BBQ Smoker Tube 12″ Stainless Steel for Hot or Cold Smoking of Meats, Cheese, Nuts

Enjoy this heirloom quality product! Use of this BBQ Smoker Tube will change the way you do backyard grilling! We recommend a ceremonial unveiling of your smoker tube from the delightful box sheath, allowing neighbors and friends to oooohh and aaaahhh as they begin to salivate over the tasty morsels to come. Perhaps it would be appropriate to begin your smoking celebration by leaving your grill in an off position and cold-smoking savory nuts and cheeses as appetizers for your guests. Imagine home-smoked Gouda, hickory smoked cheddar, apple wood smoked almonds. Serve with your favorite fruits and wine. Your neighbors will be so impressed, and you have yet to even turn on the grill. Our smoker tube will create a magnificent smoke for up to 4 hours, so as your guests are enjoying the appetizer, fire up that grill and WOW them with tantalizing mesquite ribs, hickory salmon, or cherry wood steaks. If your friends place a crown upon your head and hoist you upon their shoulder, rest assured, you made a terrific buying decision.

Product Features

  • DURABLE: Made from food-grade stainless steel this product is made to last.
  • SIMPLE USE: Just fill with your favorite wood chips or pellets, light the material, blow out the flame after 1 minute, enjoy up to 4 hours of smokey flavoring
  • EASY CLEANING: Remove any residue and wash in your dishwasher
  • VERSATILE: Use to enhance any type of BBQ experience: gas, charcoal, or pellet grill. Use HOT for things like steak, fish, chicken, wild game. Use COLD for smoking cheese, nuts, jerky
  • BE THE ENVY OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL as you add savory smoke flavoring to your favorite BBQ foods.

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