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The Ultimate Guide to Grilling: How to Grill Just about Anything (The Ultimate Guides)

Rick Browne has traveled across America and tasted everything it has to offer. In The Ultimate Guide to Grilling, you will find recipes for plenty of bold barbecue concoctions, including Coca Cola Chicken, Aw Shucks Grilled Corn, BBQ’d Apple Pie, Rodney’s Tequila Porterhouse, and so much more. Browne also goes beyond the call of duty with chapters on side dishes, sauces, marinades, and rubs—he even includes an excellent chapter of delicious vegetarian recipes. The Ultimate Guide to Grilling is indispensable for all barbecue fanatics.

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The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling (Smart Guides)

The essential grilling guide for everyday family dinners and crowd pleasing entertaining, featuring the healthy foods we want for our families and ourselves. Replace unhealthy processed foods with these flavor packed marinades, rubs, brines, recipes and techniques. Based on the latest healthy eating and weight loss research, this fad-free guide will teach you how to select the best ingredients and transform them into the healthiest meals. You’ll learn how to rethink your patio or backyard grill to create weekday meals you can prepare in minutes, and with less cleanup than using your oven or stovetop. Entertaining will be more enjoyable, as elaborate or casual as you want, when you explore this new way of grilling low-fat, highly nutritious meals that are as tasty as they are good for you. The Smart Guide To Healthy Grilling will teach you how to: Make low-fat, heart healthy burgers and steaks that are bursting with juicy flavor Convert fish avoiders into seafood lovers Grill fresh veggies so tasty even your kids will crave them—and fresh fruit too Use your grill for a weight loss diet that’s an enjoyable lifestyle instead of a drag Virtually eliminate possible cancer-causing chemicals in grilled meat, fish and poultry The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling is like no other grilling book. It embraces both the science of healthy eating and the art of creating delicious food. If you’re a busy mom or dad who believes pure and natural food is essential to overall good health, this is the grilling book for you

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