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Wood Bee Smoker Fuel Pellets (2lb. bag); 100% Hardwood; Great for Beekeeping

Wood pellets give the benefit of slow and long burning. Many things that are easily “flammable” also don’t burn long enough. Yes, they may be harder to get lit than more flammable items, but they will smolder/burn longer for hours of bee business.

Our pellets are made from 100% quality hardwoods so you get cleaner long-burning smoke–good for your bees & good for you.

Package quantity: 2lbs. Pellets are ΒΌ inch diameter and vary in length from nubs to 1 inch.

Product Features

  • Your buzzing friends will bee sleepy with the help of these wood smoking pellets
  • 100% hardwoods, no filler and burns cleaner than softwood and definitely cleaner than cardboard scraps
  • 2 lb supply, not too much, not too little
  • Comes in resealable zipper bag
  • Helpful accessory for any beekeeper

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Lumber Jack 100% Hardwood Grilling Smoker Pellets, Pecan Blend, 20 LB

Lumber Jack 100% Hardwood Grilling Smoker Pellets

We are an actual manufacturing plant that uses real trees and processes them into our products. We are not a co-bagger that simply relies on another manufacturer that may use residue products impossible to track to their original origins.


By an independent testing laboratory. Our pellets are subjected to ash analysis/chemical composition tests along with the standard ash by weight and heat value testing criteria. We do this to ensure you the public that our pellets are comprised of only pure wood fiber. These tests are available upon request. Lumber Jack grilling pellets is leading the way to develop food grade BBQ wood pellets. You can trust your family’s health protection to our products.


What if a pellet maker using residual saw dust used some material that was OAK from ground oak pallets? What if the old oak pallets had antifreeze or chemicals spilled on the pallet and ground up into sawdust? Could you tell? Can the pellet mfg tell?


Lumber Jack Wood pellets are made by blending the fiber prior to making the wood pellet. This means that each individual pellet is a blend. Most competitors merely blend different flavored pellets together in the bag. The problem with mixing different pellets together is each wood type burns differently making them harder for you to get a consistent smoke. With our blended pellet method, it ensures that each pellet burns the same for a more consistent smoke.

Product Features

  • Made from actual trees, not just residual wood.
  • Made using the bark and cambium layer of trees. This is the area where the most flavor in a tree resides.
  • Made in a smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area.
  • Available in a multitude of flavors including pure and blended mixtures
  • Made in the USA

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Natures Way 20 Lb. Natural Hardwood Pellets – Cherry

Natures Way 20 Lb. Natural Hardwood Pellets – Cherry. NWCHERRY20. Hardwood Pellets. Hardwood pellets are an eco-friendly solution to healthier grilling! Roasting, smoking and baking are covered with Natures Way 100 percent pure hardwood BBQ pellets. Natures Way BBQ pellets are specifically formulated to enhance the performance of your pellet grill. A compact, hassle-free size results in a consistent feed, improving temperature accuracy for professional cooking results. These pellets are also more cost-effective than propane, burning at a rate of only 2 lbs per hour on high heat, 1 lb per hour on medium heat and only 1/2 lb per hour when smoking. A 20 lb bag will give you 10 hours of heat on high versus 8. 8 hours of heat with a 20 lb propane tank. These grilling pellets feature a distinct cherry flavor for a light, sweet accent that makes them ideal for pork, ham, wild game and more!

Product Features

  • Delicious cherry flavor with a sweet accent
  • Money-saving pellet fuel accents every meal with gourmet results

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Bbqrs Delight 40 Lb. Natural Hardwood Pellets – Hickory – (two 20 Lb Bags)

BBQrs Delight 40 Lb. Natural Hardwood Pellets – Hickory – (Two 20 LB Bags). PG12-9904Hickory. Grill Pellets. These all natural, hardwood, Hickory BBQ pellets create a rich flavor that charcoal and gas grills and smokers just cannot match. The clean-burning, environmentally safe wood pellets generate about 8500 BTUs per pound with very little ash. BBQr s Delight pellets are made from a mix of oak and hickory wood. Pellets come in pack of 2 bags.

Product Features

  • Delicious hickory flavor adds a rich, faintly sweet accent
  • Made from 100 percent natural hardwood
  • Pellets come in two 20 pound bags

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