Dad’s Awesome Grilling Book

Bob Sloan offers tasty recipes, sage advice, and witty reflections in this ultimate tribute to the glory of dads and their grills. He shows how easy it is to transform fresh ingredients into 100 sizzling, delicious dishes like Honey-Glazed Spareribs, Lamb Burgers, and Grilled Sweet Potatoes. Even super-busy dads will run out of excuses with the section on 10 Super-Fast, Foolproof, Grilling Recipesperfect for weeknight dinners. In addition to these family-impressing recipes, this essential grilling book serves up tips on keeping it simple when it comes to tools, how to choose between charcoal and gas, and why no one can ever have too many serving dishes.

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2 thoughts on “Dad’s Awesome Grilling Book”

  1. Wasted no time in using this! Fabulous book for basic to semi-advanced recipes. Immediately tried his brats stuffed with cherries and wrapped in bacon and everyone raved about it including my other half who doesn’t care for hot dogs!Each recipe has some kewl rub suggestions. Like having two recipes for one on each page.I can guarantee you can use some of these recipes to get your grilling “guinea pigs,” to ask, “Where did you learn to cook like this?” Very much worth the $$$ to have on the…

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