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VRP Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves – Best Protective Insulated Oven, Grill, Baking, Smoker or Cooking Gloves – Replace Your Potholder and Mitts – Five Fingered Waterproof Grip – 9 COLORS!

Your search for the Best Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Cooking Gloves is finally over. When you purchase from us today, here are some of the things you can look forward to…..

• Customers have reported a sharp decline in cooking, BBQ and smoker related accidents. What used to be mad dashes from grill to table and quick wraps of the dish towel to move racks, pans and lids has now become one smooth secure motion. Read through our 650 (and counting) 4 star reviews and higher to see for yourself.

• Almost all customers report an improvement in their overall cooking experience. No scalds from spilled juices soaking a smelly cloth mitt, no youch moments when moving racks on grills and smokers and no more uh ohs from sudden drops on the patio or kitchen floor. Not only did they avoid the burns often experienced with cooking, smoking, barbecuing and brewing, but many customers say they are able to do so much more than what they had anticipated with their Gecko Grip Gloves. They turned a 180 on us and now use them to move freezer items..even dry ice.

• What’s more important? Protection from hot food and pans or hot liquids? Why not have it all? It’s hard to tell exactly what your priority is as it varies from Professional Pit Masters to everyday Chefs, Bakers and bottle washers…however, we think you’ll agree in any case, if it’s as simple as using these gloves to finally have a sense of security around anything hot or cold for a price like ours, it’s worth it!

• Marvel as you lift a whole turkey with both hands from the roasting pan onto a plate. Pull briskets and pork like a Pro. Pick hot baked potatoes by the handful.

• Enjoy the pleasure of camp fires and cooking. Let US worry about the HEAT.

Since we offer a Verde River Products Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee plus the Best Personalized Lifetime Customer Service to back it up, give us a shot!

Click the Buy button now and experience the Grip of a Gecko!</p

Product Features

  • EXCLUSIVE TRADEMARK DESIGNED and Tested by Professionals Against Traditional Cloth Oven Mitts for Usability, Heat and Steam Resistance and Sure Grip for Protection and Safety. Check the Sizing Chart in the Photos for Your Perfect Fit.
  • USABILITY and HEAT for Handling Anything Hot Up To 425 Degrees – BBQ, Smoked Meats, Hot Pans, Crock Pots, Smoker Racks, Pizza Stones, Glass Bakeware – You Heat It These Gloves Can Handle It.
  • STEAM – HOT LIQUIDS and FROZEN ITEMS 100% WATERPROOF Design Grab Lobster, Corn and Canning Jars from Boiling Water, Pour Hot Liquids in Home Brewing and Candy Making Securely – Move Frozen Items – Replace Tongs That Slip and Mitts That Soak- Just Throw Them in the Dishwasher.
  • SURE GRIP PROTECTION and SAFETY Five Finger Glove with raised nubs for stronger grip ensures protection from heat, slips, spills and spatters.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE you CAN COUNT ON – we Guarantee your Satisfaction or Your Money Back- Forever. No more hot spots that normally develop through fabric mitts over time. There is no fraying and deteriorating fabric – these hold their shape- you have our LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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