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Prime: The Beef CookBook

New from the author of Pitt Cue and Hog comes Prime. This ode to all things beef from the ultimate authority in meat cookery features over 150 brilliant recipes organized by cooking method.

Beef is the star of many all-time favourite meals – from steak to cheeseburgers to roast beef with all the trimmings. In Prime, beef expert Richard H. Turner shares his recipes for these timeless classics, as well as contemporary recipes and sides. He also includes tips on butchering, buying meat and bovine breeds.

Featuring dishes from around the world, and including guest contributions from the world’s best-loved chefs, you can learn how to cook mouth-watering Burmese Beef Curry, Salt Beef, Smoked Brisket, Bone Marrow Dumplings, Chilean Empanadas and Carbonnade Flamande… plus many, mnay more!

Product Features


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Meat Claws Shredder Paw Tool – Supertempo 2 Pcs / Set Durable Wolverine Claw BBQ Grill Tools Bear Paws For Carving, Handling, Lifting, Cut Pork Beef Chicken and Other Meats

The Hottest New Kitchen Tool No Family Should Be Without

Use these claws for shredding pork, handing poultry, or removing virtually any meat from the grill. When shredding, use one claw to hold the meat and the other to shred. Great for handling anything hot in the kitchen where you’d rather not use your hands.

1.Made with durable nylon plastic which withstands high heat (resistant to 266F/130C).
2.Hand wash recommended
3.1 year warranty

Product Features

  • Meat Fork: This set of 2 meat claws can be used for your barbecue meals.
  • You can pick up and carry hot food in the kitchen without dropping them or burning your hands thanks to these meat forks
  • Use to safely carve large foods
  • Heat resistant, these BPA-free pulled pork shredder claws will never slip
  • The six prongs on each of the barbecue forks are extremely sharp to guarantee you a proper meat shredding.

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Dutch Oven: The Complete Recipe Book For Dutch Ovens With Tested Delicious Recipes (outdoors, indoors, camping, grilling, easy, camp fire, ingredients, slowcooker, hot pot, chicken, beef, pork rec

Get the best out of your Dutch Oven with these incredible recipes!

Do You Want Quick, Easy and Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family?

If so, “Dutch Oven: The Ultimate and Complete Recipe Book For Dutch Ovens With Tested Delicious Recipes (outdoors, indoors, camping, grilling, easy, camp fire, ingredients, slowcooker, hot pot, chicken, beef, pork recipes for all the family)” by Henry Thompson is the book you need! Whilst it’s common knowledge that the dutch oven is: an easy and convenient way of cooking at home or over the fire. Now, with Dutch Oven, By Henry Thompson you will also have tones of easy and delicious recipes to make and enjoy. This guide aims to provide you with filling, nutritious recipes that not only satiate cravings, but keep you going until your next meal. Unlike other recipe books I have personally developed, tried and tested these… to ensure you only receive the best. Here Is What You Will Find Inside…

  • Explanation and Overview of the Dutch Oven
  • Poultry Recipes
  • Fish and Shellfish Recipes
  • Beef, Lamb and Pork recipes
  • Delicious Breakfast Recipes
  • Mouth-Watering Recipes
  • Filling Dinnertime Recipes
  • And much more!

So, download this guide and learn incredible new recipes that you, and your body, will love! See you inside!

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Top 30 Most Delicious Ribs Recipes: A Ribs Cookbook with Pork, Beef and Lamb – [Books on grilling, barbecuing, roasting, basting and rubs] – (Top 30 Recipes Book 1)

Do you love the taste of ribs?
Then get this book by Chef Graham Bourdain

Are you looking for new ways to serve this delicious dish to your friends and family?
Now you can, with Top 30 Most Delicious Ribs Recipes, a selection of the most mouth-watering, taste-tempting rib recipes that have ever been seen in print.
Mealtimes, barbecues and picnics will never be quite the same again, once you have presented your guests with things like:

The Top 30 Most Delicious Ribs Recipes Includes:

  • Oven-baked garlic prime rib
  • Grilled Korean barbecue short ribs
  • Grilled St. Louis-style spare ribs
  • Oven-baked Hoisin ribs
  • Grilled coconut spare ribs
  • Oven-baked Hawaiian spare ribs
  • And many more…

Your taste buds are unlikely to have ever experienced anything like this before, that’s for sure, but these 30 recipes mean that you’ll never be stuck for something delicious when it comes to making ribs again.
Suitable for lunches, parties, dinner with friends, or any sort of alfresco eating, Top 30 Most Delicious Ribs Recipes is a book that you will go back to time and again when you want to serve up something special.

Get a copy now! Your family will love you for it.

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Ground Beef: Recipes That Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Easy, delicious meals are the ones we want. Of course, no one wants to spend all their time in the kitchen. With ground beef, the meals can be quick and easy. Most people have ground beef in the refrigerator. It is a matter of combining the ground beef with the right amount of spices, vegetables or pasta. There are many dishes awaiting us. We just need to combine and fix them. Ground beef is a staple to keep in the kitchen. Whether you have a family BBQ or you are cooking a hearty soup, it will always make the heart and stomach grow fond of your recipes

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BEEF RECIPES COOK BOOK: Presenting you the perfect collection of Beef recipes including different methods of beef preparation like BBQ, Grilled, Oven, Roast and much more beef recipes in short time

enting you the perfect collection of Beef recipes including different methods of beef preparation like BBQ, Grilled, Oven, Roast and much more beef recipes in short preparation time and step by step directions So get your own copy and prepare the best with this best cookbook

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Quick & Easy BBQ Recipes: 35 Best Recipes for grilling chicken, beef, pork, seafood and vegetables

Grilling is a wonderful tradition! There are very few people who don’t like spending time among close friends and relatives, enjoying pleasant conversation, a glass of excellent wine and dishes cooked on the grill. At the end of the workweek, there is nothing more pleasant than spending time outdoors, grilling your favorite food. This book contains the best 35 grilling recipes that can be prepared in less than 50 minutes. After mastering these recipes, you can treat your loved ones to delicious, fragrant meals. Don’t have time to fiddle with complicated dishes because your friends are already at the door? No worries! This book will come to the rescue because you’ll be able to serve your guests fine grilled dishes in a matter of 30 to 40 minutes!

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TRADITIONAL BEEF RECIPES COOK BOOK: Now here`s the perfect beef recipes collection like BBQ, Grilling, Roast & much more BEEF recipes with step by step directions and other easy preparation methods

Now here`s the perfect beef recipes collection like BBQ, Grilling, Roast & much more BEEF recipes with step by step directions and another easy preparation method with pictures. So don`t go anywhere take the own copy of this best beef cookbook and prepare the best with this perfect cookbook.

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Beef Everyday Cookbook 365 Beef Recipes: Steak, Roast Beef, Ribs, Pot Roast, Meat Loaf, Stews, Chili, Stir-Fry, Appetizers, Main entrées, Barbecue, Grilling, Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Salads, Soups

Prepare delicious and healthy Beef recipes every day of the year!

Tantalizing steaks sizzling on the grill, melt in your mouth fillet mignon kebab, heartwarming chilies and stews. Is your mouth watery yet? Beef is one of the most versatile protein there is and is overall rich in the nutrients our body needs. You can use in many different ways. In this book, you will find 365 recipes where beef is the star ingredient.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Facts and interesting information about beef, as well as health benefits of eating beef.
  • Invaluable tips for preparing beef.
  • Beef cuts and uses.
  • 365 easy to prepare and delicious recipes including:
    • Delightful appetizer recipes like the Make-Ahead Sweet and Sour Meatballs and the Galangal Lime Beef Satay.
    • Comforting soup recipes like the Low Carbs Beef and Barley Soup and the Beef Tomato Macaroni Soup.
    • Refreshing salad recipes like the Beef Asparagus Salad with a Sweet Citrus Vinaigrette and the Roast Beef and Potato Salad.
    • Wholesome pasta recipes like the Rich Heritage Lasagna and the Pasta with Meat Sauce.
    • Marvelous stew and chili recipes like the Hungryman Stew and the Soulful Beef Chili.
    • Impressive main dish recipes like the Provençal Beef Daube, the Slow Cooked Sauerbraten, the Szechuan Beef, the Italian Spiced Spinach Flank Steak, the Sweet Pineapple Teriyaki Beef, the Creamy Swiss Steak, the Steak Enchilada Casserole, the Thai Coconut Beef.
    • Tasty sandwich and burger recipes like the Spicy KC BBQ Burgers and the Philly Steak Sandwich
    • And much more!

Let’s get cooking! Scroll back up and order your copy now!

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Wagyu Beef and The Cash Cow: A Guide to the World’s Best Beef. (10,000 Words or Less)

Thаnk уоu fоr your interest in thiѕ fаntаѕtiс guidе— “WAGYU BEEF AND THE CASH COW – A guide to the World’s Best Beef” The Cash Cow – Wagyu beef can cost as much as $100 per pound. Take a second to do that math on how much that would come to if you had just one Wagyu cow ith 400 lbs. of retail meat on it. Theoretically, that cow is worth upwards of $40,000! Become a Wagyu beef master today and learn about the specialty beef that you didn’t know existed yesterday. Wаgуu is a brееd оf саttlе thаt iѕ genetically рrеdiѕроѕеd tо еxсерtiоnаl marbling аnd tо рrоduсing a highеr реrсеntаgе оf unsaturated fat thаn other breeds. Thе mаrbling rаtiо can meet a standard оf uр tо 90 percent fаt аnd 10 реrсеnt meat. Althоugh tаѕtе iѕ subjective, it hаѕ bееn ѕаid thаt thе beef thаt is рrоduсеd frоm this аnimаl еxсееdѕ that оf аnу оthеr bееf in both tеndеrnеѕѕ аnd tаѕtе. Most оf it is graded аt least twо dеgrееѕ higher than рrimе meat here in the United Stаtеѕ. Wagyu beef iѕ dеtеrminеd diffеrеntlу аnd uѕеѕ a twеlvе-роint scale. Thе mоѕt рrizеd beef in Jараn wоuld ѕсоrе a twеlvе in соmраriѕоn to USDA рrimе whiсh would ѕсоrе a 5-6 оn thе same lеvеl. Rаiѕеd traditionally in Jараn, Wаgуu standards are much higher thаn the аvеrаgе Amеriсаn born burger.

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