Vicsou Temperature Magnet + Meats Smoking Guide, Best Wood Temperature Chart – 20 Types of Flavor Profiles – Chips Chunks Logs Pellets Smoked – Top BBQ Grilling & Smoking Accessories

The Master Chef’s Meat Temperature Guide -The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Food Evert Time

Material: PVC + Magnet Paper
Size: 6″ x 6.7″ (Every Guide Paper)

Your Meat Temperature Magnet and Smoking Guide
1. Complete List of Meat Temperatures, Wood Varieties and Flavor Profiles – No matter what you are cooking in the kitchen, you can find the temp on our guide.
2. Perfectly Sized To Fit on Any Refrigerator, Grill or Smoker Without Taking Up Too Much Space.
3. Easy To Read – We use large font and alternating colors so you never have to squint to see a temperature.

Our Lifetime Guarantee
If at any point in the life of your smoke guide or temp magnet, if you feel like you received less value than what you paid for it, we will give you a full refund for your money. Even if you use your magnets for an entire year, if you want your money back, we will give you a full refund for your purchase.

Product Features

  • Perfect Meat Temperatures Everytime – Magnet works together with your digital thermometer probe for perfect medium rare beef, lamb, venison, steak, chops, roasts, pork, veil, or brisket.
  • 20 Most Popular Varieties For Your Smoke (pellets, chips, chunks, logs) including alder, almond, apple, apricot, cherry, chestnut, hickory, jack daniel’s, lemon, maple, mesquite, mulberry, nectarine, oak, orange, peach, pear, pecan, plumb, and walnut.
  • Easy To Stick To Your Fridge, Grill, Oven and Smoker – Made with magnet paper, it could be easily adsorbed at a handy place for your convenience when cooking, grilling, smoking.
  • Waterproof with Proper Size – This heavy-duty, laminated magnet is waterproof and heat-resistant. With large font and alternating colors, you will feel easy to see a temperature!
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee – If at any point you are unhappy with your meat temperature chart or wood smoking magnet you can return it for a full money back refund. We Take Customer Service That Seriously.

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3 thoughts on “Vicsou Temperature Magnet + Meats Smoking Guide, Best Wood Temperature Chart – 20 Types of Flavor Profiles – Chips Chunks Logs Pellets Smoked – Top BBQ Grilling & Smoking Accessories”

  1. There are actually 2 separate magnets in this set. Guess I would have known that had a looked closer at the image, I thought there were two in here with the same info. I’ve attached a photo of the set I received to give them a perspective in size – sitting next to my 9.7″ iPad Air.I’ll be honest, I cook on my bbq all year long. I hardly ever cook meats in the house anymore. But, one of the things that is difficult about cooking on the grill is getting the correct…

  2. If you’re considering these magnets, then we probably have a shared interest in cooking, grilling, or frying all kinds of meat, and you care how it’s cooked, like I do. These magnets have detailed descriptions for how to achieve not only the correct cook (usually medium rare), but also how to add additional flavors by using different types of wood chips, along with telling you which flavors to expect. I normally have to look online when I cook, so I can verify internal temps are safe, but these…

  3. This Vacsou temperature magnet + meat smoking guide is great for that new griller in your house or for someone who does not grill often. These magnets features everything you could possibly need to know about how to cook your meat while ensuring you don’t get sick from undercooked meat. All meat types are included on these magnets. Included in the meat smoking guide is the temperatures needed to properly cook the meat as well as what types of wood to use and what type of taste each wood…

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