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Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Set – Hot Gloves for Cooking BBQ Grilling – Flame Retardant Kevlar Provides 662F Protection – Bonus Ebook – XL

Why The World Would End Without Culinary Couture’s Oven Mitts

How can you not love a high quality and heat resistant glove that will protect your hand from hot pans, boiling water and flaming BBQ grills?

Sure, you might not be planning to stick your bare hand in anything hot, but using generic towels or simple oven mitts won’t make much difference.

That’s Why Culinary Couture Has Created These Special Oven Mitts That Offer Protection Up To 650F!!!

Culinary Couture’s cooking gloves are a must have in every kitchen. They offer adequate protection from high heat and have been created to fit your hands precisely.

A perfect combination of practicality and convenience – these gloves will become your new favorite kitchen accessory!

Why These Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Are The Best Ones You Could Ever Buy:

They are made from 100% pure, high quality cotton, which prevents sweating during hot days – They allow air to circulate freely – which makes wearing them a pleasurable experience.
Their incredible heat protection properties are superior to any other generic oven mitts you might have ever used.
Unlike most cooking gloves, these ones offer five finger flexibility and are more comfortable to use when you are cooking.

If you are tired of your old and greasy gloves, that make your culinary life difficult – then these premium quality, heat resistant oven mitts are exactly what your kitchen needs!

Just Scroll Up & Hit Add To Cart & Get The Best Oven Mitts For All Your Cooking Needs!

Product Features

  • THEY NEVER SLIP: Cheap and poorly made cooking gloves can result in a delicious cake lying on the floor. And you will not only have to bear with your children’s disappointment, but you will also have to clean the kitchen and buy a new pyrex. But you could have avoided that if you had Culinary Couture’s cooking gloves with non slip silicone grip. An excellent gift idea for this holiday season!
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION AGAINST HEAT: These heat resistant oven mitts easily protect your hands from high heat (up to 650F) and save you from tons of trouble and pain.
  • INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY: When you are looking for heat resistant oven gloves, you need a pair that is convenient to wear and practical to use. Therefore, Culinary Couture’s oven gloves are your #1 choice – They are more comfortable than any other pair of oven gloves. And they also offer more comfort due to their full finger flexibility!
  • MULTI PURPOSE COOKING GLOVES: Cooking? Camping? Flaming oven? Boiling Water? Grilling? Name it and you can rest assured that these oven mitts will be a perfect fit for the job!
  • SUPERB QUALITY: if you want to get the best value for your money, then you must be looking for a pair of gloves that are light, have anti-sweat cotton lining, excellent grip with slip resistance & effective heat protection. And today is your lucky day, because these oven mitts combine all the above! So click ORDER NOW and take advantage of our special Spring discount sale price.

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Flame Retardant Quilted Oven Mitts Commercial Grade (2-Pack)

This commercial grade flame retardant mitt covers most of the forearm for added protection from the oven door, the sides and the grates. This is a crucial tool in any kitchen. Use indoor or outdoor. For the kitchen oven, the grill and any other job requiring temporary heat protection. They come in a traditional oven mitt style and shape. Do not wash, clean with damp cloth only. 2 flame retardant oven mitts are included in the package.

Product Features

  • Oversized sleeve covers most of the forearm
  • Added protection against heat
  • Professional quality for every kitchen
  • 100% quilted cotton
  • 17in X 6in 2 Pack

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