down? This Barbecue Grill Light provide a perfect solution for this situation.With 10 PCS Ultra Bright LEDs, you’ll be able to see everything when you BBQ at night.
featuring with adjustable c-clamp ensures a practically universal fit. you can attach it to your grill’s handle without any need for tools or force.in a second, Simply loosen the included mounting hardware by hand, and connect it as you see fit. With adjustable swivel and pivot, giving you maximum projection over your entire grilling area. and also perfect for the workshop or garage anytime wherever it is dark.
made of weather-resistant and heat-resistant ABS with a black, smooth finish for decades of durability. That way you won’t ever worry about the BBQ light melting down from the grill’s high heat. In fact, you can safely use our lamp with all grills including gas, charcoal and electric models.

1.Material: ABS plastic
2. Weight:204g

Product Features

  • Ultra Bright LEDs -10 ultra-bright LEDs for illuminating your entire grill all night long. Guaranteeing that even after dark you’ll be able to sear to perfection or slow cook to desired doneness. Don’t let the early sunsets of winter or the darkness that descends on a late night get-together keep you from properly grilling.
  • Heat & Water Resistant – Made from durable, heat-resistant ABS plastic, can withstand intense heat for long periods of time. You might leave this light attached to your grill handle-that’s ok because we’ve built it to last. It can handle the punishment of daily use.
  • Simple Installation – Easy To Attach, Easy To Use, Versatile – With easy no-tool attachment and a 180 degree swivel head, this grill light can handle a lot more than your grill. (no tools required), fits most grills, Adjustable swivel head,also perfect for the workshop or garage anytime wherever it is dark.
  • Touch Sensor Switch – Easily turns on and off with slight touch. Great for camping, garage, or even as an emergency car flashlight.
  • Versatile – While it’s perfect for lighting up your grill as the nights draw in, it’s also extremely versatile. The adjustable screw clamp lets your attach the light to almost anything, providing you with ultra-bright illumination.

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