Fire Brand Depot FIRESTARTERS — Fire-Starting Mini Pods for All-Natural Quick-Starting Fires (12)

A safe and easy alternative to starting a fire. No need to use dangerous and messy lighter fluid. These small yet compact mini pods pack a punch when it comes to lighting your fire. Lights easily in seconds! Burns for 20 minutes! These all natural mini pods are made from wood shavings and food-grade paraffin wax. They are odorless and will not give off any unwanted tastes to your food. Perfect for lighting campfires, grills, smokers, fireplaces and wood stoves. Only need one mini pod to light any fire in any season. Small and compact size make for easy storage and transportation. Light enough to take in your back pack on a camping trip. Environmentally safe. No toxic chemicals.

Product Features

  • ***ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!!! Wood shavings and food grade paraffin wax.
  • ***LIGHTS IN SECONDS!!! Use indoors or outdoors. Measures 1.5″ on each side.
  • ***BURNS FOR 20 MINUTES!!! Only one needed. No need for lighter fluid or any type of kindling.
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  1. These fire starters are great! My husband and I were looking for something to start a fire in our fire pit, without using old cardboard pieces and newspaper. These fire starters are made of all natural material and contain no chemicals, which I love. We held a match to the fire starter for about 10 seconds until it caught. The fire starter burned evenly from top to bottom for about 10 min straight, then the wood caught fire. I would definitely recommend these for camping, grills, fire pits, or…

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