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Ultimate Pit Boss Pellet Tube Smoker Set – 12″ Stainless Steel Pellet Tube Smoker, Food-grade Silicone Grilling Glove, Pair of Meat Claw Shredders – Convert any grill to a smoker – Hot or cold smoking

Smoker Tube

Product Features

  • SMOKING MADE EASY – Transform any grill (gas, electric, charcoal) into a versatile BBQ smoker by simply filling the pellet tube smoker with your favorite wood pellets (cherry, hickory, mesquite, apple, etc)
  • SMOKE ANY MEAT – Perfect for both hot and cold smoking of any pork, ribs, brisket, cured meat, sausages, chicken, lamb, fish, cheese, nuts, and more
  • BALANCED SMOKING – Up to 5 hours of smoking with this thoughtfully designed square shape, allowing for controlled and perfectly infused smoke
  • FREE BONUS ITEMS – Easily handle and carve your meats with a FDA approved, food-grade, heat-resistant silicone glove made to handle temperatures up to 425oF and heavy duty meat claw shredders
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST – High quality 304 stainless steel, dishwasher safe, 100% money back guaranteed

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Pulled Pork Shredder Claws – Strongest BBQ Meat Forks – Shredding Handling & Carving Food – Heat Resistant Solid Bear Meat Shredders Claws(Set of 2)

The FavClaws Meat Claws – The Most Versatile Cooking Tool on the Market!

These meat claws are made from high quality and long lasting materials, such as heavy-duty nylon plastic which is heat resistant. This is the best tool to use to shred your meat, or lift it off your grill or out of your oven. 

The FavClaws Meat Claws are Heat Resistant to 450°F / 230°C. They are also easy to wash and easy to use for everyone! 


  • Meat shredding: pulled pork, chicken, beef 
  • Putting meat on and off the grill 
  • Sharp and high plastic quality material
  • Flip your pork, turkey, beef in the oven
  • Holding a large piece of meat while shredding or cutting 
  • Shred and pull pork butt with ease to have premium cut pulled pork sandwiches! 
  • Scoop charcoal out of or into the grill 
  • Keep your hands protected and from getting burned 
  • Good for holding down a whole chicken, deep fried turkey, or just about an hot piece of meat
  • Great for tossing salad

Product Features

  • Solid material, meat doesn’t become stuck, and there’s no tedious cleaning routine. more convenient cleaning, can also be put into the dishwasher in the cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 4.33″x 4.5″x 1″ inch / Claws: Length – 1.57″,You’re also not limited by the size of meat or poultry you shred. From small chicken breasts to whole hogs, FavClaws meat claws does it all.
  • The six prongs on each of the barbecue forks are extremely sharp in order to guarantee proper pork shredding.
  • Best meat fork: These set of 2 meat claws are the ultimate cooking and grilling BBQ smoker accessories for pulled pork or any of your barbecue needs
  • Made from BPA-free superior quality polymer, Grill Beast’s meat claws withstand heat up to 450ºF. This heat-resistant quality ensures the meat shredder teeth won’t break, curl, or melt. So your complete satisfaction is assured.

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Pulled Pork Shredder Claws. Super Strong Bear Paw Carving Fork & Meat Shredding Claw Tools Set. Use in Kitchen BBQ (Barbecue) Grill Smoker as Food Lifters Shredders Pullers & Handlers Get Yours Today!

Pulled Pork Shredder Barbecue Claws + 480 Page Crock Pot Recipes Ebook – Last a Lifetime Shredding Bear Claw & Carving Fork Tools Set

Shredding, handling, pulling, lifting and carving meat has never been easier. Your in complete control!

Introducing Your Very Own Meat Claws by SCENT OF SMOKE to the Rescue!

Designed on bears paws, these premium quality barbecue forks are the very best tool for handling your meat!

– POWERFUL GRIP shreds, grips, rips, pulls, tosses, lift and serves anything!
– TRANSFER FOOD EASILY to and from the roaster, crock or casserole pot, oven, slow cooker,  BBQ, grill or smoker with your very own meat handlers
SAFE TO USE flip or turn your roasts easily with no slipping, this handler also makes neat forks to help with carving
– HEAT RESISTANT to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
HIGHEST QUALITY thermoplastic polymer it’s durable, super strong and BPA FREE

SCENT OF SMOKE claws make ideal gifts for everyone for under 20 dollars. Perfect for that unique birthday, christmas, fathers or mothers day gift.

The only authorised seller of this product is SCENT OF SMOKE. Look for the SCENT OF SMOKE seller on this listing and fulfilment to GUARANTEE your genuine SCENT OF SMOKE meat claws.

Only the SCENT OF SMOKE seller can provide you with our SCENT OF SMOKE 480 page favorite crock pot recipes, lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service.

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Product Features

  • PULLED PORK SHREDDER CLAWS (set of 2) shred meat in seconds – Fast, powerful & 100% food safe. Extra strong premium shredding forks new for 2016. Top kitchen, man cave and barbecue tool set + Scent of Smoke 480 Page Crockpot Recipes Ebook.
  • POWERFUL GRIP – Easily handles your favorite roasts from the BBQ, slow cooker, crock pot, oven, grill and smoker. Mixes, Tosses, Grips And Serves Anything!
  • HEAT RESISTANT – Withstands temperatures up to 450°F/230°C – Unlike inferior products, you never have to worry about the tips melting dishwasher safe. Made from the highest quality materials, BPA free, FDA Certification.
  • SCENT OF SMOKE is the only authorised seller of this product. Look for the SCENT OF SMOKE seller on this listing and FBA fulfilment to GUARANTEE your genuine SCENT OF SMOKE meat claws. Only the SCENT OF SMOKE seller can provide you with an Ebook, lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service.
  • ORDER NOW! – WORRY FREE! – We offer a BETTER than money back guarantee, if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will REFUND you and SEND YOU A NEW ONE.

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Grillaholics Meat Claws – Lifetime Guarantee – Best Bear Claw Meat Shredders in BBQ Grill Accessories – FREE Bonus – Set of 2 – Dishwasher Safe – Premium Quality Grilling Handler Carving Fork (Red)

There isn’t anything else in the world like a delicious pulled pork sandwich. There’s also nothing as annoying as having to shred that perfectly smoked pork butt with two kitchen forks. There goes an hour you’ll never get back. There is a better way A huge time saver It’s truly the innovation that the grilling world has been waiting for, and Grillaholics brings you the highest quality meat claws available on the market today. These durable plastic claws can be used to lift and shred your large cut of meat in minutes Easy to use and multipurpose just hold your meat with one claw and use the other to shred away Not only are these “bear claws” a meat shredding machine, they also work great for other kitchen tasks. You can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands. They’re also great for tossing a salad or holding food for slicing or carving. Never worry about cutting your fingers again bonus power truly become one of us with our VIP wristband free with your purchase, as well as a guide to our amazon favorites and our Grillaholics everything grilled recipe eBook Trial run remember, you’re buying risk free Love these meat claws or your money back, no questions asked. It makes these the perfect gift for the 1 griller in your life Take your cooking to the next level and click the “add to cart” button now Consider buying two, one for you and one for your very best friend.

Product Features

  • THE PROFESSIONAL DIFFERENCE – The name says it all: Grillaholics. We’re addicted to this stuff! Being the master grillers that we are, we bring you durable, professional grade meat claws that make shredding your masterfully smoked meat a breeze!
  • A JACK OF ALL TRADES – Our claws are the perfect companion for your home kitchen. Shred and lift meat and hot foods, toss salads, hold food for slicing…our claws do it all.
  • SUPREME CLEAN – No matter how hard you use your meat claws, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe kitchen claws.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free plastic material that withstands high heat (heat resistant to 450F/250C).
  • OTHER GOODIES – When you buy with Grillaholics, we’ll throw in details to claim your signature VIP wristband marking you as a certified Grillaholic, as well as our Amazon Top Ten Favorites Guide and our Grillaholics Everything Grilled Recipe eBook. Best of all, Every set we sell is backed by a full 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! If our product isn’t for you, just send it back our way, and we’ll make it right.

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