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Instant Read BBQ Meat Steak Thermometer and Touchscreen Timer for Smoker Oven Grill Kitchen Perfect for Food Candy Cooking Grilling

Riesto – Become an award winning chef at BBQ and Grilling contests!


-Never burn another family dinner again.
-Avoid your meat from getting over cooked and tough to chew.

Amazing Results :

  • Perfectly cooked turkey, beef, chicken, pork, veal, lamb, fish & ham
  • Receive numerous accolades of your superior cooking.
  • Humbly except the praises of your family for your delicious culinary skills.
  • The RIESTO Digital Meat Thermometer and Timer will help you achieve all of these goals.

    Here is how it works:

  • NO MORE GUESSING – You can set your desired temperature, and clear alarm will notify you when meat is perfectly cooked.
  • EASY to READ – Thermometer equipped with Illuminated backlit display
  • ATTACHABLE – Magnetic Back allows you to attach Thermometer to metal surface which makes it very convenient.
  • ALL in ONE – BBQ Thermometer comes with build in Kitchen Timer.
  • ADJUSTABLE – °F/°C Configurable Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED – Preset Temperature Modes: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, and Well Done
  • GREAT VALUE – Get more for your money with Riesto BBQ Thermometer: With 2 Stainless Steel and Metal Braided Wire Connection Probe, length 48) & Free Extras
  • PERFECT GIFT – for FAMILY and FRIENDS: Great value product to enjoy at the cookout with the people you love.
  • Package Content & Bonus Items:

  • 1 x Touchscreen Thermometer & Timer(1 Probe Plug)
  • 2 x Food Grade Stainless Steel Probe(1 For Spare)
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x Storage bag
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Metal Stand
  • Gift Box Package – Ideal Gift for Loved Ones

    Product Features

    • SAFE COOKING TO PROTECT FAMILY MEMBERS – Sometimes a simple mistake can cause serious illness with long-term consequences. Bbq Thermometer is programmed with preset temperatures for various cooking levels recommended by USDA, Can also set manually
    • High Quality – Made with highest quality materials, with improved design, usability. Heat resistant metal probe, Moisture resistant metal probes with extra protection which reduces chances of getting inaccurate temperature reading
    • FREE EXTRAS – Get Bonus items at no risk, set includes additional food grade stainless steel replacement probe, protective probe sleeve, storage bag, 2 AAA Batteries, Metal Stand, can be used for other things like phone or tablet
    • Simple Intuitive LED Touchscreen Display – Built in with Backlit Monitor which helps in low light backyard grilling.The magnets on the back will hold it to the front of your oven door or refrigerator. All in one can be used as Kitchen Countdown Alarm
    • IDEAL GIFT – Perfect gift for loved ones, kitchen hobbyists, great Fathers Day Gift Riesto thermometer comes with ONE YEAR WARRANTY and US Based Customer Service

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  • #1 Touchscreen Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT and Timer with 2 Probes, BEST Cooking BBQ Internal Meat Thermometer for Kitchen Oven Grilling Food and Smoker, BLUE SKILLET



    The Blue Skillet compact Digital Meat Thermometer is designed to give any cook a fast, convenient, and accurate food temperature everytime!

    THERMOMETER/TIMER switch on back of thermometer so can also be used as a Countdown Timer

    Probe and wire can handle up to 500 fahrenheit – For use at home in the Oven – For use outside for the grill or BBQ

    – * Touch Screen operation
    – * TWO Stainless steel cooking probes 48″ each in length – Preset temperatures to perfectly cook Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Pork, Lamb, Veal, and Fish
    – * Preset temperatures for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, and Well Done for Beef, Lamb, and Veal
    – * Alarm – Fahrenheit or Celsius settings, controlled on touchscreen
    – * Stainless Steel Probe and braided wire connection, overall length 48″
    – * Probe and wire can handle up to 500 fahrenheit – For use at home in the Oven
    – * Has two magnets on the back to stick onto Oven or BBQ (not in direct heat)
    – * Requires 2 AAA batteries, (Not Included)

    All our products are manufactured to the highest level and meet CE/EU, FDA, CIQ, EEC, LFGB, SGS certifications

    All our products are backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

    So to order your new Blue Skillet Meat Thermometer NOW, click ADD TO CART and you will be enjoying your new product within the week

    Product Features

    • * GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR THAT HOME COOK that special family member loves to show off their BBQ skills, what better way to help them by giving them an accurate digital meat thermometer.
    • * COOK MEALS SAFE TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Undercooking meats and poutry can lead to risks to your health. This meat thermometer with its 8 different meat settings will help your whole family cook safely.
    • * COOK LIKE THE PRO CHEFS ON TV: Our Internal Meat Thermometer will help any aspiring cook to make their meals perfect everytime. With our pre-programmed temperature setting, the digital meat thermometer will help take the guess work out of meats being overcooked.
    • * NO MORE CLUNKY BUTTONS: The touchscreen feature will help any cook utilize their time in the kitchen or backyard without searching for buttons while cooking. It also has a clear alarm to tell when you food is perfectly cooked. Never waste another meal again.
    • * LED LIGHT UP DISPLAY: Our meat thermometer has 2 LED’s built into its face to help in low light backyard grillings.

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    Meat Thermometer & Timer – Touchscreen Instant Read Digital Cooking Oven Grill & BBQ Thermometer – Stainless Steel Waterproof & Heat Resistant Probe

    Ivation’s Touchscreen Digital Thermometer is designed for Meat, Cooking, Baking, BBQ and culinary mastery. Choose from a variety of preloaded cooking temperatures for steaks, pork, poultry, fish and more, or set your preference with the intuitive touchscreen display. This device features an easy-to-navigate programmer with timer, alerts, and memory recall (stores custom settings), and premium heat-resistant materials probe that withstand years of roasting, grilling, baking and broiling.

    Reliable Accuracy

    Our reconfigured thermometer delivers temp reading accuracy up to 572°F. The Built in alarm sounds as soon as your meat reaches your preset (or preprogramed) temp so you never overcook food.

    Touchscreen Convenience

    The touchscreen is backlit (touch activated) and displays large text, simple settings, and °F default (switchable to °C). Select from 4 meats doneness levels or ideal cooking temps for poultry and more.

    Advanced Memory Capability

    Powered by 2 AAA batteries, our Touchscreen Digital Thermometer smartly stores your preferred settings so you never have to reprogram it: Simply set your own temps, override factory presets, and your settings are recalled upon power-up.

    Progressive Probe Design

    The Waterproof & Heat-resistant Probe is constructed of aluminum and stainless to enable you to keep the probe in Moist place under conditions up to 572°F, while the Teflon wire is safe up to 662°F and connects to the monitor with a generous 39.3″ reach.

    Diverse Display Options

    Whether BBQing or working in the kitchen, a built-in foldout stand perches the thermometer at the perfect angle for easy readability. Alternatively, a magnetic back helps secure the thermometer to your grill, oven, or nearby surface.

    Product Features

    • This Advanced Digital Thermometer Reads Precise Temperatures and Features sound Alerts and a Timer
    • This Instant Read Thermometer has a Practical Freestanding Design; Securing Magnets are also Built-In for Affixing Unit to Grill, Oven or Pit
    • This Food Thermometer has an Innovative Memory Feature that Stores Settings for Quick Recall of Favorite Use Temps (including custom temperatures and F/C Settings)
    • This Kitchen Thermometer comes a Waterproof Stainless Steel Probe that is Heat Resistant (572°F) for Inside of a BBQ, Oven, Pit or Grill
    • This BBQ Thermometer has a Backlit Touchscreen Screen and is Programmable for Doneness, Meat Type (chicken, Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb Fish Ect) & More

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