BBQ Grill Mesh – Set Of 2 Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats – 15.75 x 13 Inch – FDA-Approved, PFOA Free Reusable Grill Accessories – Use on Gas, Charcoal, Electric Barbecue


Are you frustrated from loosing food between your grill grates? WHat about that piece of perfectly marinaded meat that sticks to grill and ruins the beautiful grill marks? How about the shrimps or veggies falling to their fiery doom? NEVER AGAIN! You can both satay your diced vegetables and sear the meat side by side and then combine both for that perfect dish that never was possible to be made on a BBQ before.


  • Set of two 15.75″ x 13″ mats made from heavy duty PTFE, PFOA Free coated fabric mesh that makes grilling fun again!
  • Keeps your food on the grill where it belongs and not falling down between the grates and allows for evenly grilled food every time! You will even get perfect grill marks every time!
  • Amazing for all kinds of meat cuts or seafood like chicken, wings, steaks, ribs, burgers, bacon, fish, shrimp, fruits and for vegetables, breads, cookies and even pizza!
  • Can be placed on top of any grilling space (charcoal, gas, or electric) and recommended with temperatures up to 500F
  • Avoid exposing to constant open fire
  • Cook full breakfast on a BBQ Grill and clean this amazing 100% non-stick and dishwasher safe mat quick and easy!
  • Create elaborate dinner that will wow your neighbours with healthy grilled food that had full exposure to both smoke and heat from your grill.

Velesco Mesh Grill Mesh Mat will revolutionize your outdoor life!

We love our products and so will you! We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction, GUARANTEED! With our Lifetime Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your Velesco Grill Mat, let us know and we will make it right! See the difference with proven Velesco superb quality product!

Product Features

  • The all new Velesco BBQ Grill Mesh is designed with improved heat conductivity for those perfect grill lines. Enjoy full season of grilling without loosing your food to your grill. These grill and smoker accessories are amazing bbq gifts any barbecue lovers will truly enjoy.
  • FAR MORE SUPERIOR than other grill and smoker meshes. Made and designed by the same people who brought to you highly rated Velesco Baking mat! This mat is PFOA free and materials have been tested for FDA recommended tests.
  • Velesco Smoker Mesh Mat can be used 1,000 uses per side, that’s 50 times more uses than ordinary grilling mats, and why they are used by top amateur grillmasters and professional chefs worldwide.
  • Grill the juiciest steaks, smoke the tenderest chicken and sautee the thinnest cut vegetables with ease. Forget grill baskets and other accessories! These mats also keep your Weber, Traeger, Char Broil, Kamado, steak grilling pan, etc. looking shiny new.
  • BEST OF ALL you automatically get our “No Hassle” Lifetime Guarantee, which covers you from ANY factory defects. Scroll down to “Special Offers And Promotions” to save even more money on todays purchase. Then, click “Add to Cart” now!

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3 thoughts on “BBQ Grill Mesh – Set Of 2 Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats – 15.75 x 13 Inch – FDA-Approved, PFOA Free Reusable Grill Accessories – Use on Gas, Charcoal, Electric Barbecue”

  1. I purchased these to replace several older silicon mats that had been abused over the years (kids cutting their pizza on it, edges starting to fray, etc.) These arrived on time, at a good price, and I learned that a Half Sheet size is still a tad large for the baking sheets I have. This is not an issue with the product ordered, just with the baking sheets I have. So now I’m searching for ‘true half sheet’ baking pans! In summary, product works as advertised, good price, fast shipping. I…

  2. These mats are exactly like the higher-priced ones I already had, except slightly longer (same width) and with the corners cut out for easy removal from cookie pans. I’ve used them for baking and for an easy-clean countertop work surface, and I’m extremely pleased with the results so far. To make it easier to clean them, I leave them on the baking sheet to clean one side, then flip over to clean the other, then rinse and air dry. I clean the baking sheet separately. They roll up to store out of…

  3. I purchased these along with the Thick and Large 19 2/3″ x 13 1/2″ mat by the same manufacturer and although have not used these as of yet, I have used the Thick and Large one and LOVE it!!! My breakfast cookies came out fantastic, did not stick and in fact, I could remove them with my hand. If that one worked great, I am sure these will as well. Happy customer here!Note: I am a consumer and purchased these as you will should you purchase them. This is my own review and…

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