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Yoheer 932F Oven Mitts,Cut & Heat Resistant Gloves,Chef Baking Supplies,Grill Accessories,good for Barbecue(BBQ),100% Cotton Lining, Stripes for Ultimate Grip, Versatile for Kitchen

Product Specifcatie:
1. Made of high quality cotton and Para & Meta aramid fibers, insulating and protecting from high temperatures, and let your operating maximum comfort.
2. Using more of the costly Para aramid to the ratio of Meta aramid, higher heat tolerance with much higher tenacity and elastic modul than any other brand, Highest rated protection is literally at your fingertips now.
4. Easy to wash, Machine washable
5. Yoheer(TM)932F Heat Resistant Gloves covers past your wrist due to 10 cm wrist length.
6.Noitc: 932F Heat Resistant Gloves does not protect against heat from hot liquids.

*The outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt when exposed to an open flame
*Lightweight allows your hands & fingers to move freely, minimize fatigue
*Silicone strips on palm & back of hand, anti-skid, good for holding large bowl with soup
*Ambidextrous right handed & left handed
*Great for Fireplace Logs, Car Repair, Welding, Light-bulb Changes, And More!

Product Features

  • 1. THE PREMIER WAY TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS- Made of high quality cotton, this heat resistant gloves can proof 932 F high temperature , can effectively protect your hand prevent burns.
  • 2. OCCASIONS WIDELY USED- Whether it’s moving wood around in a campfire, flipping meat on the grill, or removing piping hot pans from the oven, No matter where you are or what you are doing you can stay protected while retaining full dexterity in your hand movements.
  • 3. SUPERB GRIP- Silicone strips for a superb grip, complete confidence and safety. Enjoy great success in the kitchen.
  • 4. COMFORTABLE- Lined with comfort inducing cotton on the inside, prevent your hand from getting stuck. Opening jars or anything that required just a little added grip strength is a snap with our raised silicone grips.
  • 5. OUR COMMITMENT- When you order today, you’re protected by a 100% money back guarantee, free no hassle lifetime replacement and world class customer service.

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HellFire BBQ Gloves are Flame & Heat Resistant to 666F – Devilishly Hot! Barbecue Mitts’ Grippy Silicone Fingers & Cotton Lining for Grill, Smoker, Pit, Fireplace & Kitchen Oven – Guaranteed 666 Days

Break Away From BORING Oven Gloves! These COOL Gloves Resist Heat In Style!

Keep your hands safe from heat and flames, and ROCK your BBQ!

Will not catch fire or melt when exposed to open flame.

These premium Barbecue & Kitchen gloves may also save your AFTERLIFE!

* 2 gloves (one pair) in the box
* One size fits most mortals (but not small hands)
* Extra-long cuff protects wrist from grills & oven racks (and hot Tridents!)
* Non-slip silicone grip on both sides
* Thick, but Comfortable & Flexible!
* 100% Cotton lining
* Strong & Durable
* Hanging loop for storage

When your Time comes, and you are shocked, SHOCKED! to see you’ve arrived at the OTHER Gate, you’ll be glad to have HellFire gloves along!

NOTE: They do NOT protect against hot liquids or steam. (It’s a dry heat down where you are going!)

* BBQ Grills & Smokers
* Kitchen Ovens & Racks
* Hot Pots & Pans
* Fireplace Tools & Logs
* Car Repair (hot mufflers etc.)
* Light Bulb Changing
* Camping
* Withstanding Eternal Torment!

Made of Meta-Aramid & Para-Aramid fibers, often used in Firefighting, Aerospace, & Military fields where heat or bullet resistance is needed (Nomex & Kevlar).

46 page BBQ Ebook included!

Great Gift! Save your spouse from Eternal Torment! (. . . depending)

666 day, “Come Hell or High Water”, 100% money-back, hassle-free guarantee. The only one of its kind!

Get your hands in these cool hot gloves!
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Product Features

  • ✔ AMAZING TECHNOLOGY — advanced material really DOES protect against heat and flames.
  • ✔ Set of 2 gloves included (one pair); One size fits most mortals, but not suitable for small hands. Comfortable and flexible to wear.
  • ✔ Extra-long CUFF protects wrist from grills & oven racks (and Hellishly hot Tridents!)
  • ✔ Customers use them for BBQ Grills & Smokers; Kitchen Ovens & Racks; Hot Pots & Pans; Fireplace Tools & Logs, Camping, and more!
  • ✔ BONUS Barbecue eBook included! Trust our 666 day 100% money-back, hassle-free guarantee. The only one of its kind.

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