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Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover for Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil -Black

Homitt waterproof grill cover fits Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil; it makes your grill life more convenient and easier!

High Quality
The BBQ grill cover is made of high end 600D Oxford fabric, which enable itself to protect your gas grill from hail, wind, heat, cold, bugs, insects, rain, or snow, thus offering a complete cover to your grill. Strong handles and velcro straps to keep it secure on the grill.

Fit More Brands
The barbecue grill cover fits many brands like Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil. The size is 58” long * 24” deep * 48” high. Do not hesitate that you buy a wrong cover for your grill. Our grill cover can fit most grill.

1.If living in a windy area, our bbq grill cover has velcro fasteners on two sides to keep the cover in place. Having the fasteners that are easy to strap together, your grill can sit outside all seasons.
2.The grill cover inside has a weather proof liner so you don’t have to worry about taking the cover off and your grill being wet or having water spots after a storm. In addition to stopping water from reaching the grill it also prevents dust, leaves etc from accumulating on any surface as well as stopping sun damage from fading.

Easy to Install
Only one person can do it, please pad handles and velcro straps to keep it secure on the grill. You can easy to put the grill cover on or off by yourself.

Package includes
1*BBQ grill cover

Product Features

  • Measure: 58x24x48inch is available size of barbecue grill cover. The grill cover fits most brands like Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil.
  • Tough Material: Grill cover is made of heavy duty 600D Oxford fabric that can support weather resistant, water resistant and rip resistant. The cover for gas grill builds to last through all seasons.
  • Easy to Clean: The gas grill cover is easy to use and clean. Only pad handles and velcro straps to keep it secure on the grill. Handles are good for easy to move. Extremely easy to clean the grill cover, hose it down with water and let it dry in the sun.
  • Wind Resistant: There are velcro straps on grill cover’s two sides. Put on the bbq cover for grill, and then tie velcro straps. These straps will make grill covers tighter, barbecue cover will not be blown away by wind.
  • Warranty: Please be advised that Homitt has 12 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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This new and innovative brush designed for the plate and grill will sure to be the topic of conversation for your next barbeque.

The versatile, rugged and oversize GRILL BRUSH provides not only safety from scolds but is the perfect utensil for any great outdoor adventure.

This HEAVY DUTY GRILL BRUSH IS what some would call ‘state of the art’ of the barbeque world where it has an angled design, allowing you to use the least amount of elbow grease to clean any grill, grate, plate- all whilst making your barbeque look like it is brand new.

The ABILITY to clean both the grill and sides in one sweep, with a big handle for good grip, is effortless with only a few forward and back movements needed. The 3 rows of sharp wires radiating from the head, gives a first time smoker/barbeque griller the edge (Be Careful! The wires are sharp and should be kept away from animals and children).

Keep a Barbecue Brush in the trunk for camping or possibly those day excursions where you just don’t know where you’ll end up but you may end up cooking on a public hot plate/grill, wherever it may be, this is the tool to use.

Stop the “this looks gross” or “this is too much work” thoughts- this easy and effective tool will solve all your problems in a matter of seconds. It really is as simple as it sounds; set up the plate, dip the brush into clean water and reach the deep recesses, the GUNK will instantly begin to effortlessly come off (it really is this easy).

It’s an ideal gift for someone who has everything, the grill master and the BBQ friend.

Snap’ products are Simple, Innovative and Amazing.

Don’t look further. If you always wanted an effective GRILL BRUSH that is easy to use, durable and guaranteed to last you a long time. Do not be disappointed! Snap that Now by clicking the “Add to Cart” Button!

Product Features

  • HEAVY DUTY Scrubber, design for clean in and around the corners of the grate or plate. Comes with BONUS carry bag and we WARN, this is oversized by Amazon.
  • TRIPLE HEAD feature along with the great grip on the long handle of the brush make for a super efficient and easy clean.
  • A GREAT GIFT for any Dad, BBQ Master, PIT Boss, or even the self proclaimed ‘King of the Barbecue’- there is no risk attached with our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with a Manufacturer’s warranty, meaning there is NO HASSLE OR PROBLEMS. If you are not happy with your BBQ Light for ANY reason, let us know and you will get your money back, it’s as simple as that.
  • The perfect HANDLE LENGTH and angle are great for cleaning a grill that is still hot without scorching your skin, KEEPING YOU SAFE. The larger surface area of the bristles means that you can cover more of your grill area at a time.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE MATERIALS: each of our premium Grilling Brush with 3 shafts of wire wrapped with spiralled steel bristles. The construction is modern, extra tough for outdoors, ultimate for any Grill, Brinkmann, Big Green Egg, GMG, Primo and Smoker.

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The vertical smokebox allows heat and smoke to go where they naturally want to go: up and out the chimney. With five round grates plus hooks at the top for hanging sausage or ribs, Brinkmann’s Vertical Smoker has beaucoup capacity. The main door runs from top to bottom for easy access to all of the above. A water pan suspended in a round support at the smokebox bottom can be replenished through a small door in the back so you can keep the main door shut and retain heat. The firebox includes a cooking grate for grilling and a lid with a built-in warming shelf. There is one damper on the firebox and another on the chimney. Stay cool coiled handles are featured on the firebox lid and main door. Large Oklahoma Joe style wheels and a small grease cup under the smokebox are included.

Product Features

  • Brinkmann Trailmaster 57″ Vertical Smoker

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#1 Grill Brush Fits Weber, George Foreman, Green Egg, Traeger, Brinkmann, Hibachi, Gas or Charcoal Grills Accessories, Perfect Barbecue Cleaning Brush for Smoker or Charbroil BBQ

Get a Sparkling Clean Grill for Your Next Cookout with the Do-Be Brass Grill Brush

Are You?

• Running your fire longer in hopes of burning off the ugly residue?

• Using a stubby brush with no leverage and exposing your hands to the heat?

• Using a stiff steel brush which does not get into the cracks?

There is a better way. You don’t have to put up with any of this. To get a cleaner grill with less effort, try the Do-Be brass grill brush

This grill brush allows you to whisk away all those ugly bits of charred food with minimum effort

The Do-Be Grill Brush features:

• A t-shaped head that allows the bristles to reach places where a block brush could never go

• Brass bristles that provide a deeper penetration than is possible with steel

• A long polypropylene handle that provides a comfortable and firm grip and allows plenty of room to work without exposure to the heat

• Woven bristles that will not become detached and end up being picked up by food

• Safe for all types of grills, even porcelain or enamel

You can mist the grill or dip the brush in water for even better results, but always clean while the grill is hot. It will cut your scouring time in half! We know you are going to really like the results! WARNING: Using excessive pressure can cause the bristles to become matted and ruin the brush

Comes with a 90-day replacement guarantee.

Order your Brass Grill Brush now and consider buying another one for your best friend!

Product Features

  • YOU WILL USE LESS EFFORT TO GET A CLEAN GRILL. The extended barbecue grill brush handle gives great leverage
  • YOU WON’T GET BURNED while scrubbing a hot bbq grill. Long handle keeps your hands far from the fire
  • TAKE PRIDE IN A CLEANER GRILL. Brass bristles penetrate for better cleaning of your grill
  • YOUR GRILL WON’T BE SCRATCHED OR MARRED. Brass protects grates, especially ceramic or porcelain
  • YOU’LL LIKE THE COMFORTABLE GRIP with balanced polypropylene handle on your grill brush

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Brinkmann 810-3091-SB Wood Pellet Grill

Features. Use the Brinkmann Wood Pellet Grill to grill roast or bake a variety of foods.. This wood-fired pellet grill is made of heavy-gauge painted steel has porcelain-coated cooking grates an adjustable smoke stack and wheels for easy transport.. With this pellet grill you have a large pellet chamber for extended cooking times and multiple temperature settings for a variety of cooking options.

Product Features

  • Use the Brinkmann Wood Pellet Grill to grill, roast or bake a variety of foods.
  • This wood-fired pellet grill is made of heavy-gauge painted steel, has porcelain-coated cooking grates,
  • With this pellet grill you have a large pellet chamber for extended cooking times and multiple temperature

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Brinkmann 9029 Stainless-Steel 4-Piece Barbecue Tool Set, Non-Slip Handles

This 4-piece stainless steel barbecue tool set includes everything you need for your cookout. The set includes a set of locking tongs, a long handle slotted spatula, a great dual-sided, dual-head cleaning brush, and barbecue fork. Each tool has a high quality non slip handle and a hanging loop for convenient storage. All items are easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Product Features

  • 4-Piece stainless steel barbecue tool set; includes locking tongs, spatula, dual head cleaning brush and barbecue fork
  • Non slip TPR handles
  • Cooking and clean up made easy
  • Loops for easy hanging

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Brinkmann 9021 Shish Kabob Set

The perfect grill accessory for cooking meat, shrimp, vegetables, and many other small foods. The space saving unit holds up to 6 skewers of food. The multiple insertion design allows the cook to either handle each skewer individually in case you have food with different cook times, or the skewers can be placed through the holes on each side and the unit can be flipped as a whole. With a durable powder coated finish, the unit is dishwasher safe and can be folded in half for easy storage and cleaning.

Product Features

  • Grill accessory for cooking meat, shrimp, vegetables, and more
  • Space saving unit holds up to six skewers of food
  • Durable Powder coated steel construction
  • Design ensures stability; for use with ovens, grills, or smokers
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes stand and six skewers

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