Weber 6673 Original Wide Spatula, Black

This spatula with a comfortable non-slip grip has a variety of uses at the grill. An angled neck reaches over the edge of Weber kettles, keeping hands and arms away from heat. The wide spatula head is designed for expertly turning fish and other large foods.

Product Features

  • Wide head makes turning fish and large items easy
  • Ergonomic grip handle offers comfortable grip
  • Angled neck reaches over the edge of Weber kettles

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3 thoughts on “Weber 6673 Original Wide Spatula, Black”

  1. Cheaply made steel. Weber’s accessories tend to be hit and miss. At first I thought this spatula was nice but in the end it’s not the type to last. The steel is extremely soft and cheap; plated steel like most of Weber’s Chinese made junk. It’s nice and large but if you chip anything expect it to rust within a short period of time. As their normal grill plates are cheap steel so goes the accessories like this. Ordering a SS grill plate costed 70 bucks direct from Weber for me. Most of what they manufacture is…

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