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Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que Cookbook

The long awaited, first cookbook from one of this most successful barbecue joints in the country, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

In Kansas City, where barbecue is a way of life, it is understood that smoke has mystical properties. Smoke has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It can transform the least desirable cuts of meat into the most delectable. It can even transform a neighborhood corner gas station into one of the most popular restaurants on the planet.
Step inside the world of some of the best barbecue in the country. Author and owner, Jeff Stehney, attended his first barbecue competition in 1990 and he was hooked. He asked a few friends to form a competition team, Slaughterhouse Five, that would go on to win many of the most prestigious competitions across the country over the next several years. Jeff decided to take it one step further and went into business with Joe Don Davidson and the first Oklahoma Joe’s opened in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1996. Their second location, an iconic gas station in Kansas City, opened because it was located close to Jeff and Joy’s home. In 1997 Jeff and Joy became the sole owners and developed Joe’s into one of the most successful restaurants in the country. With three locations in Kansas, you can’t go to Joe’s without expecting to stand in line; It is always worth the wait. For the first time, their storied history and 65 of their famous Joe’s recipes are captured in one fantastic book.
Their barbecue is nothing short of perfection, everytime. As Jeff recalls, “I’m reminded of the importance of what we do here, and our role in Kansas City’s barbecue tradition,  every morning when I arrive at the restaurant and smell that wonderful smoke coming out of our smokers. After all these years, it’s still magical.”

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Carefree Gourmet Presents: Dazzling Desserts, Bountiful Brunch, Tea Anytime, Brazilian Bar-B-Que, Casual Cajun, and Classy Cocktail For up to 20 Guests by Olguin, Andrea [AuthorHouse, 2006] (Paperback) [Paperback]

Carefree Gourmet Presents: Dazzling Desserts, Bountiful Brunch, Tea Anytime, …

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Hear I Go: A Tale of Life, Death, Bar-B-Que & the Tango

In her debut work — “Hear I Go” — Maureen Borden (Malka) introduces her real-life beloved Michael Metz (Micky), a renowned talk-show host in Omaha, Nebraska, who dies of a heart attack before she can get to the hospital. Beset by guilt and grief, the author creates a scenario where she can be with the dying in their final moments. The results are bittersweet, wry and at times hilarious. Believing that hearing is the last sense to leave the body, a new hospice — The Gate — advertises for readers. Malka is intrigued. Not all goes as planned, however. She does not expect to sing “Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life” — she is Jewish — or dance the tango with an octoroon — or witness how an alabaster angel can soothe a forehead. The latter is a trick of Heddy Carson, The Gate’s unconventional hospice nurse. Heddy’s passion for life, even as it’s ebbing, is an irony not lost on Malka, who meets three patients and their families. These interactions, as well as Heddy’s memorable insights, challenge Malka’s long-held notions of death, heaven and what it means to be fully alive. When she isn’t at the hospice, Malka edits college theses, much to the dismay of her neighbor, Lily, an unabashed romantic with a quirky sense of honesty. Lily wants Malka to socialize more, to find life sexy-sexy again. Lily’s boss, Tomas, who owns a pawn shop and is a devotee of Moroccan cuisine, wants Malka to eat more than tofu. The shop provides a refuge when the world presses in. The months pass, and while Malka is never completely certain she has made a good death for her patients, she surrenders wholeheartedly to being in the moment. Slowly, her confidence returns until the unimaginable happens, and she must decide whether to retreat or soar. “Maureen Borden’s lyrical writing moves astutely through grief, love, and death with humor and grace. At a certain point, reading the book begins to feel like mining for gold, as the reader picks up one-liners that alternate between heartbreakingly wise and laugh-out-loud funny.” -Julie Christensen – Searching for Meredith Love

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Dog Gone (Dev Haskell Private Investigator) (Volume 12)

Dog Gone is the TWELFTH mystery in the highly entertaining Dev Haskell Private Investigator series. Best in Show! Dog Gone is the Tale of Two Tail-Chasers Private investigator Dev Haskell’s new lady friend Maddie comes with strings attached: the loosely-knotted tie of her short black silk kimono, and the leash to Morton, her handsome Golden Retriever. It’s always a sexy mystery when Dev’s on duty, but this caper takes a turn toward buddy adventure when Dev agrees to pet-sit. On their first evening stroll, Dev and Morton are charmed to meet the lovely Princess Anatasia, a purebred Standard Poodle angling for Best In Show title in the Blessington Kennel Club competition the Super Bowl of regional dog competition. But when the princess’ owner gets in a tussle with a local gambling heavyweight, Dev steps in to help, and the prim and proper world of show dog competition is revealed to be, above all, a competition, plus a big attraction for professional gambling! And these guys are playing for high stakes. It turns out somebody’s trying to keep Princess Anastasia from competing in the show. Dev gets hired to stop them and fortunately, he’s got backup this time: a love struck canine hero. As the suspense builds, a surprisingly touching bond develops between Dev and Morton, and why not? The pair have a lot in common: favored foods and beer brands, preferred places to stick their noses, and a seat-of-the-pants approach to dealing with bad guys. They got it right when they said, “Faricy’s characters inhabit a world just below the surface of polite society”. Fans of Mike Faricy’s humorous mysteries will welcome the usual constituency of oddball (and sleazeball) characters, who never fail to entertain. Also for fans of Robert B. Parker, Carl Hiaasen, and strong Minnesota men.

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Memphis – 2017 (The Food Enthusiast’s Complete Restaurant Guide)

There are many people who are enthusiastic about food—the cooking of it, the preparation of it, the serving of it, and let’s not forget the eating of it. But Andrew Delaplaine is the ultimate Food Enthusiast. This is another of his books with spot-on reviews of the most exciting restaurants in town. Some will merit only a line or two, just to bring them to your attention. Others deserve a half page or more. “Exciting” does not necessarily mean expensive. The area’s top spots get the recognition they so richly deserve (and that they so loudly demand), but there are plenty of “sensible alternatives” for those looking for good food handsomely prepared by cooks and chefs who really care what they “plate up” in the kitchen. For those with a touch of Guy Fieri, Delaplaine ferrets out the best food for those on a budget. That dingy looking dive bar around the corner may serve up one of the juiciest burgers in town, perfect to wash down with a locally brewed craft beer. Whatever your predilection or taste, cuisine of choice or your budget, you may rely on Andrew Delaplaine not to disappoint. Delaplaine dines anonymously at the Publisher’s expense. No restaurant listed in this series has paid a penny or given so much as a free meal to be included. Bon Appétit!

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