Weber 6686 Detailing Brush

Brushing cooking grates before or after every grill use is standard protocol, but cooking grates aren’t the only grill components to get gunked up with food residue and grease. Cooking system parts below the grates-Flavorizer Bars, heat deflectors, burner tubes, etc. – should be cleaned periodically as well. For this task, Weber has created a specialized Detailing Brush to get your grill thoroughly clean below the grates. Use it for optimum grill performance and to extend the life of component grill parts.

Product Features

  • Compact design with angled neck provides easy access to everything below the cooking grates
  • Twisted-wire brush secures bristles and is durable to really clean non-cooking grate grill parts within the cook box
  • 16 Inch in length
  • Ergonomic plastic grip for easy handling
  • Leather hang strap stores easily on tool hooks

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BLAZ’N GRILL WORKS Wood Pellet Grill – Featuring Grand Slam Grill

Our most popular model! Roomy enough to cook for family get togethers. Can also cook large items such as turkeys. comes with digital temperature control, stainless steel grates, front shelf, durable powdercoat finish, easy roll caster wheels, and easy clean burn pot.

Total cooking surface with inside shelf – 663 sq. inch

Product Features

  • Easy to clean Roller Grates
  • Easy clean burn pot
  • High temperature durable textured powder coat finish
  • 30 pound hopper capacity
  • Two year full warranty

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BBQ Grill Tools Kit/Set with 18 Barbecue Tools – Durable Stainless Steel Construction – Complete Grilling Accessories – by Utopia Kitchen

Make your BBQ experience a memorable one with our 18-piece barbecue kit, consisting of a fork, turner, tongs, steel brush, soft brush, big knife, four skewers and eight corn forks. The sturdy stainless steel construction is made to last whereas the sleek beauty of tools and elongated handles make grilling extremely effortless. Now enjoy every barbecue, picnic, tailgating, and camping session with your friends and family. This professional tool set will be relished for years, making grilling and clean-up easier than ever.

Caution: While using skewers, make sure to not place handles directly over the grill/grilling surface as it might cause them to heat up and melt. Always hang the tools nearby for a safer and pleasant experience.

Care Instructions: To remove grease and scrub food particles away, simply let the barbecue tools soak in a solution of 3-4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 cup of warm water for 10-15 minutes. Now gently scrub and wash these tools with dishwasher soap. Easily dry these with a cloth to prevent rust.

• 1 Fork measuring 34 centimetre
• 1 Turner measuring 34 centimetre
• 1 Tongs measuring 34 centimetre
• 1 Steel Brush measuring 33 centimetre
• 1 Soft Brush measuring 34 centimetre
• 1 Big Knife measuring 29 centimetre
• 4 Skewers; each measuring 34 centimetre
• 8 Corn Forks; each measuring 5 centimetre

Product Features

  • Durable stainless steel construction will not rust or crack making this kit last for years
  • This complete barbecue grilling kit comes with big Swiss knife; grill tongs, turner, fork; basting steel brush; soft cleaning brush; corn holders and skewers
  • Elongated handles provide you with a safe comfortable grip keeping your hands at a good distance from the flame
  • With convenient rings at the end of each accessory now you can conveniently hang your grilling tools nearby
  • To remove grease and scrub food particles away simply soak and wash these tools in a solution of baking soda and warm water

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Handy Camel Mini Bag Clip, Green

As sheep farmers, we deal with heavy, unruly bags of feed, grain and other things like fertilizer and dog food around the house. We know that this is a universal problem for every homeowner. This smaller version of our innovative large Handy Camel Bag Clip allows you to re-seal smaller bags of the same things, grass seed, cat food, chips or flour in the pantry or even bags of frozen vegetables. This product keeps the contents fresh and keeps your garage, shed or pantry spill-free. And by clipping the product on an angle, you create a pour spout, allowing you to pour out the contents with control.

Product Features

  • Seal up and carry small 10 lb. and under bags
  • Won’t puncture a hole in the bag-no tear teeth design
  • Perfect for pet food bags, grass seed, pantry items, freezer bags and more
  • Comfortable handle makes it convenient to carry open bags
  • Ratchet closure let’s you seal up thin or thicker bags

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Pitmaster: Recipes, Techniques, and Barbecue Wisdom

Barbecue is more than a great way to cook a tasty dinner. For a true pitmaster, barbecue is a way of life.

There is no single path to becoming a pitmaster. Barbecue lovers are equally inspired by restaurants with a commitment to regional traditions, competition barbecue champions, families with a multi-generational tradition of roasting whole hogs, and even amateur backyard fanatics.

Pitmaster is the definitive guide to becoming a barbecue aficionado and top-shelf cook, whether you’re new to the grill or a seasoned vet. Recipes begin with basics such as cooking chicken thighs on a grill and expand to roasting whole hogs over hickory coals. The cornerstone of all successful barbecue recipes is proper smoker operation, and instructional photos and tutorials for using all classic smoker types are featured as well.

Each chapter features a guest pitmaster who is an expert in their given region or style of barbecue cooking. Chapters on backyard cooking and tailgating offer the basics of becoming a successful barbecue cook. Spotlights on specific regional barbecue styles, such as Texas, Kansas City, and the Carolinas, set the stage for more advanced barbecue techniques and recipes, such as Butterfly Pork Butt Burnt Ends and Memphis-Style Baby Back Ribs. Regional side dishes, tasty cocktails for a crowd, and simple desserts round out each chapter’s offerings.

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Sturdy BBQ Bear Claws For Pulled Pork, BBQ Meat Shredder Claws, Grill Smoker Bear Paw, Meat Claws, Smoked Barbecue Grilling Accessories By OpaceLuuk (Black)

Advantages of BBQ Meat Claws

Lightning Fast Meat Shredding

The Ankway BBQ Meat Claws with 6 powerful prongs on each claw for a rapid and condsistent shredding motions in just a few seconds–much more effective than standard meat forks.

After you shred an entire chunk of pork in 3 minutes you’ll never go back to 2 forks and bruised fingers again!

Comfortable Handles

Perfect For Picking Up Large Hot Food in the Kitchen Or Grilling

Bear claw shaped so you can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands.

Multi-Use & Durable

BBQ Bear Claws Meat Shredder offer the kind of versatility you won’t find in electric varieties.

Turn, lift, and carry hot meat dominate chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts and anything from your slow cooker, grill or smoker without dropping them, stabilize your foods for carving, or toss salads for a side dish.

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide most resonable price and take full responsibility for the quality of our products

If you for any reason are not happy with our OpaceLuuk products, please do not hesitate to contact us and will do our best to solve all problems you meet asap!

Product Features

  • The Ultimate BBQ Bear Claws for Pulled Pork,shredding pork,handling poultry,hicken,brisket,turkey,poultry,hams,roasts and removing virtually any meat from your BBQ grills.When Shredding,use one bear claw to hold the meat and the other to shred.
  • With Bear claw shaped 6 powerful prongs,the Meat Shredder can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them, stabilize your foods for carving, or toss salads for a side dish.
  • Durable BPA-free Material: Made from high quality durable nylon plastic BPA-free material, reinforced for tensile, flexural strength, stiffness, superior abrasion, and wear resistance,stands high heat.
  • Great Time Saver: You can shred an 8 pound shoulder roast in under a minute! Turn off the pot and lift the pork roast in the crock pot with this bear claws meat shredder after it had cooled just a little, and moved it to a large pan for shredding.
  • Most reasonable price & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We take full responsibility for the quality of our products and do our best to solve all problems

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Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier by Grillinator: Back-Saving Design, PVC Canvas & (Camo)

How the Legendary Grillinator “Ultimate Firewood Carrier” Was Born…
Having grown up in a house with 2 fireplaces, a wood stove, 18 acres of free firewood and a dad who liked to save on heating bills… I learned more about firewood than I care to remember

SELF STANDING DESIGN – Born of Massive Frustration
What I hated most about making a firewood run was loading the wood. Most tote bags are so flimsy they need to be manually held open while loading each individual log.

PADDED HANDLES – Born of Finger Pain
I always loaded as many logs into the firewood carrier as I possibly could so by the end of my trip, the cheap thin handles felt like they were razor blades cutting into my fingers.

FULLY ENCLOSED CONSTRUCTION – Born of a Hatred for Vacuuming
Firewood is messy. Chips, bark, scraps and dirt accumulate quickly and therefore I was called to duty every few days to first sweep up the large debris then vacuum up the rest.

ULTRA PREMIUM MATERIALS – We Despise Cheap Disposable Products
Grillinator tote bags utilize an ultra premium oxford polyester canvas with PVC fused backing for waterproofing & strength then hold it all together with hi-denier thread double stitched on weight bearing seams.

PERFECTLY OVERSIZED FOR ANY CARGO – It’s the “anything” tote bag
We’ve received emails from customers using our tote bag to carry everything from beach gear, groceries, toys, kids, diapers, books and clothes to dirt, sod and bricks.

THE GRILLINATOR GUARANTEE – The “Ultimate” anything needs a guarantee to match
If at any time you are not completely happy with your purchase just let us know and we’ll make it right or refund your money no questions asked.

Product Features

  • BACK & FINGER SAVING DESIGN – Finally A Self Standing Log Carrier With Padded Handles! Save Pain, Time & Frustration On Your Firewood Runs!
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – Our Log Tote Uses PVC Fused Canvas & Double Stitched Hi-Denier Thread For Years of Durability Without Holes or Tears.
  • SUPER CLEAN – No More Vaccuming! Our Fully Enclosed Design Keeps Firewood, Bark, Dirt, Scraps, Water and Snow in the Bag and Off Your Floor.
  • DESIGNED FOR CARGO OF ALL SEASONS – Our Perfectly Oversized 26″ x 12″ x 10″ Tote is Perfect for Firewood Logs, Toys, Groceries, Beach Gear, Kids and More…
  • GRILLINATOR LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If You’re Not Completely Satisfied With Our Firewood Log Carrier Tote Bag, We’ll Replace Or Refund No Questions Asked

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AIDOUT Grill Mat – Non Stick BBQ & Grilling Reusable Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Grill & Baking Pads for Gas, Charcoal, Electric Grill with Grill Brush(Set of 2)

Non-stick, Reusable, Easy to clean & Dishwasher Safe – This is a must have for who loves grilling

. Our set of 2 16″x 13″ grill mats will provide you the perfect amount of surface to grill fish, burgers, hot dogs steaks and vegetables. You don’t have to worry it breaking apart in the grill and falling into the flames. 100% Non-stick and reusable, Heat-resistant up to 500° F. With the amazing non-stick grill mat, keeps the grill flavor and food stays tender, juicy and tasty!


– Fire and Stain Resistant
– UV Protection For Lasting Durability
– Eco-Friendly Recycled Vinyl
– Grill Mat Measures 15.75″ x 13″
– Fits Most BBQs
– Dishwasher Safe

Product Highlights

Top Quality. You could take a chance with other versions out there, or you could order from us to guarantee quality and performance. Cheaper versions are not as resistant to heat, and are more prone to ripping, peeling or melting.

Convenience. Never worry about food getting stuck, stop dealing with flare ups do to dripping sauce, and know that the public grill will be good to go when you get there.

Versatility. Use it for chicken and steak to ensure even heat and easy flipping, or get creative and take it to the limit. Because it acts like a big pan or griddle, you can cook almost anything you want.

Washable. Other grill covers are usually disposable. These are totally reusable, so hand wash or stick in the dishwasher to use over and over again.

Safe. Able to withstand heat up to 500 degrees, and totally BPA and PFOA free. A healthy choice for low fat dishes cooked outside.

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Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL COOKING MAT – The AIDOUT BBQ Grill Mat with 100% Non Stick grilling sheets, With Special technology in Excellent temperature resistance which prevents flare ups. Our grill mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact as well as enough to provide ultimate heat overlasting and durability.
  • SAFETY GUARD WITH GRILLING – All of our bbq accessories are approved by the FDA and are safe for useing.No need to use OILS or FATS ever again, making your food tastier and much healthier. For the first time we bring you the convenience of the kitchen to your BBQ, prepare eggs, cheese, sauces, pizzas and marinades, without any food sticking to the bbq
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS AND REUSEABLE – The AIDOUT Grill BBQ grill Mat is perfect for: chicken, ribs, burgers, steak, fish, vegetables, pizza, pancakes, eggs, bacon and so much more! It’s great for grilling, tailgating, camping, pool parties, or just a simple family dinner. The mat is compatible with any type of grill (charcoal, gas, electric & more)
  • NO-HASSLE & EASY TO CLEAN – Never barbecue on a grimy, dirty grill grate AGAIN! The Grill AIDOUT BBQ Grill Mat keeps your food from sticking to the grill and/or falling between the grates. It’s reusable and dishwasher top safe so cleanup is SIMPLE. Enjoy healthy food while protecting your expensive grill.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – The AIDOUT BBQ Grill grill Mat Promise best value in bbq grill accessories! We GUARANTEE you that 10 YEARS NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK! So you can buy this bbq grill mat set with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. Try it now risk free.

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