A-MAZE-N OET 12″ to 18″ Expandable Oval Tube Wood Pellet Smoker Smoke Generator

Wood Pellet Expandable Oval SmokerProduces smoke for up to 4 hours in the 12″ position and 6 hours in the 18″ position during Cold Smoking or while supplementing smoke at 225¡ã+in your grill or smoker.A-MAZE-N DUST cannot be used with the A-MAZE-N EXPANDING TUBE SMOKERThe A-MAZE-N EXPANDING TUBE SMOKERS come with caps already on them one closed end and one open end. Additional caps are NOT needed when purchasing this item. The replacement caps will not fit on the oval expanding tubes.Oval Shaped: Stays put no rolling aroundExpands or Contracts to meet your needs each time you use itHot Smokes any meatCold Smokes fish cheese nuts salt and much more!Generates Clean Creosote Free SmokeBurns Pellets or SawdustDurable Stainless SteelSmall Light Weight & PortableEasy to Use & Easy to CleanEasy to UseFill the Tube: Hold the tube with the open end facing up & fill with wood pellets to 1″ from the top.Light the Tube with a propane torch on low. Light pellets through the starter hole for approximately 45 seconds. Or squeeze a liberal amount of gelled alcohol over the pellets near the starter hole and start the gelled alcohol with a lighter or match. (A small flame will appear on top of the pellets allow this flame to burn for about 10 minutes)Smoke: Place the maze on the grates of your smoker/grill in an area that will have good ventilation (Please use caution when handling the unit)OET0002

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