Best Choice Products 19pc Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set With Aluminum Storage Case

Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new 19 pc BBQ Tool Set. Take out the grill and get ready to host your barbecues with the help of this fully equipped BBQ tool set. This set has all the necessary tools you need to start grilling all season long. It is equipped with 18 grilling tools that include: 1 spatula, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 basting brush, 1 grill brush, 1 pair of tongs, 4 skewers, and 8 corn forks. The spatula alone is 3 tools in 1. It is designed with a bottle opener and tenderizer blades on the side. Each tool is constructed of stainless steel for durability, making this the perfect set for all of your BBQ needs. They also have metal hanging hooks for convenience and easy storage around your grill or kitchen. You can easily take it with you anywhere with the portable dual latched aluminum case. These dishwasher safe BBQ tools make them easy to clean and ready to use over and over again. Get your grill on this season with the high quality and fully equipped BBQ tool set. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, so you know you’re getting the best prices available. NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING. SPECIFICATIONS: Case Dimensions: 18.25″(L) x 8.25″(W) x 3″(H); Basting Brush Length: 16.5″; Grill Brush Length: 16.5″; Knife Length: 15″;Prongs Length: 16″; Fork Length: 16.5″; Spatula Length: 17″; (4) Skewer Length: 17″; (8) Corn Fork Length: 2.5″; Complete Product Weight: 5.5 lbs.PLEASE NOTE: Our digital images are as accurate as possible. However, different monitors may cause colors to vary slightly. Some of our items are handcrafted and/or hand finished. Color can vary and slight imperfections in the metal work are normal and considered evidence of the hand-finishing process, which adds character and authenticity to those items.

Product Features

  • 18 grilling tools that include: 1 spatula, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 basting brush, 1 grill brush, 1 pair of tongs, 4 skewers, and 8 corn forks
  • Easily take it with you anywhere with the portable dual latched aluminum case
  • Spatula designed with a bottle opener and tenderizer blades on the side
  • Equipped with metal hanging hooks and are dish washer safe
  • Case Dimensions: 18.25″(L) x 8.25″(W) x 3″(H)

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Walden Sure Fire Starter Easy to Light 6 Pack For Fire Pits Charcoal Barbecues and Fireplaces All Natural Made in USA

The unique Sure-Fire Design guarantees a slow, hot burn to get any fire going quickly, no matter the conditions. These handy starters transform a once tedious undertaking into a hassle-free experience. These beauties are perfect if you’re looking for a reliable way to light the fire at the neighborhood bonfire or barbeque, or if you are setting out on a journey through the wilderness; you can certainly count on these. If you want a foolproof fire starter that burns for over 15 minutes and gets your fire started every time, you need look no further.

A large 5-inch flame ensures a fool-proof fire every time. The large flame allows the wood to be arranged further from the starter and still catch fire. This means there is virtually no fire-making skill required to use these handy fire starters.

A flat base gives Sure-Fire starters unusual stability even in harsh wind. Given the favorable properties of soy and paraffin wax mixed into one starter, Sure-Fire starters are guaranteed to stay lit, making these ideal for camping or grilling out in windy conditions.

The ability to ignite full-size logs in as little as 10 minutes is one of the most notable features of Sure-Fire Starters. Rather than playing ‘fiddle sticks’ with several pieces of kindling, wadding up paper, or using 3-4 other fire starters on the market, you can use just one of these starters for a Sure-Fire solution. Simple, clean and easy to use, proudly made in the USA, these starters will have you saying “Why would I ever start a fire any other way? You betcha!”

Product Features

  • Made with pride in the USA by adults with disabilities. We thank you!
  • Large Flame – 5-inch flame is guaranteed to burn for 15 minutes and light your fire, or briquettes, every time – or your money back
  • Only 1 Needed – Using 1 Sure-Fire starter compares to using 2-3 of other brands (1 bag = 24 fires)
  • Safe for Cooking – All natural, eco-friendly materials, no harmful chemicals and won’t flavor food
  • Resealable waterproof bag – If you happen to forget your starters out by the fire, no need to worry about rain or morning dew

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Grillaholics Meat Claws – Lifetime Guarantee – Best Bear Claw Meat Shredders in BBQ Grill Accessories – FREE Bonus – Set of 2 – Dishwasher Safe – Premium Quality Grilling Handler Carving Fork (Red)

There isn’t anything else in the world like a delicious pulled pork sandwich. There’s also nothing as annoying as having to shred that perfectly smoked pork butt with two kitchen forks. There goes an hour you’ll never get back. There is a better way A huge time saver It’s truly the innovation that the grilling world has been waiting for, and Grillaholics brings you the highest quality meat claws available on the market today. These durable plastic claws can be used to lift and shred your large cut of meat in minutes Easy to use and multipurpose just hold your meat with one claw and use the other to shred away Not only are these “bear claws” a meat shredding machine, they also work great for other kitchen tasks. You can pick up and carry hot foods without dropping them or burning your hands. They’re also great for tossing a salad or holding food for slicing or carving. Never worry about cutting your fingers again bonus power truly become one of us with our VIP wristband free with your purchase, as well as a guide to our amazon favorites and our Grillaholics everything grilled recipe eBook Trial run remember, you’re buying risk free Love these meat claws or your money back, no questions asked. It makes these the perfect gift for the 1 griller in your life Take your cooking to the next level and click the “add to cart” button now Consider buying two, one for you and one for your very best friend.

Product Features

  • THE PROFESSIONAL DIFFERENCE – The name says it all: Grillaholics. We’re addicted to this stuff! Being the master grillers that we are, we bring you durable, professional grade meat claws that make shredding your masterfully smoked meat a breeze!
  • A JACK OF ALL TRADES – Our claws are the perfect companion for your home kitchen. Shred and lift meat and hot foods, toss salads, hold food for slicing…our claws do it all.
  • SUPREME CLEAN – No matter how hard you use your meat claws, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe kitchen claws.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free plastic material that withstands high heat (heat resistant to 450F/250C).
  • OTHER GOODIES – When you buy with Grillaholics, we’ll throw in details to claim your signature VIP wristband marking you as a certified Grillaholic, as well as our Amazon Top Ten Favorites Guide and our Grillaholics Everything Grilled Recipe eBook. Best of all, Every set we sell is backed by a full 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE!! If our product isn’t for you, just send it back our way, and we’ll make it right.

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The Best Recipe: Grilling and Barbecue

The staff of Cook’s Illustrated magazine lit more than 5,000 charcoal fires to learn how grilling and barbecue techniques compare. The result is this book: a volume filled with no-nonsense equipment ratings, taste-tests of supermarket foods–such as bottled barbecue sauces–and more than 400 fantastic recipes. 300 helpful illustrations.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Sun and Sizzle: Grills to Greens and Everything In Between

Gather fresh ingredients and fire up the grill! Prepare in-season, summer-perfect recipes like sweet Aloha Burgers, tangy Garlic Shrimp Skewers, and zesty Barbecue Chicken Sliders, Zucchini Lasagna Rolls, and Chicken and Veggie Pasta. Plus, go beyond with light and savory appetizers, refreshing drinks, and fruity desserts. Excellent for parties or just a day out in the sun, these recipes will have you grilling year round!

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Harbor Creek 4-Piece Barbecue Grill Set- Stainless Steel Grilling Utensils- Heat Resistant Tool Handles- Dishwasher Safe- Accessories Include Spatula, Fork, Tongs & Scraper Brush (4 Piece Set)

Calling all Barbecue lovers! The Harbor Creek 4-piece grill tool set is packed with everything you need to
set off grilling season just right.
Designed for a Better Barbecue Experience

This grill tool set is carefully built to make cooking that much easier. The spatula features a slim edge to
effortlessly slip under the beef patties. The 2-prong BBQ fork is sturdily built to lift a whole chicken or rack
of ribs without bending. And the head of the chef’s tongs is shaped to pick up food without damage.

Quickly Clean the Grill for the Next Cookout

The barbecue grill brush is equipped with a double-sided metal head and scraper, which quickly get the
grime out of the grill. Measuring out at 17″, it also safely keeps your hands away from the heat.

Nothing but Heavy Duty Construction

Made using high-grade stainless steel, these barbecue tools are guaranteed to keep rust at bay to ensure
unmatched durability. The tongs, fork, and spatula feature an elegant all-metal body, with the grill brush
designed using ultra-tough plastic.

Gives You Comfort & Control

The 15″ all-metal BBQ grill utensils sport rounded handles that are easy to grip. They are also thermo-resistant
to keep them cool when flipping, skewering or serving your meat.

Maintenance Doesn’t Get Easier

You can quickly get your BBQ tools spick and span by tossing them into the dishwasher. The metallic loops at
the ends make for easy storage, allowing you to hang them in the kitchen or on grill hooks.

Whether you’re all about a smoker, charcoal, gas, electric or infrared grill, count on Harbor Creek for BBQ
tools that will add that convenient touch to any cookout. Enjoy a Better BBQ experience – Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Product Features

  • ✔COMPLETE BBQ SET: The 4-piece Harbor Creek BBQ grill set comes packed with a pair of chef’s tongs, spatula, 2-prong BBQ fork, and a rugged barbecue grill brush equipped with a scraper. They are all perfectly sized to complement your grilling needs.
  • ✔PREMIUM QUALITY BBQ TOOLS: Made using corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these BBQ tools are designed to offer unmatched durability. The tongs, spatula and fork feature an all-metal elegant body, with the deluxe BBQ grill brush built using sturdy plastic and an incredibly tough two-sided metal bristle head.
  • ✔COMFORTABLE TO USE: The all-metal barbecue tools are equipped with rounded handles that are easy to grip. Each item in the grill tool set is also uniquely crafted for effortless use, with the thin spatula edge ensuring quick flipping, the head of the tongs picking up food without damage, and the fork lifting meat without any flex.
  • ✔NO MORE BURNING HANDS: The handles of the BBQ grill accessories are extended to safely keep you away from the heat. They are also thermo-resistant, allowing you to barbecue away without the risk of getting burned.
  • ✔EASY TO STORE & CLEAN: You can conveniently save on space by hanging the BBQ grill tools using the metallic loops fixed to their ends. Cleaning is a total breeze, with the tools being dishwasher-safe for a hassle-free wash. Enjoy a Better BBQ Experience – Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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Bull Rack Grill Tray System – BR4

Bull Rack System: 1. The BEST rack system that allows you to maximize your grill… Adjustable heights! 2. An EASY rack system that allows you to cook, smoke, dry, cure MORE jerky, fish, pizza, vegetables, desserts and more on your grill… Like a PRO! 3. A QUALITY rack system that can save you money. Use less pellets or fuel to cook MORE food. More space – less waste! *Bull Rack measurements with 4 perforated trays: BR-4 19-1/4″ Wide x 13-1/2″ Deep x 7-7/8″ High (tallest point at handle) BR-4 = 760 sq inches (cooking trays). There may be additional cooking room on the sides depending upon how you place the Bull Rack System into your space. Bull Racks are the Best Rack System to maximize your cooking area! The options are endless… smoke, cook, dry, rotate and move. Perfect for large quantities of food. Built for performance… rave reviews! **Check out our optional drip tray! Works great for catching drippings (make gravy, keep your grill cleaner), use as a hydration tray, use as a cookie tray for your grill and more! I recommend having two on hand to use with the Bull Rack System. Works with the following grills – Green Mountain Grills – Daniel Boone & Jim Bowie; Traeger – Lil Tex & Texas; Royal – 1000 & 2000; Rec Tec – 680; Louisiana – LB700, CS450, CS570, CS680 & LG900; Blaz’n Grand Slam w/optional insulator.

Product Features

  • Bull Racks are the Best Rack System to maximize your cooking area! Perfect for large quantities of food.
  • The options are endless… smoke, cook, dry, rotate and move.
  • Cook, smoke, dry, cure MORE jerky, fish, pizza, vegetables, desserts and more on your grill… Like a PRO!
  • Bull Rack measurements with 4 perforated trays: 19-1/4″ Wide x 13-1/2″ Deep x 7-7/8″ High (tallest point at handle)
  • BR-4 = 760 sq inches (cooking trays)

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Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless Steel Bristles – No Scratch Cleaning for Any Grill: Char Broil & Ceramic – BBQ-Aid

The BBQ-Aid starts with a sturdy, light brown wooden handle and extends with a a sturdy stainless steel core, leading to the brush, which has strong stainless steel bristles and a stainless steel scraper.

Are you tired of using cheap grill brushes which take forever don’t effectively clean your grill?

If so….. the BBQ-Aid Stainless Steel Grill Brush with scraper is made for you!

The grill brush and scraper allows you to first scrap off the hard to remove muck and then brush it clean with our 18 inch barbecue grill brush handle. Not only is this a highly effective bbq grill brush, the wood handle and stainless steel design also looks great sitting in any bbq tools set.

Multiple uses:

Char broil grill brush

Texas Grill Brush

Porcelain Grill Brush

Grill cleaning brush

Grill scraping

As soon as you hold this brush, you’ll feel the heavy duty, built to last construction. The Stiff, thick bristles that wont flatten or gum up combined with a durable, stainless steel core and a wooden reinforced handle. One you have added this premium quality barbecue tool to you collection you can be sure you won’t need a replacement any time soon.

Click the ” Buy Now” Button at the top to get your BBQ-Aid Grill Brush today!

Product Features

  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING – Quickly removes burnt on residue and quickly gets your grill clean. A great gift idea
  • PREMIUM DESIGN – Our wood grill brush and bbq tools to look good and function properly. From the ergonomic wooden handle to the sleek stainless steel bristles, our barbecue grill brush works every angleWooden Grill Brush
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Don’t mess around with any other char broil grill brush with messy and weak wire handles, it’s time to upgrade to a premium looking and working bbq grill brush
  • PERFECT HANDLE LENGTH – 15″ is easiest and best size for your stainless steel grill brush and scraper. Allows the use of both hands with minimal effort. It also keeps your hands from getting singed from the heat. Shorter grill brushes take way too much effort and longer brushes are too awkward
  • RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRILL TYPES – Safe for Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, etc. Keeps your grill looking and functioning like new! Try our grill cleaning brush now

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Emerson Purple Electric Wine Opener

Effortlessly uncork your wine bottles with the Emerson bottle opener. It has an electric cork screw that opens any kind of traditional wine bottles. The built-in foil cutter removes foil neatly from the bottles. Its ergonomically designed handles provide a firm grip. With simple 1-touch operation, this electric wine bottle opener can open up to 30 bottles in a single charge. This cordless wine bottle opener comes with an AC adapter to keep it powered for the next use.

Product Features

  • while its simple one-touch operation can open up to 30 bottles before needing to return to its rec

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RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets, 40 lb

Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets are made of 100% natural hardwood. The pelleting process concentrates the wood into a very dense form, much denser than a hardwood log. The density of Rec Tec Premium Hardwood Pellets creates the ability to store a large quantity of energy in a compact, easy to store bag of pellets. And because the pellets are uniform in size, the grill can easily automate the rate at which they are fed into the fire. This is key to a reliable and consistent cook.

Product Features

  • An Oak & Hickory Blend
  • Works in all pellet grills
  • Consistent quality
  • This is an O.E.M. part

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