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BBQ Grill Brush bristle free, BBQ Brush for Grill – No Falling Metals, safe Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper, Best Grill Cleaner – 3 in 1 Grill Cleaning Brush for Barbecue Lovers (normal)

Best BBQ tools for all Barbecue Lovers, made of stainless steel woven wire and a high quality plastic handle, light enough for you take it everywhere you like as barbecue, smoking, grilling.

For use on all grills – Gentle,grill brush and scraper, powerful grill cleaner will remove grime and residue from stainless steel, porcelain coated, cast iron and more without scratching or damaging the surface,grill brush bristle free.
How to use:
Following the instructions below will help you to achieve fantastic results.
-Step 1: Pre-Heat Grill
-Step 2: Fill a small container with water to dip the grill cleaning brush in frequently while brushing.
-Step 3: Work in square sections defined by horizontal grates. Please do not glide over horizontal grates as you would with a wire brush.
-step 4:Angling the barbecue grill brush backwards slightly can provide a deeper clean.
What you get:
1 X BBQ Grill Brush
1 X Nylon Bag

Product Features

  • EFFORTLESS GRILL CLEANER: The grill cleaning brush triple the duty area of standard wire brushes, with this BBQ grill accessories you will be able to scrub all parts of your barbecue grate 5x Faster than with a traditional bbq grill brush before!
  • High Quality Handle: The Handle is made of high quality plastic so it is not easy to break.
  • Safety: With a 10 inches long strong handle, the barbecue grill brush will keep you safe from the heat generated by the barbecue grill and very effective for your BBQ grill cleaning.
  • Compatible with All Type of Grill: This bristle free grill brush can be used all type of grill, such as gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker grill and so on.
  • Easy to Clean: The grill cleaning tools grill brush and scraper just rinses under warm water and put the brush in the open air to dry. grill brush bristle free.The best bbq tools.

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NO MESS BBQ GRILL MAT – Set of two barbecue mats, Makes grilling easy, Non-Stick and reusable again & again, Easy to Clean, Stops Food falling through Grate, No more Flare-ups, Great Gift, Best Selling BBQ Accessory. No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

Do You Hate Scrubbbing Your Barbecue

We all love a barbecue, but how about the day after when our sticky ribs and burnt burgers are still left baked solid onto the grill. When you have to get a heavy duty grill brush, and spend hours scrubbing NOT ANY MORE !! If you use our NO MESS BBQ GRILL MAT all of the flavour and all of the marinade stays on the food, not on the grill or worst still, in the grill. Our set of two grill mats will provide you the perfect amount of surface to grill fish, burgers, hot dogs steaks and vegetables without ever having to worry about it breaking apart in the grill and falling into the flames. It even lets the grill marks come through on your meat! It’s just like cooking on the grill without the sticking, the mess, and the clean up.

Are you sick of food falling through grill.

– • Great For All Types of Food

– • Food Will Never Fall Through the Cracks with these Amazing Grill Mats

– • Super Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Material

– No transfer of flavours, between washes.

Our BBQ Grill Mats are backed by a No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

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Product Features

  • • Great For All Types of Food
  • • Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Material
  • • Reusable and dishwasher proof. Can be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit.
  • • Stop food from falling through the grill. Ideal for meats, fish, vegetables and much more.
  • • Pack contains a set of 2 BBQ Grill Mats measuring 15.75″ x 13″

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