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The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook

Joe Bonanno certainly knows his way around a fire. He’s a working New York City firefighter, personal trainer, and firehouse cook extraordinaire. And now he lights your culinary fires in The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook with 150 simply delicious recipes including beef, lamb, pork, fish and shellfish, chicken and turkey, even fruits and vegetables.

And who better to trust on the subject of grilling than a fireman? The firehouse feasts served up here will satisfy all your burning desires for that smoky barbecue taste. Try the Wine-Smoked Salmon Fillets, the Classic Grilled Steak, and “Burned Fingers” Lamb Rib Chops.

Still hungry? Flashover Pork Tenderloin uses peppercorns to heat up the palate. Chicken Saté with Peanut Sauce, Tandoori Chicken Breasts with a spicy yogurt sauce, and Sichuan Chicken Wings offer exotic twists on poultry dishes. Grilled vegetables and fruits add even more flavor to Swordfish with Grilled Fennel or Turkey Kielbasa with Vidalia Onions and Apples. In The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook, the fire even spreads to desserts with Grilled Pineapple Sundaes with Brandied Honey Sauce.

To make sure you never need the professional services of firefighter Bonanno for any reason other than tasty grilling recipes, The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook also includes a thorough guide to safe grilling using gas, charcoal, and more.

So pile on the coals, throw in the mesquite, and ignite your favorite recipes. Whatever you prepare on the grill from The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook will be a surefire hit at your table.Who better to know about grilling than firefighters? There is the obvious, but foolish association of cooking with fire and firefighters. The truth is simply that firefighting is a dangerous and stressful job, and during downtime at the station, what better or more relaxing way to spend it than cooking and eating? Joseph T. Bonanno has collected the favorite grilling recipes of firefighters around the country and compiled them in The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook. Bonanno is no stranger to firehouse cuisine or healthy food. An 18-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department and a certified sports nutritionist, he proved in his first book, The Healthy Firehouse Cookbook, that he likes to eat healthy and eat well. The Firehouse Grilling Cookbook continues the tradition. Bonanno insists that grilling is the preferred cooking method of firefighters everywhere, and shares more than 150 of their down-to-earth, no-nonsense grilling recipes, including many of his own. They range from the classic Slow-Cooked Ribs to the more exotic, including Grilled Cajun Tuna Steaks and other selections for grilled poultry and seafood. There is also a thorough guide to rubs and sauces, along with excellent sections on side dishes and appetizers. Bonanno’s concerns with healthy cooking are echoed throughout the book with sensible low-fat recipes that sacrifice nothing to flavor. And, to make sure you never need Bonanno’s professional services, a comprehensive guide to grilling safety for both gas and charcoal grills is included, as well as an extensive guide to equipment. The book is an outstanding guide for tasteful, exciting, and safe grilling. –Mark O. Howerton

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