8” Sturdy Stainless-Steel Spatula with Strong Wooden Handle – Professional Food Flipper Scraper for Grilling, Cooking, Baking Cakes & Cookies for Your Home Kitchen and Restaurants

Flip, Turn & Scrape with The Metal Grill Spatula – Perfect for Outdoor Grills, Frying, or Baking!

❔ Don’t you hate when your omelet or pancakes break while you are trying to flip them in the pan?
❔ Or how about when you are trying to serve a slice of homemade pizza and it gets stuck on the tray?

The stainless-steel spatula for kitchens will save you lots of frustration!

It allows you to slide the spatula underneath your baked or cooked foods without smooshing anything.
Perfect for pancakes, cookies or pizza slices every time!

Cook Like a Pro!
Whether you are just having a few friends over for a small BBQ or manning a major cookout at a big event,
the stainless-steel burger flipper will have you cooking like a pro.
Instead of using flimsy tongs, a fork or skewers to flip over your meat, this large metal spatula will get the job done properly.

The side of the spatula can even be used as a type of knife or separator for dividing cooked foods.
The ergonomic design and extra strong durable blade are streamlined for your convenience!

Here are some reasons why our oversized spatula is the best choice for you:
☑ Perfect for use in the oven, pan, or grill as it can tolerate high cooking temperatures.
☑ Made from superior quality stainless steel blade and a sturdy wooden handle.
☑ Has an angled and ergonomic design for the handle for greater control.
☑ Large dimensions of the spatula make it great for your pizzas, pancakes, cookies, and cakes.
☑ A professional kitchen tool that is easy to clean as it has dishwasher-safe parts.

✔️ Handle Size: 5.3 inches
✔️ Length: 7.87″
✔️ Spatula Width: 3.9″
✔️ Total size: is 15.7

Make baking and grilling more convenient by getting this oversized spatula today
for turning and lifting your delicious foods easily and conveniently!

Product Features

  • 🏒 EASILY FLIP YOUR FOOD WITH OUR HEAVY-DUTY SPATULA – This restaurant grill spatula is crafted with premium-grade stainless steel that will remain rust-free. The extra strong wooden handle can handle heavy foods like a large piece of meat! Unlike silicone or plastic spatulas that easily bend while flipping your favorite foods
  • 🏒 PERFECT SIZE TO USE WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF DISHES – The wide spatula turner measures 4 inches wide and 15″ inches long. The beveled blade makes for easy flipping or lifting food from the oven or pan to the serving tray. Use this turner to flip those pancakes, omelets or burgers with speed and dexterity.
  • 🏒 IDEAL GRILL SPATULA FOR OUTDOOR COOKOUTS AND BARBECUES – YUM, we all love that sizzle on the grill as your succulent steaks, tasty burgers or sticky ribs cook to perfection, but don’t you just hate when you can’t seem to flip over the food smoothly. The metal blade of this large grilling spatula is rigid yet provides that slight bit of flex needed to perfectly scoop up the food.
  • 🏒 STRONGEST STURDIEST WOODEN HANDLE AROUND – The wooden handle on our stainless-steel burger spatula is extremely strong! The easy, comfortable grip makes lifting baked goods off your oven tray a breeze. Plus, the material used is smooth and gentle to your hand, with an angled design for maximum control and ease in maneuvering.
  • 🏒 BEST VALUE FOR MONEY – Get the greatest bang for your buck with a large turner spatula that combines affordable pricing with unmatched quality. Our heavy duty large baking spatula is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Have any questions about your order? Reach out to us and we’ll not let you go unsatisfied.