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Kenley Wood Pellet Smoker – Cold Smoke Generator Box – Add Smoking Flavor to Food, Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and Vegetables – Burns for up to 12 Hours – Fits any Grill & BBQ – Made from Stainless Steel

Make cold smoking easy
For centuries, smoking has been a popular way to preserve food and give it an amazing flavour. Today, the technique is used in all walks of life, from haute cuisine to traditional specialities. Now you can easily do it at home, with this Kenley cold smoke generator. Simply fill with pellets of your chosen wood, place inside a BBQ or smoker and light. In a properly ventilated setting, this pellet smoker produces a consistent smoke for 9 to 12 hours without refilling. Choose your pellets (not included) carefully as each wood adds its own unique flavours to the food smoked. Maple and oak produce great results, while bourbon or wine barrel pellets add their own distinct flavours. The smoker holds up to 1lb of pellets.

Add flavour without cooking foods
Designed to maintain temperatures below 120F, this Kenley smoke generator smokes food without cooking it making it ideal for cheese, butter and vegetables as well as meat, fish and other foods. At just 7.5×6.3×1.5in. and 1.5lb, this smoker will fit in most smoking cabinets and barbecues suitable for smoking. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean using just soap and water. When smoking, ensure that the smoker is well ventilated, not obstructed and has no water or juice dripping on it.

Product Features

  • SMOKE MEAT, CHEESE AND MORE Cold smoking lets you slowly add flavor to meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, nuts, salt and other foods without cooking them. The unique flavors permeate the food and give it a depth and richness.
  • BURNS FOR HOURS WITHOUT REFILLING This Kenley Pellet Smoker can burn for up to 12 hours without refilling. The exact smoke duration and temperature will depend on the wood used.
  • SUITABLE FOR USE WITH BARBECUES Many modern grilling barbecue units have smoking capabilities. This Kenley smoker is suitable for use with appropriate smokers, grills and BBQs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE Made of food-grade stainless steel, this Kenley Smoker weight just 1.5lb. It’s 7.5×6.3×1.5cm making it easy to store when not in use. Simply clean with soap and water before storing to keep the smoker in top condition.
  • COLD SMOKE LIKE A PRO Simply fill the smoke generator with wood pellets, place it inside the barbecue, ensure the smoker is well ventilated – and light. The user manual features several recipes, including tips for successfully making smoked cheese, smoked almonds and smoked salmon.

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BBQ Smoker Tube 12″ Stainless Steel for Hot or Cold Smoking of Meats, Cheese, Nuts

Enjoy this heirloom quality product! Use of this BBQ Smoker Tube will change the way you do backyard grilling! We recommend a ceremonial unveiling of your smoker tube from the delightful box sheath, allowing neighbors and friends to oooohh and aaaahhh as they begin to salivate over the tasty morsels to come. Perhaps it would be appropriate to begin your smoking celebration by leaving your grill in an off position and cold-smoking savory nuts and cheeses as appetizers for your guests. Imagine home-smoked Gouda, hickory smoked cheddar, apple wood smoked almonds. Serve with your favorite fruits and wine. Your neighbors will be so impressed, and you have yet to even turn on the grill. Our smoker tube will create a magnificent smoke for up to 4 hours, so as your guests are enjoying the appetizer, fire up that grill and WOW them with tantalizing mesquite ribs, hickory salmon, or cherry wood steaks. If your friends place a crown upon your head and hoist you upon their shoulder, rest assured, you made a terrific buying decision.

Product Features

  • DURABLE: Made from food-grade stainless steel this product is made to last.
  • SIMPLE USE: Just fill with your favorite wood chips or pellets, light the material, blow out the flame after 1 minute, enjoy up to 4 hours of smokey flavoring
  • EASY CLEANING: Remove any residue and wash in your dishwasher
  • VERSATILE: Use to enhance any type of BBQ experience: gas, charcoal, or pellet grill. Use HOT for things like steak, fish, chicken, wild game. Use COLD for smoking cheese, nuts, jerky
  • BE THE ENVY OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL as you add savory smoke flavoring to your favorite BBQ foods.

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Pellet Smoke Tube Pro 12 inch by Smoker Buddies – Add smoke flavor to any gas, electric, charcoal, or pellet grills – Cold smoke cheese and meats

Product Features

  • Turn your ordinary grill into a smoker and add delicious smoke flavor to any grill type.
  • Cold or hot smoke your favorite meats or cheeses
  • Made with premium quality stainless steel – easy clean up and portable
  • Fully loaded, the Smoker Buddies pellet smoker tube pro 12 inch last up to 4 hours of continuous smoke

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BBQ Pellet Smoker Tube 12 Inch – Delivers Additional Wood Smoke Flavor To Any Electric, Gas Charcoal or Pellet Grill – Perfect For Both Hot or Cold Smoking Meat, Cheese, Nuts and More!

Open up for a wide range of flavor sensations for meat, veggies and even baked goods.

If you own a pellet smoker and just aren’t pulling the flavors you want, if you’re thinking about cold smoking, if you just love to punch up that smoky flavor or want to blend woods, this product will be the best investment you made all year!

Carpathen Z-Smoker will slow burn wood pellets for up to 4-5 hours, producing a consistent smoke in almost any space.

You now have the ability to mix herbs, teas, coffee, spices, and more in with wood pellets, put them in the tube smoker, and let them smoke and add flavor to anything you want

Specially-Designed and Fine Crafted with all the right High-Quality features and benefits BUILT-IN

✓ easy to fill, easy to light, and easy to use – no batteries, no wires, just a small fire and a bunch of perfectly sweet wispy smoke
✓ relax and enjoy cold smoking – you do NOT need a bunch of specialty equipment, contraptions with cardboard boxes, coolers or clay pots
✓ fill it with your favorite wood pellets: oak, apple, cherry, pecan, alder, hickory, mesquite and forget about it till is burned out
✓ durable stainless steel construction that won’t rust
✓ spare more time for you and your family instead of cleaning big and messy smokers
✓ conveniently deposit due to its small size
✓ save money with this affordable bbq smoker – no more expensive investments for that amazing smoke flavor

100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

We are convinced that you’ll love it. However if you are not absolutely thrilled with your order, we’ll gladly offer a full refund or replace your tube smoker. No hassle, no questions asked. It’s that simple!

Click Add to Cart now and seize this amazing opportunity to get Z-Smoker at this special price. This is a Very Limited Offer! FREE cool e-book, too!

Welcome to our Launch Party!

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY WOOD SMOKE FLAVOR WITHOUT A SMOKER – Carpathen Z-Smoker allows you to burn wood pellets for real wood flavor to your food without necessarily needing a smoker. The smoke tube will deliver full loads of perfectly sweet wispy smoke.
  • EASY TO OPERATE AND PORTABLE – Simply fill the tube with food grade wood pellets and light. You will get 4-5 hours of thin blue smoke that will infuse your desired flavor into Pork, Ribs, Cured Meat, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Chicken, Cheese, Lamb, Fish, Nuts, Salt, you name it! And thanks to it’s reduced sizes you can take and use it anywhere other smokers can’t.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN – this Premium Stainless Steel smoker will be a great addition to anyone’s barbecue kit. You will also get a FREE Smoking Guide E-Book with Amazing Cooking Recipes. Who knew you could get so excited about smoking accessories, right?
  • GREAT ACCESSORY FOR ALL GRILLS AND SMOKERS – Whether you have a Traeger or Weber Grill, a Masterbuilt, Yoder or Big Green Egg Smoker, it will turn your cooker into a cold smoker without any modification, adding creatine or oversmoking. Especially good for those with a pellet, electric, or gas smoker who know how hard it is to get a deep smoke flavor comparing to their friend’s charcoal smoker.
  • RISK-FREE 90 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your experience with the products is our guideline. If any concerns, send us an e-mail and we will get to you in 24 HOURS. We couldn’t sell these without backing them up with our personal assurance of Customer Satisfaction and Enjoyment! If you will not be absolutely thrilled, send them back for a NEW set or full refund! No questions asked! That’s why your order is backed up by OUR PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE

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Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Cheese Melting Dome

Introducing 365 indoor/outdoor products designed to inspire culinary creativity indoors and out, 365 days a year. Discover the versatility in our line that brings outdoor flavors to indoor cooking, and indoor convenience to outdoor grilling. Crafted with the all-american chef in mind, 365 is the only full line of indoor/outdoor grill cookware. You’ve had your perfect burger in a diner. Now you want it at home. This handy spun aluminum dome captures heat to decrease cooking time, reduces flare-ups, and infuses more smoky flavor into foods. Oh, and just perfectly melts the cheese on your burger. Made in USA with imported handle.

Product Features

  • Quickly melt cheese on burgers pizzas bruschetta and more
  • Spun aluminum dome captures heat
  • Cooks burgers faster and reduces flare ups
  • 9 inch diameter
  • Made in USA with imported handle

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