BBQ Grill Mat Set of 5 Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats Kehua FDA-Approved PFOA Free Reusable and Easy to Clean Works on Gas Charcoal Electric Grill Size 16”x 13” Black

Nonstick BBQ Grill Mat (5 sets)
make sure your food will be securely held in place. Don’t lose any tasty treats ever again!

Less Mess
Avoid scrubbing away for hours after a fantastic BBQ with our grill mats. They’re so quick and easy to clean, you’ll want to barbecue every day.

Use it again and again! Simply clean off your mat when you’re finished grilling or even put it in the dishwasher.

No Wast Food
Grill up a handful of shrimp or some chopped veggies without the risk of it falling through the grates.

How to use a BBQ grill mat?
After turning on your grill, or knocking down the fire, ensure that the metal grate is in position.
Place a single mat over the grilling surface, or use two next to each other for larger grills. (The grill mat size:13 x 16 inch.)
Do not layer, and maintain a single thickness. Either side of the mat may face up because they are totally reversible.
Once the mat is in Place, apply food and cook like normal, no oil or butter needed.

TIPS: As with other non-stick cookware, avoid using metal utensils as they may scratch and cause damage.
Once cooking is finished, allow to cool, and then wash clean. Dry with a soft cloth, and lay flat when not in use. 

Product Features

  • 100% NON-STICK – 100% Non-Stick means you can grill without grease and mats are reusable for years! Non-stick BBQ grill mat prevent even the smallest morsels from falling through the grates. Keep your grill looking brand-new and no more clean-up of your dirty grill.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT AND PERFECT THICKNESS. Made of advanced materials which look similar to plastic mats, however it can tolerate high temperatures up to 500°F. It won’t burn, curl, crack or smoke. Thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact, yet thick enough to provide ultimate heat resistance and durability.
  • REUSEABLE AND EASY TO STORE. Flat or rolled up after using it, save abundant space compared with your grill trays. These mats are reusable and durable. Last for years with proper care. Also can be cut into various sizes or shapes to fit your barbecue or baking.
  • FDA APPROVED AND PFDA FREE. Made from 100% PFOA-Free materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating, no PFOA, good for health of your family members and friends.
  • GREAT VALUE SET of 5 GRILL MATS: Come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Grill your meals with our mat you can get a healthy grill with flavor intact cooking.

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  1. This is a great price for a set of 5 of my favorite baking sheets! I use these on my large baking sheets instead of foil to save me the trouble of having to wash the whole cookie sheet or pan after every time of using it. I sometimes put this in the oven on its own without a baking sheet if I’m cooking chicken strips or something larger so that it doesn’t get all over the oven when I try to take it out. I feel like this saves so much trouble when you have to wipe off a non-stick easily cleaned…

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