Amagabeli Large Ash Bucket for Fireplace Coal hod or Pellet Bucket Carrier in Power Coated for Wood Stove Black

No matter what your storage needs are, coal, ash, wood pellets, firewood or kindling, this steel Coal Hod will fit the job! It has the capacity to hold about three gallons of ash. To top it off, this Coal Hod’s body is corrugated for extra strength to withstand whatever you use it for!

Product Features

  • The Fireplace ash bucket is a functional, all durable steel construction that is a great addition to any fireplace hearth stove with its classic black finish.
  • Flexible handle provide a safe and easy way to clean-up and remove fireplace ash and embers. A wide top for safely and conveniently fill up the bucket and disposing of wood burning debris and hot coal ash.
  • Great to use outside as well for fire pits, wood burning furnaces, or anywhere else removal and safe disposal of wood burning embers ash is necessary.
  • Makes an ideal storage container, place next to the fireplace or fire pit to safely store kindling, logs and pellets. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • One-year Warranty: Replacement parts or repaired parts shall be covered within the Limited Warranty Period.

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3 thoughts on “Amagabeli Large Ash Bucket for Fireplace Coal hod or Pellet Bucket Carrier in Power Coated for Wood Stove Black”

  1. Love The Antique Look This Amagabeli has a large top opening which makes it easy to put the stove ashes in it safely. It has two handles. One to carry the bucket outside to empty and another on the back side of the ash bucket to tip up the back of the bucket to help empty it without getting burned. The bucket is hot from the coals and this handle allows me to empty the bucket without touching the bucket itself.It is made of steel and has a black flat finish that makes it look like wrought iron which is…

  2. The first thing I thought when I opened the box was “It’s bigger than I expected!”. The surprises didn’t end there. I picked it up by the handle and I was very impressed with the quality for the price. It’s got a nice matt black finish, the handle moves easily, it has a beautiful shape, and a very generous bucket. There is also a nice bottom rim so hot ash in the bucket won’t scorch or ignight anything the bucket is sitting on. They even put a nice finger-hold handle on the back of the…

  3. Just what I have been needing very badly! The ash bucket I’m currently using came over on the ark I believe it’s so old and about dry rotted. I am loving this new bucket though, it makes things so much easier when cleaning out the fireplace every night. It’s very good quality made of nice durable steel. I also want to quickly mention how sturdy the handle is. It picking up and moving the ashes so much easier and safer knowing it’s not going to break on me. I need to order another one because…

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