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Amagabeli Large Ash Bucket for Fireplace Coal hod or Pellet Bucket Carrier in Power Coated for Wood Stove Black

No matter what your storage needs are, coal, ash, wood pellets, firewood or kindling, this steel Coal Hod will fit the job! It has the capacity to hold about three gallons of ash. To top it off, this Coal Hod’s body is corrugated for extra strength to withstand whatever you use it for!

Product Features

  • The Fireplace ash bucket is a functional, all durable steel construction that is a great addition to any fireplace hearth stove with its classic black finish.
  • Flexible handle provide a safe and easy way to clean-up and remove fireplace ash and embers. A wide top for safely and conveniently fill up the bucket and disposing of wood burning debris and hot coal ash.
  • Great to use outside as well for fire pits, wood burning furnaces, or anywhere else removal and safe disposal of wood burning embers ash is necessary.
  • Makes an ideal storage container, place next to the fireplace or fire pit to safely store kindling, logs and pellets. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • One-year Warranty: Replacement parts or repaired parts shall be covered within the Limited Warranty Period.

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The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace–Includes the complete Primary Series

Ashtanga Yoga is a graceful, athletic type of yoga that has become extremely popular in recent years. Here, Kino MacGregor, a disciple of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the great modern guru who developed Ashtanga Yoga, gives a comprehensive view of the practice and shows how Ashtanga is fundamentally a path of spiritual transformation and personal development.

MacGregor delves into the history and tradition of Ashtanga Yoga and reveals how its philosophy manifests in contemporary lifestyle and dietary choices. She also explains the essential connection of breath, posture, and gaze that is the core of the practice. Her clear, step-by-step instruction of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series—including standing, seated, backbending, twisting, hip-opening, and closing postures—is a wonderful initiation for those who are new to the practice, and it will motivate experienced yogis toward perfection of the form. Throughout, MacGregor shares her own personal yoga journey and her devotion to yoga as a path of self-realization in a way that will inspire all practitioners.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Grill Power: Everything you need to know to make delicious, healthy meals on your Indoor Electric Grill

Grill Power is the first book devoted solely to cooking on indoor electric grills. Healthy, fast, delicious, and all-season, indoor electric grilling is a great and versatile way to cook.

Grill Power provides a wealth of information on the use and care of particular grills and more than fifty international menus totaling more than 125 healthy recipes. Each menu includes a step-by-step game plan that gets meals on the table fast, ingredient substitutions, recipe variations, timesaving tips, serving suggestions, a nutritional breakdown of each menu, and fascinating notes from the chef who wrote the book.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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18 pc BBQ Grilling Set Case By KP Solutions | Durable Stainless Steel Construction | Knife Spatula, Fork, Long Knife, Power Tongs, Basting Brush, 8 Corn Holders, 4 Skewers, Cleaning Brush

BBQ Lovers Of The World Unite Cause The Finest BBQ Grilling Set is Here!

Are you sick and tired of spending money down the drain on poorly made BBQ utensils? Do you need BBQ tools that are both durable yet portable in a case?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the ultimate grilling set for you!

Grill Like A Pro With These Multipurpose BBQ Tools

Amaze family and friends the next time you have them over for a BBQ fiesta with this sleek and elegant set. Each utensil is carefully designed to serve many purposes and satisfy all of your demanding needs.

The spatula can be used as a knife to slice sausages, as a scraper to clean the rack, as a bottle opener so as to enjoy a cool beer and as a spatula of course. Pure perfection right?

Use the corn holders for some corn on the go or grab hot dogs and spicy sausages off the grill! The basting brush will allow you to crispy butter brioches or slather your favourite sauces all over your meats!

Hassle Free Cleaning & Effortless Grilling

Do you love grilling but you simply hate the cleaning and washing up afterwards? Do not worry, cause the washing nightmare is finally over for you. Simply toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest.

The sturdy handles have convenient rings for easy hanging and you can pick them up fast and do your job. Plus, the tongs are equipped with scalloped edges that will enhance the grabbing of food from the rack. Ideal for chicken breasts, grilled vegetables and mushrooms, fish, meatballs, ribs and so many more delis!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a housewarming gift to a friend.

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1 knife spatula
1 power tongs
1 basting brush
1 cleaning brush
8 corn holders
4 skewers
1 long knife

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE GRILLING UTENSILS SET: If you love barbequing but you simply don’t have the proper utensils, please do not despair. We proudly present you the absolute must BBQ set that will upgrade your grilling performances and facilitate the way your grilled like never before! It is a great set for beginners or professional grillers or those who love BBQ. Makes a wonderful addition to your kitchen arsenal and will be appreciated by all family members!
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to kitchen and cooking utensils. Our grilling set is made from high quality stainless steel that it completely corrosion resistant and rust proof! You can now enjoy these BBQ tools and endless moments of happiness with beloved ones for the many years to come! Take them along during camping, tailgating or barbequing at the front porch!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN BBQ GRILL ACCESSORIES: Forget all about easily cracked open wooden handles and trust our durable metal ones. All of our utensils bear elongated handles that will ameliorate the turning of food or flipping of meat to the fullest, without straining your precious wrists! Keep your hands safe and burn free with our ergonomically designed BBQ set which is suitable for kids as well of course under the supervision of a grown up!
  • ALL IN ONE PORTABLE CASE BBQ TOOLS: Our set consists of only the absolute essential tools that every real barbequer should have! 18 pc ! Starting with 1 knife spatula that can be used to flip over burgers, 1 power tongs to turn over steaks and meatballs, 1 basting brush and 1 cleaning brush, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers for delicious shish kebabs, 1 long knife to cut meet on the grill and a fork to move things around. What more could you be possibly asking from a grilling set?
  • MULTIPURPOSE GRILLING SET IN AN ALUMINIUM CASE: If you are a big fan of grill on the go, then this BBQ utensil set is the way to go. It can be carried nice and easy in the aluminium case whether you are grilling indoors or outdoors. Ideal for camping, hiking, boating or even park barbequing. Do you have an electric or a gas BBQ grill, a charcoal or a propane one? This stainless steel set is what you are looking for!

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