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Pellet Pro 12″ Stainless Steel Pellet Hopper Assembly Holds 35# of Pellets & comes with our PID controller

If you are looking for a complete hopper assembly with a PID controller to rebuild your old pellet grill, or even to build your own, this is for you. All you need to mount this into your existing or custom pellet grill, is a rectangular hole 4-1/4in by 5-1/4in. The hopper assemblies come in two lengths – 12in from center of burn pot to edge of hopper, and also 18in from center of burn pot to edge of hopper. This is the 12in hopper assembly with the upgraded stainless steel hopper lid and stainless steel burnpot which will prevent rust formation. New improved hot rod. NEW UNIVERSAL CONTROLLER! Can be mounted on either the left or right side of your application. Also includes pre-drilled holes to attach legs, utensil hooks, or a custom shelf! If ordering outside the Continental U.S., you are subject to an additional shipping cost dependent on the weight of the product (Any customs/ duties for international orders are the buyers responsibility) Disclaimer: We guarantee that our hopper assemblies function properly and based on our customer submitted applications, will work on most custom applications. There are limits to size/insulation types of applications to which the hopper assembly will function properly. If one hopper assembly does not meet the required expectations of the user, then two hopper assemblies may be used. It is the buyer’s responsibility for returns if the hopper assembly is not compatible with their custom application. Improper use of the hopper assembly or improper installation is also the buyer’s responsibility for return costs. Our hopper assemblies function as described, although we cannot guarantee that it will work with your application. Smoke Daddy Inc. is not liable for any damage caused by the hopper assembly to or in applications using materials or modifications not recommended to be used with the hopper assembly. Contact us if any help is needed. Thanks, Dennis.

Product Features

  • Perfect for building your own grill/smoker!! W/ Stainless Steel Upgraded Lid and Burnpot
  • Easily attaches to the outside of your application; cut only 1 hole and drill 4 holes!
  • You receive ALL the benefits of a wood burning oven with NO hassle
  • Only requires a 110V outlet and wood pellets; Now with 35lbs of Pellet Capacity!
  • Universal! Can be mounted on the left or right side of your application

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TRYMOTION durable stainless steel 12′ Smoker Tube adds delicious flavor to grilled foods and comes filled with a sample load of Mesquite pellets

The Trymotion smoker tube is constructed of stainless steel with re-enforcement bands at both ends for durability unlike cheaper smokers. The Trymotion smoker takes up very little space on the grill surface. The Trymotion smoker placed on the grill and filled with soaked wood chips or pellets of your favorite type wood will cause delicious smoke- flavor to be infused into your ribs, beef, pork, poultry or other foods of your choice. The Trymotion smoker is a must have for BBQ enthusiasts. Using a gas grill or electric grill for BBQ is a waste of time. You may as well cook in the house for all the flavor that’s imparted to your BBQ, grill marks mean nothing. But take that gas or electric grill and add the smoker, now you have something, a true BBQ taste that’s hard to beat.

Product Features

  • Solid stainless steel construction reinforced at both ends not just at one end for durablity
  • For the knowledgeable, you can cold smoke beef, poultry, pork, fish, cheese etc
  • Fill with smoke pellets or moistened wood chips to add wonderful smoke flavor to your BBQ
  • Produces enriching smoke for up to 4 hours to enhance the flavor of your BBQ
  • While designed for electric grills the Trymotion smoker tube can be used in any grill or smoker

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Grill Brush Triple Surface Area Stain-less Steel and Silicone Barbecue Gloves PerfectoChef Premium Set, Comes with Silicone Basting Brush, for Cooking, Grilling, Smoking, Baking

Do you love to cook on the barbecue grill, but find the oven mitt is bulky and clumsy, making it hard to grip the spatula, tongs or food?

Does your metal grill brush stand up to burnt-on grease and food?

When you baste on the barbecue sauce, does your basting brush melt from the grill heat?

Let’s face it…We love fantastic barbecue, but sometimes barbecuing isn’t all fun! The heat from rising flames can make it too hot to reach food

on the back of the grill or baste on your world-famous barbecue sauce, without risking burns! Then there’s the cleanup after the grill cools down,

with burnt-on grease and food particles that take forever to chip off, and the grill still doesn’t really feel clean.

Would you like to find a solution that makes barbecuing fun and easy, your foods cooked to perfection, and clean-up a breeze?

Here’s something we feel you’re really going to appreciate! Our 3-piece set that are going to make your life a whole lot easier:

– SILICONE GLOVES – Protect hands from extreme heat temperature and flames, allowing you to reach the food on the back of the grill without burning your hands. Stain-Resistant, Anti-slip and ultra-flex fingers.

– GRILL BRUSH – 18″ long with a reinforced handle that won’t bend or break while you clean. Super-strong bristles, keeping your cooking surface deep-down clean!

– SILICONE BRUSH – has a solid steel core, made of food-safe materials. Heat-resistant, and won’t clump and glides easily to evenly apply barbecue sauce.

The package includes:

– 18″ Stain-less Steel Grill Brush.

– Silicone Barbecue Gloves.

– Silicone Basting Brush.

– 300 Grill Recipes E-book.

Comes in a gift box, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY get this special price, so hurry and grab this wonderful opportunity right away!

Product Features

  • MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE: Regardless if you are grilling, baking, smoking or cooking over a flare pit – you may utilize these gloves and brushes for all of these and much more! Simply grab and handle roasting pans, cast iron pans and griddles, slow cookers and crock pots, pizzas and pizza stones, baking sheets and cake pans, clay pots, oven racks, smoker racks and doors, outdoor fire pits, and so much more! Can even be a fantastic enhancement to restaurants and industrial kitchen areas.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES – The Grill Brush is 18″ long and capable to get through the furthermost spots of the grill with no the possibility of burns. Risk-free for Porcelain, Ceramist, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, and Charcoal Grill. PERFECTLY TILTED HEAD and SOLID STEEL BRISTLES to obtain effortless work of the toughest carbonized and grease on grill scrapes STRENGTHENED GRIP preserves from breaking or flexing when brushing strongly, burnt-on grease and grime.
  • SUPERMAN HANDS – Silicone Gloves with proper protection, convenience – Flip-over meat on the grill, bake in your stove, boil corn on the stove. With ultra-flexible 5 fingers anti-slip grip makes it griller’s and baker’s choice. RISK-FREE INGREDIENTS: BPA-free, FDA-approved 100 % pure food grade silicon, and are guaranteed not to leech chemical substance or toxicants, even within heat energy! They will not mold, mildew, or absorb smells. Size:27.5*17.5*2.2CM.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE BASTING BRUSH – use by professional chef and home cooks. Quick and easy to wash and cleansed, ELASTIC bristles resistant heat up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, does not melt or shed bits within your food and preserve food smells slides on food. Contorted handles provides comfortable grip. Has silicone layered sturdy steel core. Excellent for vinegar, butter, egg, margarine, oil, basting sauce barbecue, baking, cooking, food decorating, children art and more.
  • 100% SATISFACTON & LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: We Are Absolutely Convinced That You’ll Love This Brushes and Gloves so you can get to try It COMPLETELY RISK FREE. Order Your Grill Brushes and Gloves Set Now And Try It For 30 Full Days. If you not feel comfortable with it for any reason you can simply return it and get your money back no hassles no questions asked, and you can keep the Bonus.

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