Cooking Gloves- Love Them or Your Money Back! Best Heat Resistant BBQ Accessories for Oven, Kitchen, Smoker and Grill by SiliSafe

“What’s The Secret to Buying THE BEST Household Silicone BBQ Gloves? Buy a Pair that has the Versatility to Perform a Multitude of Tasks around the Home!”

Fed up with slamming down that oven pan quickly to avoid scalds through a dish towel or unsafe oven mitt? Control your cooking easily and safely with the BEST Silicone Protective Gloves which have an array of benefits…

How many gloves have a multi-purpose use? These Heat Resistant Gloves are for the Kitchen, Home and Garden… throw out the tongs set on the grill- you won’t need them with these barbeque gloves as you will have total control over your cooking. You’ll be handling your food DIRECTLY which means that it cooks evenly and to perfection. Need to clean the grill now? Just throw them in the dishwasher and you’re ready to protect your hands from scrubbing! Have a few pot holders to wash by hand- quick and painless with these gloves. House chores to do next? Ok- off you go…If you’ve got the energy, we’ve got your hands 100% covered for countless other jobs- baking, gardening, hand washing clothes, defrosting the freezer. Even line your mittens to keep your hands warm and dry in the snow!!

Still not sure if SiliSafe Silicone Gloves are for you? Well, if you try them and you’re not happy, we will HAPPILY refund your money! Even if you’ve tried others, you haven’t tried our gloves yet! They are made from 100% Pure Silicone, BPA free, FDA Approved, No-Slip and a Lifetime Guarantee. And above all, they are RISK FREE!

Take Back Control Now Whilst..

• Grilling

• Barbecuing

• Baking those cakes

• Cleaning the house

• Opening tough jars

• Changing Light Bulbs

• Defrosting the freezer

..AND MUCH MORE!! With SiliSafe!

Click Add to Cart Now to Feel 100% Confident and Make Life Easy- Completely Risk Free!

Product Features

  • THE SILISAFE ASSURANCE – Don’t like these barbecue gloves? If these silicone heat resistant gloves do not make your cooking, roasting or grilling safer and easier we’ll give you your money back, it’s that simple. The next party you host, your guests will be amazed at the food you are cooking to perfection. Order NOW with NO RISK.
  • HEAT RESISTANT DURABILITY – One pair of the best grilling gloves to protect your hands to a whopping high temperature of 425 degrees fahrenheit for maximum protection. Makes cooking a whole lot easier with no need for tools – just turn your food yourself with complete confidence that you’re safe. The best bbq accessories you’ll ever own.
  • SILICONE SAFETY – Five finger design has greater versatility than oven mittens. Remember the last time you burned your finger or hand? Never let that happen again! Have full control of hot items and your potholder with our firm grip gloves when removing food from potholders, smokers, gas barbeque, microwave, oven & grills and avoid accidents.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Fantastic for cooking in the kitchen, charcoal grill, camping, pot holders, garden, pulled pork, cans/jars and brilliant for baking, cleaning, safe movement of hot items and boiling water. Use for dishwashing and replace your oven mitts. Our insulated glove is extremely versatile, durable and comfortable – you won’t want to take them off!
  • PURE FOOD GRADE SILICONE which is safe to handle food directly. FDA Approved, BPA Free, non slip, waterproof, dishwasher safe – everything just washes off! Cook with confidence and protect your precious hands against heat with these new best friends! One size fits most for men and women so ORDER NOW and when you do, why not order a pair for your Family or Friend?!

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  1. Versatile heat-resistant gloves These silicone gloves been a blessing in the kitchen. They are significantly better than the cloth oven mitts that we used to use.Pros:• Non-slip heart-shaped textured surface for easy gripping• Heat resistant• One size fits most• Very flexible silicone material• Versatile uses• Non-porous so it does not absorb bacteria• Easy to wash clean with soap and…

  2. A+++++ GREAT GLOVES! As a beauty therapist I’m always looking for products to recommend to my customers to help extend the life of their manicure…things that protect their hands from heat and gardening etc. I am always seeking ways to cover my own hands as they can become very dried out from simply working in the garden. These gloves have been a miracle for myself and my clients! WE LOVE THEM! They are versatile, comfortable to wear and easily cleaned. I personally love them in the garden, as I have…

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