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Firewood Log Carrier Tote Bag with Exclusive Grillinator (Earth)

How the Legendary Grillinator “Ultimate Firewood Carrier” Was Born… Having grown up in a house with 2 fireplaces, a wood stove, 18 acres of free firewood and a dad who liked to save on heating bills… I learned more about firewood than I care to remember SELF STANDING DESIGN – Born of Massive Frustration What I hated most about making a firewood run was loading the wood. Most tote bags are so flimsy they need to be manually held open while loading each individual log. PADDED HANDLES – Born of Finger Pain I always loaded as many logs into the firewood carrier as I possibly could so by the end of my trip, the cheap thin handles felt like they were razor blades cutting into my fingers. FULLY ENCLOSED CONSTRUCTION – Born of a Hatred for Vacuuming Firewood is messy. Chips, bark, scraps and dirt accumulate quickly and therefore I was called to duty every few days to first sweep up the large debris then vacuum up the rest. ULTRA PREMIUM MATERIALS – We Despise Cheap Disposable Products Grillinator tote bags utilize an ultra premium oxford polyester canvas with PVC fused backing for waterproofing & strength then hold it all together with hi-denier thread double stitched on weight bearing seams. PERFECTLY OVERSIZED FOR ANY CARGO – It’s the “anything” tote bag We’ve received emails from customers using our tote bag to carry everything from beach gear, groceries, toys, kids, diapers, books and clothes to dirt, sod and bricks. THE GRILLINATOR GUARANTEE – The “Ultimate” anything needs a guarantee to match If at any time you are not completely happy with your purchase just let us know and we’ll make it right or refund your money no questions asked.

Product Features

  • BACK & FINGER SAVING DESIGN – Finally A Self Standing Log Carrier With Padded Handles! Save Pain, Time & Frustration On Your Firewood Runs!
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – Our Log Tote Uses PVC Fused Canvas & Double Stitched Hi-Denier Thread For Years of Durability Without Holes or Tears.
  • SUPER CLEAN – No More Vaccuming! Our Fully Enclosed Design Keeps Firewood, Bark, Dirt, Scraps, Water and Snow in the Bag and Off Your Floor.
  • DESIGNED FOR CARGO OF ALL SEASONS – Our Perfectly Oversized 26″ x 12″ x 10″ Tote is Perfect for Firewood Logs, Toys, Groceries, Beach Gear, Kids and More…
  • GRILLINATOR LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If You’re Not Completely Satisfied With Our Firewood Log Carrier Tote Bag, We’ll Replace Or Refund No Questions Asked

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BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes.: Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces and lots of other tasty thing – all in one!

BBQ master! 50 exclusive barbecue recipes. Meat, vegetables, marinades, sauces, and lots of other tasty things – all in one! There is an old saying: “Eating is a necessity but cooking is an ART.” These words describe the sense of the book. Exclusive recipes, tasty ideas, and unusual combinations will turn your ordinary meal into something special. It is the easiest way to amaze your family and friends with juicy meat, fragrant marinades, and spicy sauces. This book provides detailed techniques of cooking your best BBQ ever. So why do you need this book? – If you are tired of boring meat recipes, – If your BBQ parties fall into disfavor, – If you have never made barbecue and want to make it perfect, – If you want to get the BBQ Pro Rank. And what will you get? – Super-easy methods of cooking your favorite meat: beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, and even seafood, – The best recipes of grilled vegetables and cheese, – Melt in your mouth barbecue ribs recipes, – Perfect sauces for your BBQ, – Recipes of authentic spicy and delicate marinades for your BBQ menu. Don’t forget to make BBQ – it is a good way to have fun with your friends! Preparing your meat or vegetables and using delicious mouth-watering recipes – you’ll get 100% success! Delicious results are waiting for you! Scroll up and buy your perfect BBQ book!

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Amazon Exclusive BBQ Grill Brush By Ladder 8 Steel – 18″ Industrial Steel Barbecue Grill Cleaner For Weber, Char-Broil, Porcelain, Infrared, Big Green Egg & More, Used By Professional Firefighters

Throw Your Old Nasty Grill Brushes Away! Ladder 8 Steel Is Here To Save Your Grill.

Down at Station 1 we don’t get a new grill too often, so we need to ensure it stays clean and in good shape (we’re rough on stuff!) The Ladder 8 Steel is our go to grill cleaning tool, and here’s why:

Why Ladder 8 Steel?

Because as firefighters we demand quality, we can’t have any less, and it’s what we’re used to. We also need our grill to last awhile, so HERE’S WHAT WE LOVE:

The Industrial Steel Bristles:

They’re designed to be used on all grills safely and without damage to all types of grill grates. The stainless steel industrial grade bristles clean each individual grate slat from the underside, all the way around to the top. The unique 3 row bristles easily get the tough spots a standard grill brush will miss; that’s a win in our station!

The Angled, Braided Steel Head:

This tough, and unique 3-in-1 support system allows the 3 brushes to clean the toughest spots like a hot knife through butter, no bending at all, even with time.

The 18″ XL Reinforced Handle:

This tough handle is here to stay, no bending, no weakening, you’ll love the feel in your hands, ’nuff said.

So when that Ladder 8 Steel Grill Brush arrives on your doorstep in that oh-so-familiar brown Amazon box, rip it open with pride, becauase Ladder Co. 8 stands behind all our products!

Remember we’re here for you, just like firefighters always have been! So what are you waiting for? Get that grill cleaned up the safe way, with Ladder 8 Steel!

Product Features

  • FIREFIGHTER TESTED & APPROVED 18″ XL reinforced handle makes reaching hot spots a breeze; used by Ladder Co. 8 every shift on the BBQ!
  • TOUGH BRAIDED STEEL strongly supports bristle sections and is angled perfectly for optimal cleaning position.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE STEEL BRISTLES reach the top, sides, and bottom of grill grate for easy, thorough cleaning.
  • SAFE ON ALL GRATE TYPES: Porcelain, Iron, Metal and all other grate types are effortlessly cleaned with the Ladder 8 Steel
  • WE TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY! Good Ol’ Firefighter customer service is always guaranteed, we love chatting and ensure that if you don’t like it, you get your money back or an exchange, instantly! So what are you waiting for?

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