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BBQ Fanatik BBQ Tool Set – 28 Piece w/ Meat Claws Shredder, Digital Food Thermometer, Grill Mat & Glove for a Complete Accessories Bundle

BBQ Fanatik – Ultimate Barbecue Bundle

With BBQ Fanatik’s 28-piece BBQ Tool Set you have everything you need to create the perfect backyard barbecue event

• Be the envy of your next party with BBQ Fanatik’s complete BBQ accessory bundle. These professional-grade grilling tools make prep and cooking of sizzling steaks, kabobs and veggies easy and fun.
• Your professional quality BBQ Set starts with a full array of stainless steel tools, including: 17-inch basting brush, 17-inch spatula, 16-inch grilling fork, 16-inch cleaning brush, 15-inch tongs, 15-inch cutting knife, 4 17-inch skewers, 6 steak knives, 6 forks and 2 salt-n-pepper shakers, all in a rugged aluminum carry case.
• Next, you have everything needed to protect and serve – starting with BBQ Fanatik’s silicone hot mitt featuring a cotton lining inside and high-quality, food-grade silicone outside. This glove is able to withstand temperatures from -40 all the way up to +445 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can go from freezer to grill worry free.
• On the grill, enjoy greaseless cooking with your BBQ Fanatik reusable grill mat. Made from tough FDA certified fiberglass, this mat resists heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while leaving grill marks and keeping your meat’s flavor intact.
• Safely check the temperature of your meat in only 10 seconds with your digital food thermometer featuring a long sensor probe. The wide temperature range (-58 to +572 f) gives you added peace of mind by knowing precisely when your meat is thawed or cooked.
• When your meat is properly cooked, pull out your meat claws and shred meat like a grizzly – without the hand strain. Manufactured in BPA-free polycarbonate, your meat claws resist heat to +248 F and make both carving and shredding a joy.

Product Features

  • STAINLESS STEEL BBQ TOOLS: The food-grade, stainless steel tool set includes, basting brush, spatula, grilling fork, cleaning brush, tongs, cutting knife, 4 skewers, 6 knives, 6 forks and 2 salt-n-pepper shakers – all in a travel case that packs everything away to arrive to your next BBQ in style
  • DIGITAL FOOD THERMOMETER: With a long sensor probe & quick temp display you will get results at a safe distance in less than 10 seconds – so no guesswork & no leaving food uncovered any longer than needed; PLUS the 58˚ to +572˚ Fahrenheit temperature range tells you when meat is thawed or completely cooked for added peace of mind
  • FIBERGLASS CLOTH GRILL MAT: This 500°F rated non-stick mat leaves perfect grill marks and yet keeps your meat’s flavor intact – allowing you to grill 100% free of butter, oil, grease, fat, or flouring for healthier low-calorie food and hassle-free cooking
  • 6-POINT MEAT CLAWS: Crafted from BPA-free polycarbonate, these claws resist heat up to +248 degrees so you can shred meat without burning your hands, and you can lift hot food for effortless transfers from pan to platter, PLUS enjoy care-free carving without that clumsy carving fork
  • SILICONE COOKING GLOVE: With food-grade silicone, a textured surface and cotton lining this glove resists temperatures from -40 to +445 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping you safe and comfy all the way from freezer to grill

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Meat Claws Shredder Paw Tool – Supertempo 2 Pcs / Set Durable Wolverine Claw BBQ Grill Tools Bear Paws For Carving, Handling, Lifting, Cut Pork Beef Chicken and Other Meats

The Hottest New Kitchen Tool No Family Should Be Without

Use these claws for shredding pork, handing poultry, or removing virtually any meat from the grill. When shredding, use one claw to hold the meat and the other to shred. Great for handling anything hot in the kitchen where you’d rather not use your hands.

1.Made with durable nylon plastic which withstands high heat (resistant to 266F/130C).
2.Hand wash recommended
3.1 year warranty

Product Features

  • Meat Fork: This set of 2 meat claws can be used for your barbecue meals.
  • You can pick up and carry hot food in the kitchen without dropping them or burning your hands thanks to these meat forks
  • Use to safely carve large foods
  • Heat resistant, these BPA-free pulled pork shredder claws will never slip
  • The six prongs on each of the barbecue forks are extremely sharp to guarantee you a proper meat shredding.

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GDEALER Silicone Gloves – Meat Claws – Heat Resistant Grilling Oven Gloves Mitts Set BBQ Cooking Gloves with Meat Shredder and Silicone Basting Brush for Cooking, Grilling, Baking, Barbecue

Note: Please don’t leave them in hot water for a long time.

*Extremely Heat Resistant:
Silicone Gloves Heat Resistant Temperatures Up To 425°F, No-Slip Five Finger Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items and Boiling Water With a Strong Grip.
The Silicone gloves is waterproof, perfect for dealing with wet or oily item, your hands will never be dirty.
*One Size Fits Most:
With the optimal demension, it fits well for most of hands, you will never feel clumsy.
*Powerful Grip-Pulling:
Lifting or pulling the big pieces of meat as well as large roasts right from the Grill or Smoker has never been easier.
*Practical Design Save Time:
The meat claws’s 6 sharp prongs is fast and pretty much consistent shredding in no time, which is three times useful than a standard folk.
*Handle and Control:
These Meat Claws can place the hot meat when cutting pulling, shredding, or carving without any mess.
*Beautiful and Easy Cleaning:
Basting brush with silicone head and crystal plastic handle – Convenient, efficient, lasting, no bristles left behind on food!
*BPA free & FDA approved:
Earth friendly materials – Be safe and sound to enjoy foods.
*Dishwasher Safe:
Easy to wash, and odor free.

Package Includes:
2*Silicone Glove
2*Meat Claw
1*Silicone Brush

Product Features

  • SUPERIOR VALUE SET – Come with two silicone gloves, two bear claws meat shredders, one silicone basting brush.
  • SILICONE GLOVES – 425°F max operating temp, non-slip surface, water proof, stain and odor resistant, food grade for handling hot or frozen foods directly. Washes easily and dishwasher safe.
  • MEAT SHREDDER – Perfect for pulling and lifting large CHUNKS of meat and huge roasts directly from the smoker/grill/BBQ. Non-toxic FDA-standard and BPA-free food grade. Washes easily and dishwasher safe.
  • BASTING BRUSH – Convenient, efficient, lasting, no bristles left behind on food! Use with gloves to sauce up food on the grill.
  • UNIVERSAL FITTED: The gloves sized at 10.6 inches in length and 6 inches in width, which fits most women’s hands. If you feel them unfitted for your hands, just return to us for full refund.

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BBQ Grill Oven/Cooking Gloves-Meat Claws Set – Targher 5 in 1 BBQ Set with Silicone Gloves,Bear Claws, Meat Thermometer, Silicone Basting Brush, Non-stick BBQ Baking Mat – For Indoor & Outdoor Cooking

Heat Resistant Silicone gloves
*It is a 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free Silicone coated cooking utensil set.
*You can use gloves to bake, grill, cook, change light bulbs or stoke the
fire without the risk of dirty oven mitts.
*The gloves fit most hand sizes. Size: 10.5×5.8×0.4 inches

BBQ Meat Claws:
•You can use this tool to catch chunks of meat and roast turned back and forth
to avoid hurting hands. It’s great for shredding meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey)
or mixing and tossing salads and melons quickly.
• It is fun to use and easy to washed by hand.

Meat Thermometer:
【SUPER FAST】It has a unique fast reading system that can achieve
an accurate temperature reading.
【EASY TO USE】With foldable probe design, it easily folds away and
locks into base for portability and storage.

Free gifts: BBQ Grilling Mat & Silicone Basting Bush
•-BBQ Grilling Mat can be placed on top of any grilling space (charcoal,
gas, or electric) and keep your food from falling between the grates
or sticking to the grill. It is 100% non-stick and safe for dishwasher. It is easy
to clean and you can use it over and over again.
•-Silicone Basting Bush is FDA approved, BPA-free, it is made from high
quality green crystal (PP material) for safe cooking, can make your
BBQ sauce or butter glaze go onto your food more evenly.
•- Dimensions: Grill Mat-15.7×7.8 inches. Brush- 2.7×1.3×0.2 inches

Package Included:
1x Meat Thermometer
2 x Heat Resistant Silicone Glove
2 x BBQ Meat Shredder Claw
1 x BBQ Grilling Mat
1x Silicone Basting Bush

Every Product includes a 60 days money back & 12 month, worry-free Guarantee!

Product Features

  • ✅ SUPERIOR VALUE SET – This parcel includes: 2 silicone gloves, 2 meat shredders claws, 1 meat thermometer, 1 BBQ grill mat and 1 silicone basting brush for free gifts. This supper value grill collection is a perfect complement to any grilling and kitchenware. We are fully confident that you will have a wonderful experience after you have a BBQ or cooking by using them.
  • ✅ HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE GLOVES – Targher silicone gloves protect your hands against grilling, baking when you are cooking or having a BBQ. The gloves can withstand high temperature up to 230 Degrees.Non-slip surface, water proof, stain resistant.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY PULLED PORK SHREDDER CLAWS – This set of 2 ultra-sharp meat claws easy to grasp and shred pork, chicken, beef turkey and more. You can pick up hot food with comfortable handles and never worry about the tips melting or bending. They could be easily cleaned by hand after using.
  • ✅ ACCURATE MEAT THERMOMETER – The meat thermometer Made of high quality 304 stainless steel and stored in the plastic tube, with LCD display shows accurate temperature results in about 10 seconds. The Temperature measurement range of -50ºC (-58°F) to 300°C (572º F).
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY& SAFETY – These grill accessories are good quality and non-toxic. The silicone gloves set is approved by FDA and BPA free food grade. The mat and meat shredder is non-stick with dishwasher. When you are using any kind of this items, it will protect you from burning of high temperature and make you feel safety. These items are perfect for cooking, grilling, camping.

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Pulled Pork Shredder Claws – Strongest BBQ Meat Forks – Shredding Handling & Carving Food – Heat Resistant Solid Bear Meat Shredders Claws(Set of 2)

The FavClaws Meat Claws – The Most Versatile Cooking Tool on the Market!

These meat claws are made from high quality and long lasting materials, such as heavy-duty nylon plastic which is heat resistant. This is the best tool to use to shred your meat, or lift it off your grill or out of your oven. 

The FavClaws Meat Claws are Heat Resistant to 450°F / 230°C. They are also easy to wash and easy to use for everyone! 


  • Meat shredding: pulled pork, chicken, beef 
  • Putting meat on and off the grill 
  • Sharp and high plastic quality material
  • Flip your pork, turkey, beef in the oven
  • Holding a large piece of meat while shredding or cutting 
  • Shred and pull pork butt with ease to have premium cut pulled pork sandwiches! 
  • Scoop charcoal out of or into the grill 
  • Keep your hands protected and from getting burned 
  • Good for holding down a whole chicken, deep fried turkey, or just about an hot piece of meat
  • Great for tossing salad

Product Features

  • Solid material, meat doesn’t become stuck, and there’s no tedious cleaning routine. more convenient cleaning, can also be put into the dishwasher in the cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 4.33″x 4.5″x 1″ inch / Claws: Length – 1.57″,You’re also not limited by the size of meat or poultry you shred. From small chicken breasts to whole hogs, FavClaws meat claws does it all.
  • The six prongs on each of the barbecue forks are extremely sharp in order to guarantee proper pork shredding.
  • Best meat fork: These set of 2 meat claws are the ultimate cooking and grilling BBQ smoker accessories for pulled pork or any of your barbecue needs
  • Made from BPA-free superior quality polymer, Grill Beast’s meat claws withstand heat up to 450ºF. This heat-resistant quality ensures the meat shredder teeth won’t break, curl, or melt. So your complete satisfaction is assured.

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Grill Accessories Set By BBQ Pro Club – Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer, Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves, Meat Claws – Oven Safe Mitts & Barbecue Tools For The Kitchen, Campfire & Backyard Grilling

If You Have Been Looking For A Complete BBQ Accessories Set, You Have Come To The Right Place! BBQ Pro Club Presents You With A Top Notch Set That Includes A Digital Thermometer, A Pair Of Grilling Gloves And A Pair Of Meat Claws!

Every barbecue enthusiast knows that it takes correct preparation and excellent execution to serve a mouth-watering, delicious dinner.

Using high quality grilling tools is of paramount importance! BBQ Pro Club presents you with an amazing set that includes an instant read thermometer, heat resistant gloves and meat shredders!

Make it yours now and leave your guests speechless, impressing them with your cooking skills.

Prepare And Serve Nicely Cooked Food Effortlessly

This top notch BBQ accessories set includes everything you need to organize the perfect barbecue gathering.

The instant read digital thermometer will help you check upon the food’s temperature and perfectly cook, grill or bake your meals.

Pick Celsius or Fahrenheit and look at the LCD screen to check the accurate reading.

The heat resistant BBQ gloves will protect your hands from burns! Now, you can grill or take the pans out of the oven without hurting yourself.

Last but not least, thanks to the meat claws you can shred poultry, turkey, ham, pork, roasts and brisket in no time. Also, picking up and carrying hot food will be a piece of cake for you.

Make An Amazing Gift

Apart from making this BBQ tools set yours, you can also offer it as a gift on any occasion including birthdays, name days, anniversaries, weddings and more.

From now on, people will remember you for your unforgettable barbecue nights and the extremely useful presents you make!

Place An Order Now!

Product Features

  • A MUST HAVE BBQ SET THAT INCLUDES ALL YOU NEED: This amazing grilling accessories set is bound to meet all your demands and serve all your needs! Including a digital instant read thermometer, a pair of barbecue gloves and a pair of meat claws, this set is all you need to make of every BBQ gathering and impress with your cooking skills.
  • SERVE DELICIOUS, WELL MADE MEAT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: The top notch, instant read digital thermometer will allow you to check upon the food’s temperature with precision. This means that you will serve perfectly cooked food and you will satisfy even the most demanding guest. Pick Celsius or Fahrenheit, look at the LCD screen and keep everything under control at a glance. In case you forget to switch your BBQ thermometer off, it will automatically go off within 1o minutes.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM BURNS AND CUTS: Enough with the burns and the cuts! It is high time you kept your hands perfectly protected as you cook. The high quality barbecue gloves have been carefully designed to provide you with maximum safety. The flexible, heat resistant material can assure the perfect fit and excellent protection for as long you prepare food, cook, grill or bake.
  • SHRED MEAT IN NO TIME: This incomparably useful barbecue accessories set includes a pair of meat claws too. The high quality, pulled pork shredder claws will help you shred chicken, beef, turkey, ham and poultry in no time. You can also use them to pick and carry hot food effortlessly and safely.
  • ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY AND UNMATCHED COMFORT: All the BBQ tools that are included in this grilling accessories set feature an ergonomic design and a heavy duty construction. Get ready to enjoy finest quality at a low price! You may also offer this BBQ set as a gift on any occasion and make someone happy!

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Ziv’sWorkout Barbecue Gloves & Pulled Pork Claws Set | BBQ, Grilling, Cooking, Fireplace, Oven Mitts.Bonus meat claws included.

Reliable And Dependable – No More Burnt Arms, Hands Or Fingertips

Your favourite pastime that may turn into disaster. That kind that hurts like hell. Whoever HAS experienced even a minor burn, knows the amount of pain that comes with it. Why rely on potholders or trivets when you can offer yourself maximum safety and protection?

This pair of grilling gloves is made of tightly woven aramid fiber that can actually slow the rise of temperature when you hold a hot item. They are also EN407 certified which means that you can withstand 932˚F for up to 15 seconds.

The Comfortable Interior

Their unique structure allows air circulation on the interior, your hands are able to breathe without sweating in the summer or when you are in front of a fully operational BBQ griller.

Each glove has a small hook that facilitates storage, which you can use to hang them and save some drawer space.

BONUS Bear Claws

With every purchase of our cooking gloves, you also get an ever-useful pair of bear claws to make handling your meat a breeze.

Never Drop A Thing

Stretchy and elastic, equipped with silicone grips on both sides of the gloves, allowing you to have a full range of motion and movements. You can hold and handle most items without fear of dropping them and creating chaos or injury.

Not only insulating palms fingers and fingertips

Longer than common oven mitts, they are designed to offer protection to your forearm as well. The fullest extreme heat protection in this functional pair of BBQ gloves.

What Are You Waiting For – Click Add To Cart And…Ladies And Gentlemen Fire Up Your Grillers

Product Features

  • FLEXIBLE – NOTHING TO SLIP OFF YOUR HAND: This superior quality pair of BBQ gloves with a 5-finger flexi-grip construction, offers a wide range of movement. Their snug-fit allows you to do and firmly hold anything.
  • MAXIMUM HEAT RESISTANCE AND PROTECTION: EN407 certified, these oven and grilling mitts can withstand temperatures up to 932˚F making them suitable not only for cooking, but for other uses as well, where high temperatures are involved.
  • MATERIALS OF THE FINEST QUALITY & BONUS GIFT: Our pair of grilling gloves uses aramid fiber on the exterior, which is a material that can be more tightly woven than others, and along with the breathable cotton lining on the interior, you will feel nice and cozy inside no matter what the temperature of the item you are holding. Plus, with every purchase of our gloves, you also get a BONUS pair of bear claws for ultimate control over you meat!
  • PERFECT FOR HANDLING SMOKING HOT SITUATIONS: The irresistible chef’s choice. Ideal for BBQ, smoking, grilling, baking, and many other uses around the kitchen, oven or fireplace. A heavy duty pair of extreme heat resistant mitts for indoor or outdoor use. Additionally, with every pair, you will receive a pair of meat claws for shredding, handling and carving meat, absolutely free of charge. The fullest cooking experience!
  • ABSOLUTE CONVENIENCE: As they both fit either your left or right hand, without the need of taking a moment to think which goes where. A most useful feature, especially when dealing with cooking and heat and time is of the essence.

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Arres Original Pulled Pork Claws & Meat Shredder – BBQ Grill Tools and Smoking Accessories for Carving, Handling, Lifting

COOK THE FOOD THAT YOU LOVE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL CHEF Pulled pork, smoked pork butt or brisket are one of your favorite dishes? As delicious they are, there’s also nothing as annoying as having to shred those perfect pieces of meat with two kitchen forks. Arres Bear Paws will save you of this frustrating process. Just equip them and start shredding. PREMIUM MATERIALS These meat claws are a true innovation that the grilling world has been waiting for. Arres brings you the highest quality Bear Claws available on the market today. These premium durable BPA free solid heavy duty plastic shredding claws can be used to shred, pull, handle or lift your large cut of meat in minutes! Pork, chicken, turkey, beef, ham, barbecue, you name it. EASY TO USE AND MULTIPURPOSE Just hold your meat with one shredding claw and use the other to shred away! Not only are these bear claws a meat shredding machine, they also work great for other kitchen tasks. You can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands. They’re also great for tossing a salad or holding food for slicing or carving. Never worry about cutting your fingers again! 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We are convinced that you’ll love them. However, if you are not absolutely thrilled with your order, we’ll gladly offer a full refund or replace your meat claws. No hassle, no questions asked. It’s that simple!

Product Features

  • THE REAL DEAL: Accept no substitutes and choose the best meat claws on the market. Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free plastic material that withstands high heat (heat resistant to 450F/250C), Arres bear paws have SOLID BACK with no crevices for food to get stuck in like other cheap knock-off models do.
  • COOK LIKE A MASTER-CHEF: These bear claws are just what you need when cooking pulled pork, brisket, pork shoulder and butt, chicken, whole turkey, shredded beef, ham and a lot more. Impress your husband, wife and children with DELICIOUS FOOD they love.
  • SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS WITH GREAT GIFTS: For constantly barbeque lovers, the grill-a-holics in your life and for people that love to harness their inner Wolverine, these high quality meat claws will be the favorite BBQ accessory for years
  • EASY & FUN TO USE: shredding, carving, handling, lifting and pulling apart meat has never been easier. These cooking claws are designed for easy handling and shredding of larger pieces of meat, roasts, turkey, chicken and pork. Just hold your meat with one claw and use the other to shred away. Choose a PROFESSIONAL ACCESSORY.
  • RISK-FREE LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your experience with the products is our guideline. If any concerns, send us an e-mail and we will get to you in 24 HOURS. We couldn’t sell these without backing them up with our personal assurance of Customer Satisfaction and Enjoyment! If you will not be absolutely thrilled, send them back for a NEW set or full refund! No questions asked! That’s why your order is backed up by OUR PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Pulled Pork Claws, Bbq Gloves & Barbecue Mat Set

Master Grill Ultimate 6 Pack is versatile and rugged cooking accessories, provides safety whilst cooking, baking and grilling. Have you been a little careless and been burnt whilst cooking, I have. Been out on a day trip and decided to cook on a public/park plate/grill and thought, this is not clean? You should enjoy healthy, cooking or grilling without hassle or getting hurt. Are you looking for utensils to get the hot pan out of the oven, how to turn the meat during grilling and carving without burning your hands? MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Silicone Gloves Heat Resistant Temperatures (to 446 °F), No-Slip Five Finger Design for handling hot and frozen items, even replacing a lightbulb (your hand is safe from heat & glass). Gloves are super comfortable and waterproof, perfect for dealing with wet or oily item, especially if you do not want to touch a meat product when placing in a pan or on a plate. Your hands will never be dirty or burnt.• Silicone Gloves for the kitchen, grill, oven and plate.•Bear Claws from tossing a salad to handling food.•BBQ Mat for healthy cooking.

Product Features

  • Master Grill ULTIMATE 6 Pack – Pair of Silicone Gloves (One size fits all), Bear Claw Meat Shredders and non-stick Grill Mat, reusable, effortless to clean and perfect for healthy cooking
  • HIGH QUALITY/MULTIPURPOSE – the perfect solution for the kitchen, oven, pan or barbeque. No need for oil or fats again; food is tastier and much healthier whilst being safe from handling to cutting
  • A GREAT COOKING GIFT for any Chef, BBQ Master, PIT Boss, or even the self proclaimed ‘King of the Barbecue’- there is no risk attached with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with a Manufacturer’s warranty. If you are not happy with your Ultimate 6 Pack for ANY reason, let us know and you will get a refund.
  • Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves (rated to 446°F) replaces the oven mitts in handling, where the bear claws not only shred pork, chicken, or beef with ease, but can lift the beautiful pieces off the Grill Mat (rated to 500°F)
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE MATERIALS: each of our premium products are all FDA tested under modern manufacturing, extra tough for outdoors, ultimate for any Kitchen, Grill, Brinkmann, Big Green Egg, GMG, Primo and Smoker

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Sturdy BBQ Bear Claws For Pulled Pork, BBQ Meat Shredder Claws, Grill Smoker Bear Paw, Meat Claws, Smoked Barbecue Grilling Accessories By OpaceLuuk (Black)

Advantages of BBQ Meat Claws

Lightning Fast Meat Shredding

The Ankway BBQ Meat Claws with 6 powerful prongs on each claw for a rapid and condsistent shredding motions in just a few seconds–much more effective than standard meat forks.

After you shred an entire chunk of pork in 3 minutes you’ll never go back to 2 forks and bruised fingers again!

Comfortable Handles

Perfect For Picking Up Large Hot Food in the Kitchen Or Grilling

Bear claw shaped so you can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands.

Multi-Use & Durable

BBQ Bear Claws Meat Shredder offer the kind of versatility you won’t find in electric varieties.

Turn, lift, and carry hot meat dominate chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts and anything from your slow cooker, grill or smoker without dropping them, stabilize your foods for carving, or toss salads for a side dish.

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide most resonable price and take full responsibility for the quality of our products

If you for any reason are not happy with our OpaceLuuk products, please do not hesitate to contact us and will do our best to solve all problems you meet asap!

Product Features

  • The Ultimate BBQ Bear Claws for Pulled Pork,shredding pork,handling poultry,hicken,brisket,turkey,poultry,hams,roasts and removing virtually any meat from your BBQ grills.When Shredding,use one bear claw to hold the meat and the other to shred.
  • With Bear claw shaped 6 powerful prongs,the Meat Shredder can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them, stabilize your foods for carving, or toss salads for a side dish.
  • Durable BPA-free Material: Made from high quality durable nylon plastic BPA-free material, reinforced for tensile, flexural strength, stiffness, superior abrasion, and wear resistance,stands high heat.
  • Great Time Saver: You can shred an 8 pound shoulder roast in under a minute! Turn off the pot and lift the pork roast in the crock pot with this bear claws meat shredder after it had cooled just a little, and moved it to a large pan for shredding.
  • Most reasonable price & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We take full responsibility for the quality of our products and do our best to solve all problems

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