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Kenley Wood Pellet Smoker – Cold Smoke Generator Box – Add Smoking Flavor to Food, Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and Vegetables – Burns for up to 12 Hours – Fits any Grill & BBQ – Made from Stainless Steel

Make cold smoking easy
For centuries, smoking has been a popular way to preserve food and give it an amazing flavour. Today, the technique is used in all walks of life, from haute cuisine to traditional specialities. Now you can easily do it at home, with this Kenley cold smoke generator. Simply fill with pellets of your chosen wood, place inside a BBQ or smoker and light. In a properly ventilated setting, this pellet smoker produces a consistent smoke for 9 to 12 hours without refilling. Choose your pellets (not included) carefully as each wood adds its own unique flavours to the food smoked. Maple and oak produce great results, while bourbon or wine barrel pellets add their own distinct flavours. The smoker holds up to 1lb of pellets.

Add flavour without cooking foods
Designed to maintain temperatures below 120F, this Kenley smoke generator smokes food without cooking it making it ideal for cheese, butter and vegetables as well as meat, fish and other foods. At just 7.5×6.3×1.5in. and 1.5lb, this smoker will fit in most smoking cabinets and barbecues suitable for smoking. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean using just soap and water. When smoking, ensure that the smoker is well ventilated, not obstructed and has no water or juice dripping on it.

Product Features

  • SMOKE MEAT, CHEESE AND MORE Cold smoking lets you slowly add flavor to meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, nuts, salt and other foods without cooking them. The unique flavors permeate the food and give it a depth and richness.
  • BURNS FOR HOURS WITHOUT REFILLING This Kenley Pellet Smoker can burn for up to 12 hours without refilling. The exact smoke duration and temperature will depend on the wood used.
  • SUITABLE FOR USE WITH BARBECUES Many modern grilling barbecue units have smoking capabilities. This Kenley smoker is suitable for use with appropriate smokers, grills and BBQs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE Made of food-grade stainless steel, this Kenley Smoker weight just 1.5lb. It’s 7.5×6.3×1.5cm making it easy to store when not in use. Simply clean with soap and water before storing to keep the smoker in top condition.
  • COLD SMOKE LIKE A PRO Simply fill the smoke generator with wood pellets, place it inside the barbecue, ensure the smoker is well ventilated – and light. The user manual features several recipes, including tips for successfully making smoked cheese, smoked almonds and smoked salmon.

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