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Bradley Smoker BTPB120 Pacific Blend Bisquettes, 120-Pack

Bradley smoker bisquettes are designed for use in Bradley smokers to create the cleanest and purest smoke possible for the best tasting foods. Contains no added colors, scents, or any other additives – 99.98% natural organic hardwoods, and 0.02% collagen. When used in a Bradley smoker, the smoke is up to 4 times cleaner than conventional smoker boxes and chips or pellets.

Product Features

  • Chef inspired blend designed for fish and seafood, but also goes great with poultry, vegetables and assorted cheeses
  • Produces a light and clean flavor
  • 120 Pack provides 40 hours of smoke (20 minutes per bisquette)
  • Can also be used on any grill to create smokey flavor for your foods – no need to wet, no mess, no fuss
  • Mild smoke flavor

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