GrillPro 71448 Abrasive Scrubbing Brush

A Grill Brush is an accessory that every grill owner needs, it keeps your grill clean, and removes all of the excess grease and grim that is left over after you have cooked your delicious meals. By cleaning your grill with a quality grill brush after every use, you will prolong the life of your grill, and keep it in great condition all year long. This Scrubbing Brush is an abrasive nylon brush that is ideal for cleaning porcelain cooking grids. Great value and easy to use.

Product Features

  • Abrasive nylon scrubbing brush
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Ideal for porcelain cooking grids

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2 thoughts on “GrillPro 71448 Abrasive Scrubbing Brush”

  1. Barbequer Must! Most of us use a metal brush to scrap our barbeques, as do I. From time to time a metal bristle will fall out onto the grill. Which will then get onto your food and you won’t notice it until you swallow it. It has never happened to me in years of barbequing until it did. Even the nightly news and newspapers have warned about the dangers of wire barbeque brushes. For me there is no better replacement for a wire brush so I still use one. But after I use the wire brush I wipe the grill down with…

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